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thirupathisai 2017-10-05 11:55:53


Dear Parents,

Good Morning, I hope all is well.

 I want to share all the parents about cheater occupational therapist Sai Karthikeyan @ V S Karthikeyan.

25th July,  Sai karthikeyan called me that €œI am having that some financial issue hence please book the air ticket for me for conducting occupational therapy  on 29th july in Noida€. He requested again and again said me that €œonly 4 days are left please help me and I will return the amount when I reach on delhi€.

So I booked the ticket based on his request because of my kid is all participate.

After received that ticket he has shown his real face to me and simply denying of money even though I requested to various times.

Finally he told me €œI will not pay the amount what you can do you do€.

As a special parent spending the plenty of money like water for improving for their kid, but money minded occupational therapist like sai karthikeyan are utilizing their advantages of parent.

In Delhi NCR, a special parent spends near about 40k for occupational therapy, speech therapy, school, diet, etc.., for hearing of golden words from kid but money minded therapist not understanding the pain of special parents.

So as we are travelling on same boat I am posting this social message to all parents.

He is roaming around Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore for conducting occupational therapy session. So I hereby request to all the parents caution about him, because he can cheat you also as he did me.

His address is below,

Discover abilities,

Old No:11, New No:12, Jagadambal Colony II street,




Visiting Delhi address,

Gifted Minds,



Note: All the documents like ticket, bank transaction and conversation with saikarthikayan is with me, if any parent is help in this regard I will sent through whatsapp or mail.

Jicks9 2017-10-08 00:15:13


As there is no council to regulate them, they are exploiting the parents We should be very careful in dealing with them I found the said man's profile on Facebook He himself proclaim as doctor sai karthikeyan Expose him by posting this comment on his wall Let his colleagues and friends know his real color

ranjani1 2018-04-25 13:27:27


Hello, Dr. Arun Kumar is the secretary of the Tamil Nadu Occupational Therapy Association. He can help u in this regard. Can u send ur mobile number so that I can connect you with Dr. Arun Kumar so that u can pass the proof to him and necessary action can be taken.

surendhar 2019-03-07 21:13:58


Hi madam, I'm also cheated by Karthikeyan, can you please help me


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