Autism Treatment in Chennai

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Archshi 2019-05-22 11:18:52


Hi all, I am living in Aussie and my son is 28 months and has symptoms of ASD. Can someone please suggest good speech, OT who is specialised in Autism in Chennai. Also ABA Therapy Centre in Chennai.

hariboss 2019-05-22 17:58:45


Hi i am new to here and i'm a father of 2 years old who has autism symbtoms. Could you please suggest what to do now? Some prefers homeo medicine to other medicines for autism. kindly advise on this. is there any one who got cured autism?
 Please help me. we are much worried. Sleepless nights is going nowadays thinking my son....

Pkmonu715 2019-05-27 14:58:03


Kindly provide ur contact number pls..

Pkmonu715 2019-05-31 10:33:03


Pls do provide ur contact details..

bhavya1 2019-10-17 14:04:56


Hello pknonu715 Can you help to provide your email address or contact number


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