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rangs2020 2019-04-04 22:04:09


Am in Chennai saidapet, My son affected autism behaviour. Searching continuously best treatment of autism. But many cheating therapy centres. please let me know best treatment place

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share your number, I will add you in the group

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please add me also to this list and group, My no is +1 9728350250

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Please add my number in group +358 469683435

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hi Suku1985, Please add my number in group +358 469683435

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Your contact number pls?

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Dear All, I am sharing some useful info which was shared to by one of our group members, I sincerely thank this support... PLEASE USE THIS FOR REFERENCE ONLY AND NOTE TO CONSULT YOUR PEDIATRIC DOCTOR FIRST AND TAKE THEIR GUIDANCE.. 

Step 1: Diet:

GFCFSF diet- We went Gluten, Casein, Segar, Starch and Carbohydrate free , starch and sugar free :

 Specific Carbohydrate Diet / GAPS


Cannot be given

Can be Given     



Ragi, Jowari, Bajra chapati or Dosa



Ragi Dosa, Millet Dosa,



Bhajji, Besan Pakoda


*Besan (chick peas batter)


Millets- Ragi, Foxtail Millet, Kodu Millet, all types of millets (they are just like rice and very healthy) They can be ordered through any online grocery stores (amazon, Flipkart etc)

Ragi Dosa (please do NOT ferment do NOT use any yeast, baking soda for fermentation at all)

Semolina, Rava/ Suji

Besan/Bengal gram, Chana, Sattoo

Millet, Dal, all vegetables

Fish/sea food/Prawns in any or all forms

Chicken Mutton, Bone Broth, Paya soup

All general fruits- apple, oranges, banana, Mango, papaya, Watermelon, Avacado, Kiwi, Sweet Lime

Sugar/all kinds of Carbohydrates

Breakfast- Millet Dosa, Millets, Dal papad, Ragi chips, Ragi dosa, Dal chilla,

Fruit salads, chicken salad ,

Starch/Potato/Peas, Tapioca


No refrigerated or processed food from markets


No sauces, no

All Vegs- Mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, Cauliflower, Ladies finger/Bhindi, spinach, Methi, Palak, all green vegetables etc



Use lot of coriander, Curry leaves, cumin seeds, saunf etc in your diet


Coconut milk, almond milk





Please do not give fermented food or food with yeast to children


Paya soup is a BIG healer


If you could give a cup of Paya soup every day, its helps bigtime

 Please read for specific carbohydrate diet (SCD) and GFCF diet both on google. We are following both for the last 4 yrs now! 


Diet solely consisted of:

1) Ragi dosa (take some Ragi or millet, mix some carrots crushed, beetroot crushed/grinded , put some soaked grinded dal which gives consistency to the batter and make the dosa out of it)., dal chillas,  Millets/Bajra and Jowar dosas or Jowar chapatis or breads - Google up on who to cook them, believe me, they are easy to cook !! Make sure the dosa batter is never fermented and are made at home. Please do NOT give any fermented or processed  food from outside.


2) Eggs/chicken/ Bone broth (Paya soup) is a Boon to healing the gut if you're a Non vegetarian or Non Vegan and the child isnt allergic to any of these foods- do NOT give fish/sea foods 

3) All types of vegetables- leafy and otherwise that are starch free (we can give green leafy vegetables, all types of dals and soups, cauliflowers, Cabbage, Carrots, beetroot, green leafy veggies like /methi/palak/spinach, Fenugreek, Ladiesfinger, onions mushrooms, lots of pulses Dals and soups). Use lots of garlic as it helps detoxification.

Please note that following the diet is the hardest part BUT it compliments the Bio medication in the long run- you will not see miracles from day 1 but this is the key to 100% recovery. Doing Bios meds without the diet would nullify all the efforts you put through:



Coming to the protocol we followed: 


1) Start with the Diet Strictly: Follow the Diet strictly (its ok to start with one meal or two meals per day and then change the whole diet slowly). Please read for specific carbohydrate diet (SCD) and GFCF diet both on google. We followed both for the last 4 yrs to see some amazing results. 


2)Therapies- Occupational, Speech, Behavioral therapies (A lot of time and attention to the child, have lots of conversations, talk to the child, give him colors, crayons, paints, toys to engage the child) Introduce books, colors, numbers, alphabets, pictures of animals, birds etc to children.

We started with a lot of occupational and speech therapy at home  (limited sessions at therapy centre)-  Remember, a parent is the BEST therapist a child could get ! speak as much as you can with you child, get him to colour, read, read out stories for him that push him to think, make him think as much as he/she can, ask him questions that push him to understand or think , PLAY with your child (give him his drawing books, his crayons to scribble- all of this is 


3)Bio Medical interventions were started along with therapies (please do not loose time on starting the Bio medicines, The earlier you start,  the easier are chances of 100% recoveries) €"

Please click on the site below to understand the Bio medical intervention:


Sites you could order from:,


Brands you could order: Healthy hay,  Nutribiotics, Kirkman


·         Cod Lever oil€" this has to be mercury free


·         Primosa oil


·         CoQ


·         GLA120


·         Probiotic- Coconut Kefir water  (please see details below as to where to order kefir and how to make and preserve it at home)


·         Grapefruit seed extract - this has to be given 4-5 hours after/before Kefir water (Kefir water details below),


·         Creon1000


Please note that one can get all these supplements in any medical stores in India or order them from any online site like Amazon etc


·         Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc supplements need to be given every day


*Coconut Kefir water did wonders for our child clearing up all the Yeast issues he had (you can order coconut kefir seeds from Its a natural probiotic that cleans up the yeast overload for children with sensory issues. You need to compliment the good bacteria by giving the child Kefir and then remove the bad bacteria through GSE (grapefruit seed extract). GSE and Kefir has to be given at a gap of 4 -5 hours . Never give both of them together

 3)Within 3 months of Bio medicines, we saw speech coming back for our child. He started with one word, two words and then started framing short sentences. Its ok to start with meaningless speech, it will slowly develop into meaningful speech.

 Please ensure to talk as much as you can with your child. A parent while cooking, cleaning the house , can invlve his child with him in the activity. That is as good as a therapy.


Get the child to the vegetable market, ask him to get vegetables for you: 


·         Can you get me a carrot or where is the carrot?

·         Where is the potato/onion/ what color is the portato/tomato etc

·         Can you put the potato into the basket

·         Can you put the potato into the yellow basket

·         Can you get two potatoes

·         Can you get three more?

·         Can you see where is the ball?

·         Where is the doll?

·         Which vegetable is heavy Vs which is light

 A parent could be the best therapist 

That helps building conversations with the child. The child will start following instructions and you will see the cognition increasing day by day.  we continued to put extra effort to developing his focus levels through therapies (at home - speech, lots of visual education through books, videos etc), We started Methyl B12 shots which helped bigtime.  

We started Methyl B12 shots- Methyl B12 shots are vitamin B12 shots that help the children on the spectrum€™

Children on the spectrum have challenges with Methylation in their body (which restricts the production of Vitamin B12 in the body).

We give this vitamin externally through shots.

Shots are like mini injections that a parent can give at home.



How to give Methyl B12 shots at home: Subcutaneously/under the skin/No need to give it through a doctor/It need not be given in the vein, it has to be given on the buttocks , it does NOT pain. It is like giving Insulin shots to diabetic patients.



Process to procure for Methyl B12-

 ·         Akhil Autism Centre/Mumbai- This can be procured online

·         Take an online prescription from any Doctor (Dr Praveen Saxena can give it online)

·         Share the copy through email with tAkhil Autism centre

·         They will get the B12 shots procured for you and deliver it at yoru doorstep


 Methyl B12 shots will help develop speech very quickly.

How much quantity can be given- 0.05 ml B12 shot every alternate day (thrice a week)

Please note that in case you give a slightly higher quantity of shot, it will NOT DO ANY HARM to the child. The extra Methyl B12 is eradicated from the body in the first urine right after the shot and is therefore completely safe for our children.

If the urine after the shot is RED, do Not worry,  That is excess Methyl B12 comign out of the childs body.





Digestive Enzymes



)  Once the gut is clean and the body detoxifies , please start with Chelation


Details of how to do Andy Cutler chelation: Click here

 While that's very validating, you don't need a doctor to do this 
type of chelation.  All you need are instructional websites and to join a good online 
parent support group such as the Recovery From Autism yahoo group. (editor note 
updated group on Facebook: Recovering Kids | Cutler Chelation)

AC Chelation, like the SCD, boasts extremely high success rates.  I haven't heard of 
people not reporting gains or choosing to stop AC chelation because it didn't work.  It's 
the kind of thing that once you do it, the light bulb goes off and you realize, this is it!  
The veil that clouds your child's world starts to lift and you know you're doing the right 

Please Note: It has been hypothesized that 
HBOT can "drive metals further into tissues" 
making them harder to remove.

An important reason why some people 
believe chelation should be completed 
before HBOT.

we did  HBOT sessions (they were not very useful for us but every child had a different issue and it does help a LOT of other children). Remember that HBOT needs to be done only ONLY THE BODY is clean (the gut is clean , body is detoxified and chelated completely) which can happen once you complete bio medicines and chelation etc .So assume that you can take HBOT only after a year into Bio medications (when the body is mostly detoxified an cleaned up)



6) Along with Bio medicines, Methyl B12 , we are now additionally doing Chelation- Andy Cutler Low Dose Chelation- Chelation is a process of removing the toxic metals like lead, mercury , Aluminum, Arsenic  etc from the child's body (many children on the spectrum are exposed to heavy metals due to a damaged gut and are not able to excrete it  naturally due to a weak gut due to which we may need to remove toxins through the process of Chelation). 


Details of how to do Andy Cutler chelation: Click here

 While that's very validating, you don't need a doctor to do this 
type of chelation.  All you need are instructional websites and to join a good online 
parent support group such as the Recovery From Autism yahoo group. (editor note 
updated group on Facebook: Recovering Kids | Cutler Chelation)

AC Chelation, like the SCD, boasts extremely high success rates.  I haven't heard of 
people not reporting gains or choosing to stop AC chelation because it didn't work.  It's 
the kind of thing that once you do it, the light bulb goes off and you realize, this is it!  
The veil that clouds your child's world starts to lift and you know you're doing the right 

If you want to learn more, I recommend you read Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol


While being under a DAN doctor is helpful, please note that this entire protocol can be done at home. You need not go to any doctors for healing your child from this disorder This is NOT a disease. It€™s a disorder and it takes time to go away. Ensure you do not leave the Bio meds or protocols in between assuming its isn€™t working. It WILL work.

 Tests I recommend to every parent to start with:

 1)     Heavy metal toxicity test  OR Hair Metal test- These tests will test the toxicity level of your child and thus will held you decide if you may want to do DMSA chelation (for Lead removal) or DMSA and ALA chelation (for Mercury and Lead toxicity both)- Our child had lead levels high in his body that caused him sensory issues and thus removal of lead got him off the spectrum 



  2)Food Allergy profile- igg test- The test will tell you what kinds of foods is your child allergic to

 One of the biggest source of information you could use to heal your child 100% is  :


Fight Autism and win - Biomedical therapies that work (This is a very good and informative book ,proved to be the Bible for reversing all symptoms - has all the resources on tests/ protocols/ chelation/ bio medicatiosn you may need to completely recover your child . It guides you step by step on the process to chelate and use the bio meds at home. This will work like a house doctor for you in your process of healing the child. It did for us 

 Some more general tips that help:

 Please keep the children away from anything that emits radiations- Mobiles, microwaves etc.

Do NOT heat food in microwaves and stop using Plastics and aluminum vessels completely

 Additional ragi and Millet diets (please right click on the link below to search it on google or simply copy paste this link in the browser):








What would have possibly happened to our children:


A lot of children are all ok, growing properly, achieving all milestones but start regressing/going down suddenly after 12-15-18 months- This may have been caused due to multiple reasons:

1)     Weak immune system at birth

2)     Lack of oxygen during birth

3)     Genes that may cause weak immunity later in life

4)     None of the above in which case a child is born absolutely neurotypical but gets onto the spectrum

5)     Vaccinations like MMR . Vaccinations have toxic metals like mercury that is generally extracted from the child€™s body naturally after the child gets vaccinated if the child has a strong immune system. In case of children having weak immunity, mercury in the vaccines may injure the immune system causing symptoms of ASD

Some children have weak immune system. Children with borderline or slightly weaker immune system (weak immunity happens due to multiple reasons- could be hereditary, could be due to the fact that the child is not breast fed etc) are not able to naturally remove the heavy metals after vaccination /shots are given to them due to a weak gut . These toxic metals that are not removed from the body create holes in the gut.

Assume the gut to be a smaller part of the stomach that helps produce nutritional enzymes for our body. All foods that we eat are broken down into enzymes that are passed onto all critical organs of the body that help us function properly. The brain, heart, all critical organs of the human body through veins and tissues are connected to the Gut. If the gut is leaking and not working appropriately, the important nutritional elements do not reach the brain and the brain fogs down, is not able to work appropriately affecting eye contact, speech and cognition for the child etc.The childs brain is working absolutely fine. We need his GUT to heal down.

To heal the brain ,you need to heal the gut.

These metals start accumulating in the body, blood stream and intoxicate or poison the body and brain. Thus, we need to remove the toxicity from the body. The toxicity from the body is removed through a strong gut. Since children on the spectrum have a weak gut, they aren€™t abel to remove toxic elements from the body. So we need to remove the toxicity and then ensure we do not add any more toxicity inside the body from the world outside.

 Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that may happen during the first 2-3 years of a child€™s development due to multiple reasons listed below. The same impacts the social, communication skills of the childcharacterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts


No/Minimal eye contact

No response to name

No pointing to objects

Sensory issues like- Constant mouthing of objects, Toe walking, Closing of the ears, sensitive to lights and sounds

Not comfortable to hair cuts

Not comfortable being touched or hugged

Repetitive play (playing with wheels of the car, obsession to one part of a toy Vs the entire toy)

Constant lining up of objects

Lack of socialization (not comfortable in large crowds of social gatherings)

Constant unnecessary meltdowns/crying or laughing

Stimming (repeated actions like playing with a particular toy, obsession to an object )

Delayed communication skills (delayed speech, No or limited words by the age 2/2 




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