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Desperatedadhelp 2018-01-15 15:17:54


I started following gfcf diet.first diary free for 3 weeks and started gluten free for last 1 week..I am seeing lot of improvement on my 30 months old son.So i strongly started believing he has some kind of leaky gut issue so I want to follow biomed more. Can someone suggest me next step please.i don€™t know what to do next please guide me. Or please add me to fb groups.

habibmuhammad 2018-01-17 08:54:39


think u can try, Homeopathic remedy Thuja 30c,one dose a day for a week And nat mur 30 c, one dose a day for a week. (Put 4 pills in a 500 ml bottle, and add water upto 1/2,then give 10 succussion to bottle, before giving to the child.-one dose is one teaspoon),store bottle is fridge. Do not give dose if you see aggravation ,wait and give it after it subsided,(may be a day or two) Qigong massage reduce tantrums and good for sleep. 15 minutes a day at home.Google to find more at. Acetyl l carnitine for brain For speech, Creatine kre alkalyn and L carnosine and fishoil and cod liver oil(without mercury) for eye contact Triphala for constipation Trikatu for digestion Mentant ,Himalaya liv 52 Google on each ,and find proper dose. And sonrise technique at home(refer sonrise program on Google) And strict diet gfcf and only home made food with out additive Color and preservatives And Alot of patience and love for the child on spectrum. Always start slow with minimum dose ,one at a week and wait and have patience and add other. I do not have experience,I found it from googling Alot.Do your own research.

habibmuhammad 2018-01-17 09:02:13


And use pure Coconut oil for cooking, no refined oils.

habibmuhammad 2018-01-17 09:04:54


And give pure home made ghee at morning empty stomach ,for gut healing.

habibmuhammad 2018-01-17 09:19:48


And ghee is casein free,so don't worry. And no soy and corn in diet,and as much as natural as possible. Use Himalayan pink salt for cooking, no table salt and no sugar.can replace sugar with stevia.

zumbaleena 2018-01-18 05:16:45


Pls look up taca website for comprehensive biomed protocols and find a maps doctor to work with - or google it


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