BEMER Therapy is working for my child

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su12 2019-01-14 19:27:30


Hi All,

I am a mother of 8years old Autistic kid.  I am using Bemer therapy for my kid since 3 months and I see a good difference in my kid.

The change is very noticeable and natural. the change is not due to parent teaching/training, it is natural like  how a normal kid observe and learn themselves.

 I see growth in every aspect  like, her understanding of  our speech, compliance,speaking ability, mingling with other kids, memory, her observation to the surroundings ....

  (I will give an example, earlier she used eat without brushing, I used to stop her  and tell her 100 times  that she should brush her teeth ,only then she can eat, but she never understood , But now I wonder how  she learnt brushing  teeth herself  without any prompt , she will ask me for brush if she don't find it but never skip brushing.)

she never used to look when taking photos, but now she know what is selfie (I did not teach her this word anytime:)) and give pose for the photos

It was tough for me to take her to near by kirana shop, But now she take money from me and shop for herself.

As a parent of Autistic kid, I understand the pain of other parents , hence I want to suggest the thing which  worked for my kid and help other kids to become better.

You all would be already fed up trying many therapies and  may not be ready to believe a new therapy, but In practical I saw the difference in my own kid, hence suggesting.

It just cost few hours of your time to trial this , but it may make  yours and your kids life better.

I am located at Hyderabad and my  mobile number is 8374533000.

You can contact me if you would like to try this.




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