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valay123 2017-06-18 16:05:35


Hello Parents,
We need your guidance. My daughter is now 2.4 years. Thanks to our Pediatric and per her suggestion, we went for DQ (at KEM, Pune). Her assessment result was 'autistic features at high risk'. We have been suggested couple of home remedies and recommended to visit after two months of time, which will be in July this year. Though, we have seen improvements in her but her main problems are still not able to communicate, minimum eye contact, minimal social interaction etc. We have also been recommended to undergo speech therapy starting next month. We recently visited Pediatric and she found immense improvements based on her own assessment. However, we want her to come out of this as quickly as possible. She has also started going to playgroup since 3-4 days and finding difficulties in adjusting. We would appreciate if you suggest the alternatives based in Pune for assessment and therapies to initiate same at earliest. Thanks for your patience in reading this and suggestions.

Raj192012 2017-06-19 11:58:06


Hi Valay,

Have you visited Dr.Archana Kadam?? She is the best doctor for this. Please start OT along with speech therapy. Also you can go for ABA. Many parents suggested this therapy and as per their observation they have seen lot of improvements in their kids. So don't worry...she will be fine. 

valay123 2017-06-19 13:13:09


Hi Raj,

Tanks for your reply. We have got an appointment with Dr. Sheetal (at KEM) next month for ST. I have also heard about Dr. Siddhi Poyerkar  and will reach out her for ABA and also as you suggested to visit Dr. Kadam. Hope to get the appointment soon as I've also heard there is considerable wait period. Again thanks for your time in responding.

Raj192012 2017-06-19 15:33:01


Hi Valay

I heard Siddhi Poyarekar is the best for ABA. I got an appointment of her on coming friday for my son. Will share updates.

valay123 2017-06-19 16:44:28


Thanks again Raj for response. In fact, I am also going to reach out to her for an appointment and will also share feedback.


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