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RJasu 2018-08-10 17:37:00


Just felt like sharing our experience with Dr Patel. We are in US and we had started homeopathy with our daughter when she was 2 yrs. First through a Dr. from Canada, which was little helpful. Then there was a plateau..We went to one very famous homeopathy dr. in california. He was so so so expensive. We wasted hundreds of dollars and 6 precious months under his treatment. NOTHING good happened. By this time my daughter was 3.5 yrs old and not much gains in total. We are so heartbroken, did not know what to do. During that time we had a vacation planned for India, so we went and kind of did some research and planned to visit Dr. Patel. To be true I was not at all hopeful, just thought of giving it a try. In my mind I was getting ready for allopathy after I return to US. After I visited Dr Patel again I was not very impressed. He charged 8000 rupees for medicine if 4 months. He also did not disclose the name of the medicines, that turned me off as well. But still we continued his medicines, because my kid was not taking any remedies at that time and we needed some time to research on allopathic dr. 
Dr Patel gave long list of things to eat and not to eat. We diligently followed it. But the medicine started working!!! yes it did. With zero side effects. I was so happy and amazed. 
We have now completed our 4 months course and paid for our next 4 months.

Though I am also starting other remedies side by side because my kid is nearly 4 now and I want to hurry, but I want to say go for this Dr. He is very good. We did not regret our decision. Again, I would also mention, that ASD kids are very unique and different. They respond to very diff things. You have to keep on trying and experimenting, until something clicks for your kid.
But I would definitely give Dr. Patels homeopathy first 4 months before deciding to move away from that, because it really worked wonders for our kid.

Thanks you!! and God Bless!

Angel19 2018-08-10 22:22:51


Thanks much RJasu. I live in the US too, would want to connect with you.. would you inbox me your number? or write me to 

soniask 2018-08-10 23:46:12


Hello r rajsu Could u please me that dr ketal gave u med in tablets or liquid form please reply

RJasu 2018-08-11 01:50:48


@ soniask: His medicines are very tiny pills. Kids suck on them. They take it very happily.

ihope 2018-08-15 08:47:13


hi RJasu

Thanks fr your post. 
You have mentioned about diet.. is it GFCF? 

i understand patience is the key... esp in homeopathy. 
Glad its working for your daughter. 

I have also started homeopathy 6 weeks back. but i dont see any noticiabe difference yet.
However i would like to continue and i am hoping for a good change.

can you please mention what is the main difference u noticed? 

any inputs would be appreciated



RJasu 2018-08-15 17:58:41


Did you consult Dr, Patel? If yes, you must have got a page of instructions which says what to feed and what not to feed. How to make our kids workout and get tired so that they sleep well at night. etc etc. That document mentions about GFCFSF diet with no sugar, least citric acid and no packaged food. Not even a little bit. No non-veg except chicken and egg. and many other guidelines. I really feel that maintaining what he says is a key to get result. I know a family who admitted that they could not maintain the strictness and got least gain in first 4 months of the treatment. Then they started maintaining and boom in next 4 months they saw the magic.

My daughters eye contact increased, awareness increased, she named people around her, said Hi Bye consistently, went happily to school, did well in school, followed instructions as much as she understood, off course words also increased. But what we actually saw was how she could actually be with us now... kind of within us, much less isolated.. You will see/feel the difference.

I will pray for your kid. You have to be strong and be on military rule as far as the instructions from the doctors are concerned. You can do it!. All the best... keep us posted!

ihope 2018-08-16 05:47:57


Thanks a lot RJasu

No, i am not consulting Dr.Patel.
I am consulting Alan from UK .. (got referred from this blog site only)
He hasnt mentioned any kind of diet for my kid. As you said each kid's needs are different. 
that could be the reason as well.

I am on a initial detox course for her now... have follow up by end of this month.
i avoided milk completely for my give a try on its impact.  Have to wait and see,... 

Thanks again for ur response.. i wish and pray your daughter catches up more quicker... !!



RJasu 2018-08-16 18:17:30


Do you stay in UK itself?

So DR. Alan from UK is only giving homeopathy medicines now?

Or he suggested ion foot bath, detox bath etc as well?


ihope 2018-08-20 08:49:06


Hi RJasu

No i am not in UK. i consult with him through skype.
I am not sure of the names of the detox. have been giving sizodon to my daughter. 
he started de-tox of that sizodon medicine first... on 7th week now.

Personally i dont feel any improvements yet. need to wait and check with him.. 

He is an homeopath only. 



Mylife29 2018-08-20 12:27:24


Hi Ihope 

DR told to us first 3 months no major changes only he will learn pot train only very little hyper acive decreasd we are in GFC diet strictly, may be some nights we woke up and ask us to take out side for roaming in mid nights , that only we objerved in first 2 monhts now he is sleeping full nights but as i mentioned its slow porcess 6 weeks is very less duration , treatement its a  process around 2 years keep going. 
sorry for the late reply.


ihope 2018-08-20 13:03:56


Thanks for your reply Mylife29
Yeah i understand that 6-8 weeks is minimum duration to see any changes. especially with homeopathy.

Keeping my faith...!! i will keep posting my side of updates too.. !!



44parveen 2018-09-12 12:09:47


Hi @Rjasu, want to know about homeo treatment you are taking, please inbox me your number to

RJasu 2018-09-13 22:17:04


Our homeopathy doctor is from India: Dr. Ketan Patel. you can google you will find his contact details... take an appointment and take it from there.

44parveen 2018-09-14 10:49:46


Thanks for the reply, I live in Chennai. How is your kid now? what are the developments you have seen? Are you still using homeopathy medicines? And still on gfcf diet? How long did you continue dr Patel medicines. Please reply,I'm new to this group and need help.

44parveen 2018-09-14 10:51:28


@Rjasu how do you contact dr Patel if you live in the US.

RJasu 2018-09-15 00:42:50


My Kid is making continuous progress though still a long way to go! We are into some other treatments as well. Dr patel does skype appointments and ships medicines to USA. Though we made sure we met face to face during our first appointment. You can go through the conversation chain above and get the details


yogesh44 2018-10-19 18:41:55



Have you seen any positive improvements with the treatment? Please let us know

akashsoni85 2018-10-29 19:52:23


Hi Rjasu We have visited Dr. Ketan Patel who has office in Vastrapur Ahmedabd. I hope you are talking about the same one. I have 3 year old boy child who has delay in speech. Dr ketan prescribed 4 month medicine for speech improvement . The medicine are labelled as Monday , Tuesday , wensday only. Can you give me ur contact no or email id to discuss further Regards Akash

soniask 2018-10-30 05:10:59


Hello akash Do u have email or whats app number im.from.abroad my son also got autism spectrum and im.planning to start treatment from dr ketal

akashsoni85 2018-10-30 09:18:18

harry1986 2018-11-12 20:19:02


Hi Can you please share present status of your child amd what other treatment you used.

srsingh 2019-01-28 23:18:07


Even I am planning to meet Dr Patel. Called him many a times . But seems like will get an appointment in April. But getting an appointment from him is really very difficult. Hope it works. My son had poor social skills but is potty trained and academically is good. Also he lags a little in his  language. I wish i can get an appointment from his asap.

1234ruha 2019-02-24 12:00:43


Hey even I am planning to meat Dr keten Patel Ahmedabad for homeopathy pls suggest how's you DD doing... That will be grt help.. I heard both positive and negative feedback so confused pls ppls help I am really struggling

grdn 2019-03-24 15:46:24


Hi akashsoni85 How is the benefit? Pleaese tell as i am also thinking to visit dr patel

ezle 2019-04-07 15:35:49


Hi RJasu,

You said you continue with Dr. Patel's medicine alongside other treatment as well. Appreciate to know the details of it as I am looking for treatment for my 2 year and 4 month child.


250612 2019-10-21 16:47:37


Dear parent plz can u reply to me on 00447917679146 on what app it€™s  urgent request your post on Autism is really inspiring I want to discuss some things about my son ,plz plz call or WhatsApp or share ur number 

250612 2019-10-21 16:49:24


Dear parent plz can I WhatsApp me on 00447917669146 ,I am waiting for some homeopathy treatment ,plz advise ur number or email me on 

jnaik716 2020-03-31 08:17:38


Hello RJasu, we also consulted Dr Ketan Patel during our visit to India recently for now our 5 year old son... we were previously doing ABA therapy... we just started the treatment and are eagerly waiting to notice positive changes. We are also strictly following the medicines, diet and exercise regimen that Dr Patel prescribed. Dr Patel is straightforward and a bit direct but we are hoping that his treatment will do wonders for our son. He didnt even read any reports or inquired much about his behavior/symptoms. He asked medical history of my wife and I and a few other questions. We are following similar diet as mentioned by you, RJasu. It will be great to chat about how your daughter is progressing and to exchange few experiences privately besides sharing on this forum. Please reach out to me at if you would like.


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