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1982n 2021-04-15 00:11:18


Hello sip.. I m a mother of 3year child.. Same my kid improved eye contact and potty time making faces snd sometimes come to me before doing..during this lockdown.. Plz share how to give speach training...

Sips 2021-04-15 06:55:53


Hi 1982n Are u also taking homeopathy treatment and from how long? Regarding speach training we keep talking to our child and names of objects which she interacts with. However our doc hai advised not to force learning, she will learn it naturally in few months or so. If in case speech therapy is needed he will guide us.

Rani85 2021-04-15 12:35:59


Hello sips thank u for replying my queries. Your words are only ray of hope for us in the present scenario. Thank u

Rani85 2021-04-15 12:42:13


Hello sips, one thing more I want to ask that how is your child communicate her daily needs like water or food....

Sips 2021-04-15 14:06:04


Rani85, just have faith on God. For mei have put my hope in God's feet. God"s will is my will. U can chant God name while preparing food for ur child. Even u can charge the food and water with prayers and then offer it to ur child. Do positive affirmations and visualizations. There r few such things which we humans cant have control at all. But God has created us and he knows all the answers and mysteries. Regarding my child communication, she take my finger to the object if need. She goes to kitchen if hungry but doesn't speak. Me too waiting for the moment when my child will speak. I request other members to share there experiences, specifically those who have completed 12 months or more with same treatment so that we all can get some more feedback.

Rani85 2021-04-15 14:27:49


Sips, u r 100% correct that God knows each and every thing and he will surely treat our children to the best. I have full faith on God. My son also started pulling my hand to the object whatever he needs.. This may be the first positive sign towards the treatment. Thank u so much for such a positive message. Even I request other parents also to please share their experiences or queries. May God bless our kids.

Rani85 2021-04-16 06:12:03


Hello lavvi, how is the learning process of your son? And what about name responding

lavvi 2021-04-16 11:15:31


Hey Rani85, 
he responds to his name most of the times, learning is slow but on positive side.

Rani85 2021-04-16 11:39:19


Hi lavvi, I know families who didn't know about homeopathy treatment when their children were diagnosed with ASD and they rely only OT and other therapies. In my opinion, therapies are much more slower process than homeopathy. But homeopathy should suit to the the child because some children don't respond to homeopathy...

lavvi 2021-04-16 13:00:55


Yes key is patience, Do u know someone who€™s kid completely recovered from homeopathy, i never took homeo in entire life, but have choosen it for my precious son. Being parent of autistic kid is so challenging somehow people around us are always judgemental even towards such small kids, its awful.

Sips 2021-04-16 13:35:15


Hi Lavvi, Thanks for ur valuable feedback. Yes ppl are v judgmental, they stare at these innocent kid differently. Each and every moment of us is full of challenges. It has been 6 months with the treatment. It is v slow but still v positive as compared to therapies. Doc told me to wait 1 yr more for speech. My daughter is v much obsessed with holding stick like objects. She remains v irritated and cranky throughout day. He said obsession will go by 1 yr. When ur son started making eye contact and follow commands? Any suggestions of gfcf recipes. I generally cook vegetable parathas, daal rice in lunch,dinner and chips and finger chips in snacks.

lavvi 2021-04-16 15:05:39


@Sips i give maize & amaranth chapatis, other than it veg pulav & khichdi, idli, pancake, sabodana wada,poha etc. eye contact improved around 7th month by 9th tenth month he started responding to his name.for speech he told me so but i m still waiting. He also have a few obsessions.commands he just started following now but  it all depends on his mood.

Rani85 2021-04-16 15:39:38


Hey lavvi, no I don't know anyone who has been out of ASD treated through homeopathy. Even I m using it for the first time but I have read feedback and reviews of homeopathy and I know personally a family who chose therapies as a treatment for their son, but it's a slow process because they have started to give therapies at the age of two and now he is eight years old but development is not up to the mark. One thing more I want to ask about repetitive behavior and potty training of your kid. What is the opinion of doctor that How much time will it further take to get treated fully

1982n 2021-04-17 02:07:31


No i have not started any treatment.. With my study I came to know ultimately it's we mothers who has to do all hard work.. Key ingredient areŸ"' taking more care, love, chatting, giving healthy food which is good for brain spacially.. Last lock down 2020 I came to know he is autistic.. By the end of 2020 near by Dec. He has developed eye contact, learnt a few two words sentances, learnt to respond on things he want.. Exactly like ur daughter.. My son point fingure on food he wants to eat. Brings water bottle from fridge. Brings snacks from almira. It all happened without medication.. No precautions.. Only lots and lots of love and healthy food.. Rich in vitamin B12 and magnesium .

Hope20 2021-04-17 14:03:18


Hi Everyone, I am a mother of 22 month old girl on the spectrum. I came to know about dr. Patel from a parent on facebook aph group whose daughter recovered only with homeopathy, diet and exercise. We are on tbe third month of medicine, and his medicine has worked for us in few areas like her gut improved, started chewing, eczema 70 % cured, little less isolated, obsessions decreased and started sleeping better. She used to vomit 90% of the time she ate anything before starting diet and medicine she completely went away and her immunity also increased and her frequent bouts of cold went away. However in few areas the improvemets are cyclic. Initially in the 1st and second month toewalking decreased and then it came back and same with eye contact as well. Also i want to tell that (what i came to know from the parent who refered me was) dr patels gfcf is bit different from general gfcf. There are many thing which we are gfcf but he asks not to give for example avacados etc. Therefore we need to check with each time befire giving any new food.

Sips 2021-04-17 21:02:04


Hi hope20, thankyou for the hope. I also observed many symptoms comes and goes in cycles. I Observed few changes in 1st months but 2nd months was v tough. All her symptoms increased and after around 15 days she settled down. Same keep happening in cycles. Even now 6 months running, from last 10 days she is super cranky, self play, self laugh increased a lot. U r right that dr Patel's gfcf is different. He always recommend to observer her after giving any new food or even vegetable. Can u pls tell me after how many months of treatment that child recovered frm autism?

Hope20 2021-04-18 07:01:32


Hi Sips, They started the treatment when she was 18 months and he stopped treatment when she was little over 4 years.

Hope20 2021-04-18 07:19:51


Hi Guys, Since this thread is active again, please let me know if anyone is interested in creating a watsappgroup as there is none for dr patels so that we can reach out to each other easily and get answers faster. Its a long journey and this might make the process little less lonely. Just thinking out loud.

Rani85 2021-04-18 08:07:26


Hello hope 20 I m ready for this group formation. I m in.

Sips 2021-04-18 08:25:03


Great idea...I am also ready and requesting others to join, support, guide and most importantly encourage and help each other.... Together we can make this journey easy

Rani85 2021-04-18 09:48:43


Then what will be the next step to start the Watsapp group

TH95 2021-04-18 10:11:22


Hii all.. request you to plz add me .. I am interested

TH95 2021-04-18 10:38:37


Started dr.patels treatment 2weeks ago ..

Hope20 2021-04-18 13:34:29


Please send me your numbers at

TH95 2021-04-18 13:52:29


Okie sure

Sips 2021-04-18 14:57:34



Nnaik 2021-04-19 11:00:54


Hi Hope20, I was reading this thread and I saw your reply saying dr ketan patel do not recommend avacado? I live in USA and my son who just turned 6 is also on autism spectrum. We have been doing dr patel treatment for over 12 months now. I also emailed you my number for WhatsApp group. It€™s a great idea and it will give us parents lots of encouragement, hope and also learning opportunities. 

Trust09 2021-04-24 23:56:20


Hello...i m a father of 2.4 year old son..He has no pointing...we have a doubt that he is on spectrum...&then 5 month ago we had taken the homeopathy treatment of dr. Ketan Patel..after 5 months my son has good eye contact...but no pointing no speech...we are very scared right there any one here whose child fully recovered from dr. Ketan Patel's medicine


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