travelling is the best therapy

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panna 2017-05-03 15:40:17


I have been a part of parentree for a long time now... My son is 10 and by now we have about 8 years of experience trying to solve this puzzle called autism. .... I still remember clearly how shattered we were when our beautiful baby was labelled as a child on the spectrum... Since then we have done any and every therapy and listened to all kinds of things told to us by therapists from Ghaziabad to Gurgaon...and have finally come to the conclusion that no therapist can compare to a loving parent and no therapy can come anywhere close to Travelling '

panna 2017-05-03 15:47:23


I used to feel horrible taking my child to therapies conducted in dingy rooms though the centre was run by highly recommended specialists for whom people would come from all over and then after 6months or a year realize that they have been cheated.... But one thing I realized was that since I didn't know driving I used to travel by public transport... Be it the buses or the metro... Also rickshaw and sometimes auto... His activities would often get us some curious stares and confused looks but after the initial hesitation I and my son starts enjoying

panna 2017-05-03 15:54:06


Started enjoying our journey everyday... He used to look forward to the travels and was very excited seeing the buses and autos.... Some of the bus conductors started recognizing us and would start talking inquiring about him and sometimes suggesting... The same went true for many of my copassengers too... Some old lady would start talking... Some young students would get curious.. Almost every one wished me good luck for my efforts... That was the first time I truly realized how wonderful my country is... We may not be having so many facilities but the very fact that ordinary people are curious about everything is very good for our kids

panna 2017-05-03 16:18:58


I have often found parents complaining about how people stare and have often wondered why people stare... I think I can safely say that it is nothing more than curiosity... If we ourselves behave normally just enjoying our child's company and the journey itself you realize that the people stop staring and go back to their own business and sometimes if they are sure you won't mind then they try to talk to you and your kid.... Which in my opinion is a boon for us .. Travelling around in public transport encouraged us to go out on a holiday by train and by air....

panna 2017-05-03 16:26:30


By that time my son had become quite used to strangers and his eye contact and social smile improved considerably... I don't follow any diet regulations but I am very particular about a healthy diet like my parents were with me and my brother.... We travel quite a lot irrespective of the distance and whether it is a holiday destination or a family function.... Though I must say my son is still not 100% toilet trained... For my part I just don't care about people who stare and I really don't know what they talk about me behind my back but I must say every time we go out there is a huge improvement in my son's overall learning which has never happened with therapies... Though I haven't stopped them completely

Ash1122 2017-05-18 15:31:25


Dear Panna,

I have read all your posts on Travelling is the BEST Therapy.

I thought to reply soon as read them but got occupied. Wonderfully narrated as experienced. Liked the thought and Idea. Yes correctly said that No therapist can replace a loving MOM. Yes one should never thought about what the people will say and instead bring the child to mainstream. You made an excellent decision by travelling in a public transport. It opens the vision and world for kids.

Share more about experience with therapy you developed. I feel that Autism is a BIG BUSINESS now with wonderful returns.

Please share more of your experiences and efforts.



elvis 2017-05-18 19:30:56


Good Luck dear Panna..

anupama123 2017-05-29 07:51:36


Panna, thanks for sharing these tips. I never realised as small as travelling in buses can be so beneficial to kids. You are right that the best part of being in our country is people always want to know about whats happening in others lives and they always share or do things which can be helpful. All the best

panna 2017-07-27 16:49:54


Thanks a ton ash, Elvis and Anupama for the appreciation.. It means a lot... Yes autism today is such a big business today and many other parents have noticed how someone who was an ordinary therapist in a school in a small cabin has risen to opening an institute and enjoying holidays abroad with the hard earned money of parents who have given up their own peace of mind for thewelfare of their kids... They make theparents shell out a lot ofmoney on various'packages' but at the same time tell you not to expect much because it all depends on the level of the child.... It's saddening that none of them seem to have any interest in getting the child and the family integrated into the society.... The only thing they want is that you buy a package... Ÿ˜"


miraclev 2017-08-09 11:39:55



its been so interesting to read your post, how is your son doing now.
since my son loves travel..i will create opportunity to go by bus rather car.



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