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anupama123 2017-04-20 16:00:14


Hi All, 
Can anybody suggest in what language should i be talking to my 3 year old son who has mild pdd. Currently he is using 3-4 word small sentences while talking in his mother tongue. The Speech Therapist was asking me to start talking to him in english since his medium of education is going to be english. I too agree with it, but will it not delay his language even further? Any insights/suggestions?

1hemz 2017-04-21 16:33:06


Even I have the same question..My son also 3 years old.. having speech issues.. Can anyone help us..

Anjali17 2017-04-21 17:22:54


I am not exactly sure about the situation on pdd..but I would suggest talk to your son in which language he is picking up fast because first he need to learn to express his feelings to you.
Later you can slowly teach him English.
I have a 2 and half yr old baby.. I always used to talk with her in Kannada (common language spoken between me and my husband).
My mom is from andhra (she only know telugu) and she speaks with her in telugu, initially my baby had difficulty understanding telugu later on a daily bases she learnt but the first language she learnt was Kannada as that is wat we communicate at home the most.


anupama123 2017-04-24 16:26:04


Thanks so much Anjali17. Like you said,i will continue talking to him in his mother tongue in which he is picking up fast. Once he is good, i think making him understand english will be easier. In the meanwhile, i keep adding couple of basic english words and sentences so that he slowly understands English too.


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