Are these autism symptoms? Need suggestions and help

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Rihu2015 2018-04-08 01:55:18


Negative symtoms 2 years and 10 months old.
1. Does not sit at one place even in the school.
2. Likes to mingle with peers but cant build a rapo.
3. Still cant tell stories i. e. What did u do in the school, where did u go and what did u do there
4. Aggressive and says no to most of the things (he is very pampered at home bY grandparents 
5. Suddenly laughs in the class and suddenly changes his expressions
6. Most of the times he will give irrelevant answers
7. Hits everybody except grandparents
8. Copies everything said to him
9. Less eye contact ( when things r interesting for him then only he will look at me)

Positive points
1. He is very affectionate and says i love u to family members
2. Everybody finds him intelligent 
3. Most of the time he speaks big sentences but all copies from me but he knows where to use that sentence
4. He asks for watever he needs
5. Potty trained at the age of 2.5 years 
6. Achived all milstones early like teeth at 5 months, walking and talking (he is from multilingual family we speak english hindi gujrati and marathi languages at home)
7.he used to jump a lot but now he is not jumping anymore
8. He used to through toys but now he has stopped tjrowing but plays with vehicles most of the time
9. He can eat with spoon fork and hand. He eats most of the vegitables
10. Uses please and thank u often at correct place
11. Of he gets hurts he says mumma i got hurt here and point where he got hurt

pls suggest if these are the symptoms or they will go away as he grows. Or if this is autism what should be the first thing i should start to help him. 

suku1985 2018-04-12 20:00:18


Similar situation for me as well and he also 2.10 years old


ihope 2018-04-13 06:34:45


hi both 

From whatever you have explained... your kid seems to be fine.

Does he responds when his name is called? Eat all food? 
Recognizes emotions? Adaptive for changes in routine? 

if he fine with all above , i think its just matter of time. 

However if you are so worried, just get an opinion from his pediatrician whther or not you need to start intervention. 

Earlier the better...

Do not worry... 
Good luck


rama2506 2018-06-10 15:33:59


Hey Rihu 2015

lookslike we are sailing in same boat. Please leave me contacts detail on Thank you in advance.

Ash111 2018-08-26 21:11:43


Kindly note that ,there are some major symptom in Autism: Very less eye contact Less attention No Socialism Speech Delay In your case ,there are very less symptom.Kindly contact good doctor for exact analysis.


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