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Rihu2015 2018-03-12 02:36:09


Hello everybody.. forgive me for long post. I am so tensed as doectors have different opinion.  i am from pune and my son is 2years and 9 months old.. from the very begining he used to jump a lot and was not able to sit and one place and play properly. He used to throw toys a lot. Now also he throws a lot but very few times. He still not play with toys more than 5 mins. I put hom in playgroup when he was 2.5 years old and those teachers told me to get him checked for adhd. I consulted dr. Anand pandit and he said tjis is his nature and he will grow out of it with the age. Even my pediatrician said the same thing. Dr anand pandit gave him Brain IQ medicine and there is a 10 per improvment in him. His playschool teachers gives so many compiments as he speaks in english only in the school. As i talked to him in in english only and sometimes in gujrati. I choose english as my mothertoung is marathi and husband is gujrati. But recently i consulted dr archana kadam and after 10 mins examination she said he has mild autism. And suggested speech therapy at kem. She said its mild and dont search on internet. After. Some speech therapy seesion she again gave me appointment in 13 june. I don't understand my son does not fit in mild autism symptoms. He speaks big sentences e.g mom go into to the kitchen. Mamma i want water. But he is rough in playing with peers so children aviods playing with him. He is very very emotional and says mama before and after every sentence. He esaily get along with strangers. In a crowded market he leaves my hand and starts to run. He does not look for me. He does not understand when some1 busy in eating we should not disturb.dr archana kadam said in vacation dont keep him at home put him in day care at least for 2 3 hrs. My mom says he does not have any problm he just need kids of his age to play with him and he will be fine. When he is busy watching mobile or playing game he does not give response to ur call unless u pull his toy or snatch mobile from him. Sorry for long post i am really tensed. Its really difficult for him to take on holidays as he just want to explore everything does mot want to sit at one place, we get really get tired so decided we will not go anywhere. Pls suggest me does he really need speech therapy? He is very pampered at home and gets everything before he needs it even water. Does anybody have suffered in same situation.?? Pls help

saigtl 2018-03-12 14:31:25


Hi @Rihu2015
I do not think your son is under spectrum.
As he is able to do eye contact, speaking 
(making big sentences) and interacting with peers.

Also suggest you to post few more points as posted in the below link positive side and negative side.

Rihu2015 2018-03-12 16:07:39


But his teachers say he smile and laughs in the middle of the class. Talk to himself most of the time. At home also while playing he will talk phrases from peppa ping or noddy and laugh suddenly. Sometimes when he laughs if m around he will say mamma thats so funny. His teachers say he does mingle with peers but at home he likes to play with nabours kid. But he cant sit in circle time and tell stories like other kids do. E.g. Aaj mai mamma k sath gaya tha. Ham park me gaye. Mai slide pe khela. He cant tell what has he done in the school. He will just say yes mamma initially he used to say no'. I never heard of autism before nobody from my side husbands side has it.  Surely if he does not fit autism criteria but still he has all these problems. I dont know what to do? Ÿ™Ÿ˜ž. I am a first time mother and never been with children before as i stayed in hostel most of the time. Ÿ˜"

pr18 2018-06-13 23:06:42


what he is doing is scripting and is mild autism...I would suggest to start occupational therapy and speech therapy and you will see lot of good changes, hyperactivity will definitely reduce

amby29 2018-06-14 18:12:46


HI Friends....can someone suggest a good occupational therapist around wakad/aundh area.....My son is diagnosed with  Mild Autism...



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