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anooha 2019-08-01 21:25:35


Hi All,
Is there any parent from Chicago? I have a 4 yr old autistic child and we are now living in Texas. We are planning to move to Chicago for a new job opportunity. Need to know more about living in Chicago with an autistic child. 

How are the services there? Is it easy to find services like ABA closer to where you live?I have heard Chicago is very crowded and traffic is much more than here. So is the services easily accessible and how do you commute to different services?How about schools and school support?\I know the weather is very harsh during the month of Nov - March with freezing temperature. So do you find it an issue for taking your kid outdoors for play during those months?
How about insurance coverage for ABA?
what is the best area to live where i can find Indian neighborhood?

Please provide answers to questions above.
Please do give more information and suggestions if i have missed anything.

Thank You. 

NaveenBalanagu 2021-03-15 08:02:26



Did you move to Chicago area? My son is 2.9 years old and we are waiting for his diagnosis to be done. Can you share an update on your son's progress and what therapy centers are you working with. You can reach me @5857293578 or


anooha 2021-07-18 03:47:19


No we didn't move to Chicago. We are currently doing therapy in Texas. Which state are you in?

NaveenBalanagu 2021-07-18 05:23:19


I am in IL. Live in Chicago suburbs.

anooha 2021-07-18 06:51:22


We are doing ABA, OT and schooling in Texas. You can contact me via email at if you need any help


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