Anyone dealing with Yeast Overgrowth in ASD - need suggestions

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GilBaki 2017-07-04 02:54:29


My son has all symptoms of yeast overgrowth , i dont know any dan doctors , and my pediatrician is helpless ... waiting for GI appointment ...  i have seen some parents treated it with Nystatin and Diflucan ... who'll prescribe these medicines and wat are the test needed? i'm in US and unfortunately didnt know anyone here to contact or guide. 

1.And i here Dan is no more and we have Medmaps , are they same ? 
2.yeast is feeded with Carbohydrates ... we eat rice maily... so while trying GFCF diet i overloaded him with carbs i believe... now i dont know wat to feed him. Any suggestions or idea for SCD diet... 
3. Should i continue guten free diet also ... cos i dont think he reacts to gluten ... so shall i reduce carbs and give gluten (roti )


PavanS 2017-07-05 19:34:30


Please join Bio med Desi connection  whatsapp group..most of the US folks are there.

Submit request o Admin:+1(510)6467964.

Def it will help you


GilBaki 2017-07-12 06:14:59


I'm trying to message them, no response... can you please confirm whether it's correct num..

miraclev 2017-08-09 11:55:16


My son also had yeast issues  and we found it via OAT tests and other CDSA tests.
as you are aware GAPS diet/BEDROCK diets will help. you can go for india paleo version which is a Low carb diet esp. no sugars.
much of his stomach issues were gone after we took appropriate probiotics. try L.plantrum which is a promising probiotics and water kefir if possible.

feel free to reach me on


GilBaki 2017-10-01 19:50:50


Hi miraclev

I did the oat test and there's yeast overgrowth ... he's with anti fungal now.... we wanted to start GAPS diet ... how did you go with the diet ...did u chk any dietician or any books ? any suggestions pls

miraclev 2017-10-03 13:41:07


Hi GilBaki

Feast without yeast 
GAPS Diets - Natasha Campbell-McBride
Body ecology diet - Donna gates

The above 3 books are very sensible. Read through it.
Low carb , medium protein and medium fat, more veg (fibre) and good natural probiotics would help us.

 Former member 2017-12-15 02:23:31


We found thro MOAT test that my kid has yeast overgrowth and clostridia. He is on anti fungal for yeast and antibiotic for clostridia now. I see so much aggressive behavior  after we start this and he is Upset for No reason. Have you guys experienced this ?  He is on strict CF diet, but couldn€™t follow GF strictly. Now this yeast issue because I fee him more Carbs. Please suggest me how to deal with this. 


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