Coconut oil and its benefits in autism - Enquiry and information sharing.

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binoypuli 2018-02-26 13:54:00


Hi Parents,
Need your real help in understanding the impact of coconut oil and autism. I have seen many promising videos related to cocunut oil and its positive impacts on brain cell and gut problems.Need really your feedback, if anyone here have tried coconut oil. If you have seen any positive improvments, please do share the number of months you have conitnued, what was the dosage, what are the improvements you have seen. If anyone used coconut oil and seen any downsides, please do share the information as well. There are lot of floating informations on same. If anyone who is having real good experience, it will benefit a lot for everyone here.
Please do share your views on same. I am sharing few links on coconut oil and it benefits here. 
Few research papers i found
Few video links - Lot more we can find in internet on same.
This is not a post to spread any wrong information, instead trying to find any hope we can create for all parents and kids here. Please do see the positive side of same.


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