Need help for diagonising ASD/ADHD in chennai..

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sen87 2018-11-13 18:34:30


My son was hyperactive and not started speech. he is now 21 months old..
He hitted all milestone until 1 year. He used to speak thatha/athai during 13th months. 
After that he started watching TV for 6 months. he likes TV ads..after some months his speech got stopped slowly and becomes mum. we thought he might speak later But nothing happened., also he never listen..His eye contact becomes very poor and no response to his name.we worried a we had consulted an pediatrician and he told to stop TV and mobile immediately and put him in play school.

we followed the same and speak to him daily. take him to park daily in evening and joined him in a day care for an hour daily. Also stopped all colored and flavored food items. stopped white sugar only using palm sugar for him.

After 40 days his eye contact is good and started listening to our speech and rhymes.
he started playing hide and seek with me. while playing he is very happy.
But when he is angry he used to  head banging and pluck his mom hair.

Also he never responds to commands. Till now he doesn't speak a meaning full word.

I'm worried a lot.. Whether is it ASD or ADHD..?
I want to know to know the best doctors for diagnosing ASD/ADHD in Chennai.

Also i'm planning to start therapy for speech and OT. can i know the best center in tambaram area.

vetri123 2018-11-14 13:27:58



vetri123 2018-11-14 13:31:51


Hi Sen,
its good that you are aware at 21 months & trying to do early intervention.

My Suggestion is until three years normally doctors will not recommend anything as this could be normal language issue also. Its good thing you have put him in playschool, in parallel i would suggest you to do rigorous OT alone with strict diet plan. 
Make him to tired with play and speak a lot. it will improve the speech.

OT + Diet + daily play school in morning + 2 hours play time in beach/park/garden will make significance improvement. All the best.

sen87 2018-11-14 17:42:04


Thanks Vetri..

I had already following Gluten free Casein free diet for the past 40 days. Also we never gave flavored foods and chocolates from outside.
since the artificial colors are derived from petroleum by products which is also an cause for hyper activity and inattention.
( ref : )
we are only giving him home made chikki's and sesame seed sweets and fruits. 

Also for improving his speech we had introduced honey with pepper for the past two days.
we had poured the honey in the hand and asked him to lick it. Here is the trick. Now he is extending his tongue to taste the mixture.
Amazingly we had noticed that he had said "tha" today. We are planning to continue the same..

Regarding OT session we are planning to go for assessment. Once assessment is done based on that we need to decide.

Any ideas for good therapy center in Chennai ?  I'm considering Pebbles and Pediatric Therapy Clinic. since they are near to us.


flyingmamoth 2018-11-15 22:36:53


you can ask in facebook group :

vetri123 2018-11-16 02:13:19


Hi Sen,
I think you are on the right track.

If he started one word, it will develop soon. Make him to think a lot and continue it.

regarding the sweet, avoid nuts. It is not advisable rest i see what you are doing is good.

Connect me in whatsapp, i will try to add you in bigger group of chennai where you can discuss and shout for help. Its a parent with more experience and knowledgable persons group.

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sen87 2018-11-16 08:54:17


Thanks vetri ..your words are so encouraging.. Will get in touch through WhatsApp..Plz add me in the WhatsApp group..

RajaRaja 2018-11-16 20:15:57


Hello Sen,The major problem is that your child is not responding to name. I think you should start OT + Speech therapies. Also go to Niepmd (under Govt. of India) in Kovalam. Niepmd will evaluate. Please go early in the wishes,raja.


sen87 2018-11-16 23:53:00


Hi Raja, I had already went to NIEPMD and done all assessment. But the thing is that all assessment had been done by final year intern students. Also they had recommended OT and ST. I had went to to OT classes for 4 days. Daily the OT training person is changing (all are final year student). So there is no continuity and we lost hope and left. But the positive side is parents will be in training and they have full facilities.

RajaRaja 2018-11-19 16:26:19


Hello Sen,To my knowledge NIEPMD provides free OT and ST, which is okay. As you said the therapies are often changing and it will be difficult for them to identify the exact need of each child. However, we thought that one to one therapy is important and also it is difficult for us to travel often to NIEPMD. You can ask them to suggest a good OT and ST centre near your area where you live. But these therapies are super expensive. But 1 to 2 hr therapy per day by trained therapists, and 1 to 2 hr therapy in your home by parents will be quite helpful.I have no idea about evaluation, other than NIEPMD. But I hope there should be many in Chennai. We are also looking for  proper evaluation..may be next we are also planning to evaluate our daughter. Many some member here will share their experiences..regards, raja


Karthiga711 2019-06-03 08:31:48


Hi.. How is your kid now? What are the treatments you are following now.. I am sailing in the same boat. Require some guidance

Pkmonu715 2019-06-06 16:28:22


Hi my son s almost cured now. i followed siddha . oly 10 % he has to come out tat too related to speech oly. HE has cured many kids and deserves a high honor. Parents dont waste money in all such bio med intervention. Bcoz i wasted a huge amount in bio med and followed homeo too. But siddha alone helped to cure my kid. Kindly reach him +91 73737 73396 and he knows only tamil but can understand english.

Karthiga711 2019-06-23 13:33:39


Pkmonu..could you please share your no. Want to connect with you and get more details about this

Sharvarish 2019-07-01 18:40:18



please help me , please give me the siddha doctors no 


sen87 2020-01-02 23:22:14


Updating on our journey!!

Currently my son is 2 years and 11 months. We had only following home food. no sugar (only palm sugar), no milk.

I had put my son in Pre-KG class and we saw good improvements in social skills.
we had not went to any therapy center for OT. Only done home therapy. 

Positive signs we saw.

Eye contact improved a lot, now he knows different shapes, alphabets,numbers and pictures.
Recognizing all our friends and family member..
We had went to speech therapy for an month. after that he started speaking at the age of 2 years and 5 months and now used to sing rhymes..Now we had stopped the speech therapy
head banging had reduced a lot..
Potty trained. He used to tell if he feels urination. also we had stopped using diapers.
He used to do cycling without out help..
If he needs any thing he is asking us.

Areas that needs improvement:-
His sitting tolerance is very poor.
Also he is hyper active. He used to toggle quickly without completing the work.
Not listening to others also not obeying commands of teachers.
Not asking questions.

Parent kindly share your view to improve on the above points.


1uma 2020-01-24 11:54:36


Hi Sen, good to see ur son got improved... my son is 18 months old... not responding to his name,  less eye contact..  not mingling with others except with whom he knows.. he talk his on his own language but he is calling us either Amma or appa but he speaks intha hello.. he used to watch songs nd rhymes in phones continuously Nd run to watch ads on tv... rest his activities are gud... he is not eating foods except milk... he hand flaps when he cries that too if I don€™t give or do what he likes.. please share me what I need to do to cure my son... I€™m a working mom.. I€™m so scared and feared... please help me

1uma 2020-01-24 11:55:28


Can I have ur number Sen please 

sweetygal 2020-02-24 11:09:57


Hi Sen,
Can help to share tips what u tried at home to improve eye contact? and to respond name?
My kid is 16 months old. No eye contact, no reaponse to name. 
Doc said to go center only after 18 months. as he is too young to take him to center
Please help

sen87 2020-02-26 22:04:50



First and fore most step is switch off the TV, your child should interact with humans not with TV and mobiles..
I understand without TV it would be difficult for us to manage them. But if you want improvement for you child, then don't give mobiles or TV to them. 

For eye contact, you can play bubbles game...blow some bubbles and grab his attention. 
The child will watch the bubbles slowly and start focusing.. 

Play hide and seek..this will make them happy..since child learning will comes through play only...

Avoid milk and follow Gluten free diet, 

Don't give any sweets with artificial flavors and colors..only give home made foods..this will improve a lot..

take your child to parks..Interact with other child of same age group..this will improve social skills a lot..

Put him in a day care for at least 1 hour that he can interact with same age child..

Children have a good copying they will automatically copy other child behaviors and try to do the same..

Apart from the above go to NIPMED Hospital Kovalam.. They will give lot of guidance...and start early intervention if needed.


1ritug 2020-03-31 19:29:55


Hi Sen My son is 6.3 years old and is hyperactive.. ALTHOUGH he understands everything but not at par of his age children.. He doesn't want to listen.. He wants to drive world by his own way.. Hos behaviour is very rude with everyone.. He wants to play with kids but doensy know how to play. He hits, snaches things, pushes other kids.. So no one wants to play with him.. We always s get complains if we are taking him anywhere.. Although he ia good in academics.. Please help me what can I do.. I spole to Ranga Sai.. And he said it xan be cured.. Please give ur views on this

1uma 2020-05-06 22:51:13


Hi Sen, thanks for ur words... my son is 21 months now... he has improved better than earlier like 80 pct of the time he turn when I call him, eye contact also bit ok he plays with his age group but not for all the time only for the games he like he mingle with other children else playing alone but my concern is he is crying for everything, putting everything in mouth still not started speaking properly some words he uses when he cries like amma illa.. or if I force him for anything to do then rarely instead of crying he says venam... and if he any needs anything to be done he ask tha or tell indha... some time call amma while crying... all these words are very rare apart from it he talks to us but can't understand his language... he pulls me for what he want.. can u please just me the speech therapy u went for so that I can take him dere and how to reduce temper tantrums he also hit me if I hesitate or didn't allow what he want to do


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