School suggestions in Hyd for my 5+ yrs mildly autistic son

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tanujgupta 2019-06-01 23:04:16


Hi, I have a 5 yrs and 3 months old son who has been diagnosed with mild autism (he's very high on energy and does not start a conversation on his own). He can answer most questions and make sentences but does not ask questions on his own. He does not socialize with other kids in his school or elsewhere. He's extremely playful and does not like to sit at one place for more than 1 min unless he's busy with something he likes to do, such as reading books (he can read books and sentences but does not necessarily understand the story), playing some game such as solving puzzles, legos etc. He has been going to Klay in Kondapur since he was 1.5 yrs old but we've observed that the teachers are not equipped to manage kids like him. They do not care whether he takes part in class activity or not, they just let him be. And now we've started complaints from his school that he will need some additional teacher to accompany him all the time in the class since the school cannot provide slecial attention to kids individually. We also got intervention for him and got his therapy classes started at Ananya, kondapur. This made us start looking for a school in Hyd that is not a special school but at the same time has the support system for such kids. We visited the following schools so far - 1. Meru International: New school, traditional methodology, very close to our house but not sure if it'll be a good fit foe my son. 2. Prerna Waldorf: We started looking at alternate schooling methodologies and explore dWaldorf and Montessori. Prerna looked good, their classes though are very dull and dark but I've read good reviews. They also claim to have some supoort system but when I visited with my aon, they did not give us the admission form right away, they asked for an assessment with school principal and promised to give us a call for appointment but I never got the call, so for dropped this one. 3. Sloka Waldorf: Probably the best waldorf school per reviews but their admission process was closed by the time we approached, so no idea here. 4. Blue Blocks Montessori: This looked promising. We visited the school for their workshop and also did the assessment. They agreed to take our son after the assessment since thye found that his reading skills compensate for his other lacking skillls. We met the founder Mr. Pavan Goyal as well and he sounded promising. However, I'm not sure if this is the right decision since I worry what if they come saying that our son does not focus etc. Their fees is on higher side out of all the schools we visited but that's okay with us provided this helps. Anyone has any suggestions here? Anyone else with a similar challenge? Btw, we stay in Chandanagar, Hyderabad. Thanks, Tanuj Gupta Ps: I created my account here after a lot of posts that helped me mame one or the other decision regarding my son, and to ask this very first question.

binas 2019-06-07 14:43:38


Hi, all schools aren't very welcoming. If you are still searching, whenever you take your child to the school pls try to ensure it is on a "good day" where hopefully he will not be irritable. Carry something may be a book that he is familiar with so that if asked something from the book he can respond. My suggestion would be that be prepared to handle the complaints. 
I think most of us are in the same situation. I try to handle the complaints as far as possible. For academics, I don't ask them questions as some other friends having a child with special needs told me that we are often perceived as "troublesome parents". So I send my child to a special needs tutor who takes care of the academic part. Generally, keep your expectations low.

Vjsush 2021-04-01 14:59:26


Hi tanujgupta... Can I know which school your son got enrolled for?...your inputs? Currently we are in the similar situation Please help...

Gaya314 2022-04-01 18:57:17


Hi @tanujgupta

can I know in which school you have enrolled your son?? Thank You! 

143kanna 2022-06-05 09:17:09


Hi Tanuj your kid now. Any inputs on schools and where have you considered putting him please


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