Parents from Ahmedabad who’s kid on spectrums or waiting for diagnose

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Rid12 2019-03-29 00:10:19


I live in US and planning to take my son (2.4 years old ) to Ahmedabad for possible diagnosis/treatment/therapies.

i need help to decide good developmental pediatrician. 

Can someone suggest me good pediatrician and share your success stories ?

anooha 2019-03-29 20:58:34


Hi From my experience I would suggest you stay in US. You will get the best diagnosis(it is very important to find exact problem and it's severity), treatment and therapy in US than in India.

Rid12 2019-03-31 04:04:13


Hi I live in Oklahoma and there are waitlist for appointment. Iam planning to take him India for social exposure and check if any therapies we can start in India.
and then planning to bring him back in US near to his appointment.


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