Is there any way to cure the MMR vaccine damage which caused Autism

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abhishek300 2017-08-19 18:08:09


My son is currently 4. 4 year now. He has not developed speech and speak only few words when we ask him to say like O,P,E,S which are not clear but improved as per earlier.  At age of 2 he was not speaking and use to do jumping all the day . We thought at that time he may be liking the song or is excited due to which he is jumping.

We waited till three years of age as every one from my family told me that some kid's speak late. Even when I check with the doctor where we use to take him for any general health issue even he told me that I should wait till 3 years as some kid may speak late. That was one of my mistake I think today I should have consulted my child to pediatrics specialist to know what is the exact issue.  It was a mistake because child brain is growing fast in this age and this is the very good time to fix any issue. We went to the speech therapy and she diagnosed him as ADHD. This was the time we started to explore ADHD as we never heard about it my life. We went to here and till 6 months we were not seeing any progress. It seems we were just paying her money. We consulted another pediatric and she diagnosed my son as mild Autistic. She even consulted some medicine and to start with Speech therapy and OT therapy. I think this has become a business for this therapist and pediatrics. They are not knowing what the parent and even the son who is suffering are really going into through there life.

Well One day when I was just checking my son video from the time he born I realize he was doing very good till the age of 14 months.  He did not had any issue . He had a very good eye to eye contact, He was listening what we were saying and trying to babble also like 'O'. He was also not flapping or stammering. But the videos after the MMR shot shows he started jumping, he started flapping. He also loose eye to contact and was playing with cars and focusing on tyre. He was not able to tell us when he wanted to urinate.  So I am 100 % sure this MMR has caused this issue has all this issue arose after this vaccine.

We face lot of issues earlier has the speech therapy was not working .  We thought of exploring some medicines as this may add as an booster to help him improve. I just heard about Ayurvedic medicine from another  Autistic parent and about Dr.Sameer Jamagadani.

We are trying his medicine and wanted to share this Ayurvedic part since it was very helpful. However the monthly cost for this medicine is 10000 . We are also giving him speech therapy that goes to 16000 month ( 4 days in week) . I do not see any much improvement from Speech therapy but atleast my son follow the instruction of speechtherapy and sit at one place for hours. Let me know if you know any good speech theraphist.

But to my point I have seen improvement with Ayurvedic medicine. I am sure I would have taken this Ayurvedic medicine for my son when he was atleast 2.5.

One of the other point noted for my son was he was not going to toilet daily which means his stomach was not getting cleared. This bad digestion again due to MMR was also the cause of the requirement ailments not reaching to brain.

We are currently giving him 10 days course of enemia therapy and panchkarma to fix this digestion issue. This 10 days course will  performed for 3 times .

Current stage of my son.

1) He know when he want to go urinate got cured with the Ayurvedic medicine immediately in a week. He pointed out that he wanted to go to toilet.

2) His eye to eye contact has improved. He now can look into my eyes deeply and see what I am speaking.

3) He is now listening to us and try to repeat A,B,C which is not clear but becoming clear.

4) He can identify colors ( may be due to speech therapy )

5) He can do sorting now.

6) he can follow action.

The problem left now is

1) Complete speech

2) Being hyper when social he starts jumping when he we have any relatives at home and is exicted.

Ijust told all my history but I just wanted to know if any one of you had the same issue after MMR and does anyone know how to remove the MMR vaccine damage.

Also not sure what the Indian government is doing as MMR vaccine is ban in other countries like Japan.


miraclev 2017-08-19 23:08:53


Hi abishek300

 peadiatrition/neurologists or any doctor will support vaccinations because its thier business.
 or they are taught to do so... and they only believe if FDA says so... unfortunately... Pharmaceuticals gaints have hired researchers to tactically write technical papers for FDA to approve.

well, forget these... 

if you think MMR or series of vaccinations has caused damage, try to do a blood work/urine work/hair mineral test for heavy metal and toxic elements in the child body and try to remove them. please do keep us posted.



Pkmonu715 2017-08-21 09:21:24


Hi abishek, I truly agree. I too can see the differences after mmrv vaccination oly. Really don't know what to do. Helpless as of now.. Kindly suggest. Currently giving him medicines from dr. Ranga sai, homeopathy.. Following are the issues as of now,

1. Less eye contact 
2. Can't point 
3. Can't wave bye bye
4. No verbal communication 
5. Tip toe walking
 6. Not very sociable 


itmmec 2017-10-16 06:53:30


I suspect same issue with my kid. Before MmR he was fine. Responding to name and saying few words. Now he has stopped speaking.. no social interaction. Don't play with kid and many to list

tishta 2017-11-06 21:05:12


Hello Pkmonu 715, I too m taking medicines from Dr. Rangasai for my 3 n 1/2 yrs son for past 5 mnths. significant improvement as yet. ... now also he is very hyperactive. ..started to blabber in his own way, can speak very few words, can follow very few instructions, less eye contact. ....really don't know what to do. ..taking speech therapy sessions. .. waiting for some improvement ...

ash3 2017-11-16 22:24:03


Check for core healing videos. These are videos by Dr. Esha karma frm. Mumbai.. She uses homeopathy to treat autsim

harsh2013 2017-12-30 10:29:21


Hi Tishta, I have heard very good reviews of Dr Rangasai on these parenttree forums, I have 4.5 yrs old son with Autism. I already tried lot many Homeopathies for him but nothing worked magically for him yet. Just wanted to know from you about your experience with DrRangaSai.. I am scared of advertisements on the websites by doctors as there are merely advertisements and as such there is no  truth in it...

pilludi 2018-01-05 21:35:21


Hi Abhishek,

Coincidentally my kid is 4.4 years and  he has same symptoms & behavior as you mentioned above. It completely reflects my son's situation with few differences like:

1) He started crawling around 5-6 months and walking/standing around 8-9 months which means that his initial development stages were as per normal child. Even he was responding to words and humming sounds during his 11-12 month
2) Unfortunately has been vaccinated with both MMR1 and 2. I got to know the adverse effect of MMR during my stay in UK but by that time his 2nd MMR was given.
3) After 2 years - when  I see that he is repeating his tasks like playing with toy cycle tyre continuously by rotating it repeatedly ,we were asked to visit Dr. Leena pandit of Bharti Vidyapeeth hosp Pune and she asked us to start speech tehrapy in bharti hosp itself. Unfortunately after trying for 3-4 months we couldn't continue because 1) they didn't have well trained staff but just intern doctors who were inexperienced and every session a diff doctor 2) my kid never cooperated as he was not ready to sit for the same.
4) BERA test was clear for my kid
5) we didn't continue further consultation with Dr. Leena Pandit...I think that was my mistake and we wasted next 1 year without any treatment or speech therapy
6) Till year 3.3 my kid never uttered 1 complete word but suddenly he started calling his mother as "Aai" ( we are maharashtrian so mother is called as AAI in marathi). After this we travelled to abroad where he started playing well on his own in parks as well as spoken few words (not clear). My wife was spending full time with him and tought him various shapes and colors which he was not able to recognize earlier. So some 0.0000001 % progress. Before travelling to abroad we came to know to about Dr.Archana Kadam madam and had 1 session where she mentioned that my kid may have mild autism but she said that it requires 2-3 more session to diagnose but we need to start his speech therapy. As we travelled we couldn't visit Dr. madam as well as start his speech therapy but my wife took efforts on my son so that atleast he can utter few word,recognise various toys etc...
7) IN abroad we consulted doctor in UK but by that time my kid's eye contact was much improved (thanks to my wife for the efforts) so doctor mentioned that my kid might not be completely autistic as poor or no eye contact is the prime feature of autism diagnosis. Obviously it was just primary opinion of UK doctor.
8) After we returned to India we again approached Dr,Archana Kadam madam and started speech therapy at BlueBell speech therapy center at Manikbag,sinhagad road and OT at Chalana physio clinic (Dr. Prajakta Inglikar) as directed by Dr.madam.
9) So actually speech therapy started since last 3 months and I can see some improvement in my kid but still lot of efforts to be taken.In the meantime started homeopathic medicines for him (Dr. Ajit Kulkarni) where he mentioned that my kid has very mild autism but mostly attention deficiency (ADHD) with high energy level due t which he can't concentrate, which I have also observed. He goes to school but don't write anything and very poor attention to what teacher or we says or instructs.He don't want to write anything and can't concentrate 

My questions:
1)Anybody knows very good homepath in Pune for ADHD or autism spectrum disorders. Unfortunately I am still not sure whether my kid has ADHD or autism. I heard about Dr. Sunil Anand but not sure about the results. Anyone has experience with this homepath doctor ?
2) I have seen in many posts about DAN or bio-medical treatment ? Can anyone help on this as I am not aware of this yet ? Do i need to do any tests of my kid for autism/ADHD. I suspect that he has gut problem .

Sorry for such long post but just wanted to share my experience with all so that it may be helpful for some other parents and some other parents can help/guide me further with their experiences which will be helpful for my kid (in terms of best doctor or whether homeopathic treatment works in some extend for autism/ADHD, any other bio-medical tests that my kid needs to undergo etc...)

Thanks and Cheers


Ash111 2018-01-17 07:52:20


Hi, We have just started our Homeopathic treatment with Dr. Pravin Dhole from last 1 month. My daughter get some benifits but there are many other Parents White are very Happy about treatment of Mr. Dhole.

pilludi 2018-01-23 16:36:48


Hi ash1 Can you please share your contact mo on I have been advised to go to Dr.Dhole for my kid's treatment.Want to know your exp with him as well as any other parents u know who are taking treatment from Dr.Dhole at least since 6 months or more...

pilludi 2018-01-26 12:48:30


Hi ash1 Can you please share your contact mo on I have been advised to go to Dr.Dhole for my kid's treatment.Want to know your exp with him as well as any other parents u know who are taking treatment from Dr.Dhole at least since 6 months or more...

Rohittampa 2018-03-02 17:18:30


If you are 100% that MMR vaccine has caused it .. you may want to try Cease therapy its a branch of homopathy ...and try MMR vaccine detox .. is US you may be able to find the exact homeopathy remedy made from the brand of MMR vaccine given to then as only 2 or 3 companies make them... its a worth a try i did for my son but was not sure if that caused it it did not help much but it wont harm so worth a try ... we did with alan freestone from UK but u can fine any cease therapist near you.

ananth123 2018-03-02 17:33:03


How to differentiate between ASD due to vaccine and not due to vaccine ?

Rohittampa 2018-03-02 21:23:20


If you ask me no one can tell you that if anyone tells they can say that not sure what to cause them... ideally MMR or other complications or any other vaccine  wont be the cause but a trigger ... in a susceptible individual... ideally these vaccine will cause immune reaction when they administered and if the individual is already susceptible (due to gene code or any other reason who knows what) they may react to thing more badly then others.

Not sure any of these things help but the fact of the matter is our kids are suffering from this condition in the end god knows what caused it .... but obviously as it is so prevalent now then in the past there must be thing which we are doing differently over the period of few years or decade ... including vaccine ,antibiotic overdose and what not .... 

We can only try to the best of our knowledge as medical doctors had no explanation .. anyone else explaining this would be anybody's guess  be it naturopathic doc , homeopath,  some energy healer or OUR own love and faith ....

Long story there is no black and white answer or cure if there was medical doctors would have got by now...

We can always try things keeping in mind that we dont do more harm then good while trying.

Good Luck


Shikau 2018-03-03 00:02:11


I too agree with this. After mmr my son started falpping his hands and eye contact went bad. I did not know about it before, otherwise I wouldn't have allowed the doctor to inject this vaccine. It's my bad, I am crying everyday that I made a great mistake of vaccinating him. Oh my God. Please save my kid.

Tomal 2018-03-19 14:51:33


hello all,

A very good discussion indeed. I have also seen similar changes in my son after 1.5 years he went silent , then became very hyperactive. Visited Dr Archana Kadam, did OT, ABA. But nothing seems to be under control. We are planning to see Dr-Pravin-Dhole as we heard really positive reviews.
But just wondering if all this MMR cases are because of MMR or "regress"ion??
Anyways, I will keep all posted on any improvement.

Also wish, good luck to all.


Ash111 2018-03-29 08:16:40


Hi... When i discussed with Homeopathy and Biomedical doctor about Autism, there is major 2 reason.First reason is Vaccination and 2nd one is gut issue. If there is issue of Vaccination then Dr. Pravin Dhole is really good.He is working on same principle about Vaccination leads Autism. If there is Gut issue or B12 deficiency then Biomedical treatment along with GFCFSF diet is very important. We have started both the treatment along with OT,Speech and ABA in same time from last 2 months.We have seen very positive effect. Eye contact improved Order following increased No Speech but Babbling increase Repitative behavioral reduced to Zero First...You understand your child...what is exact issue...there may be Global Developmental delay instead of Autism. Therapies are very important.With the help of ABA and OT , lot of child recovered upto 90% Good Luck... No need to worry...this is behavioral issue which can be resolved with our great effort...

mathan1986 2020-08-20 23:59:40


Hello Parents,

Even my son had a regression after MMR Shots after 14 months. His milestones were normal like crawling/walking/eye contact/blabbering etc and reached all with in a yar. Everything disappeared after 20 months. 
Now my son is 4 years and going OT & ST since his 2.5 years but no much improvement in Speech/communication but attained few skills like following instructions and Potty training from OT.
Does Homeopathy helps to improve in this case as we strongly believe vaccination caused this horrible condition. any suggestions for best homeopathy doctors in Tamilnadu or around madurai.

Because we took Brain MRI with CSF flow where the Child neurologist points that there was a indication of " Mild form of Perinatal insult/third trimester insult is more likely. All child neuro doctors refers he is mild autistic but not a classical one so it can be improved by the continual therapy. So we are doing only therapy with out giving any mediciations.
However we are not concerning much about the diagnosis but working towards his cognitive developments. He is not even calling amma and appa but he recognize us. Now a days the behavior problems increased like want to run in the streets and obsession with vehicles. He will run and board in any auto's and bikes which is hazardous. 

Looking for some suggestions...Thanks parents..

NaveenBalanagu 2021-03-19 01:52:18



My son is ~3 years old and his development regressed after 18 Months (before that all milestones were completed on time). He was given MMR at around 16 months age. I am leaning to believe MMR caused this problem for my kid. We are waiting for his diagnosis but wanted to try Homeopathy to see if it helps.

Current symptoms
1. Not responding to name
2. No/Minimal eye contact
3. Repetitive behavior/activity
4. Spinning/Head Banging/Biting when excited (too happy/sad)
5. No speech
6. No imitation

I am going to do hair meta test and considering homeopathy - CEASE therapy. Anyone have any input please suggest.

Thank you 


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