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caringparents 2016-08-05 18:34:47


Firstly I would like to say thanks to this forum that after reading about some articles here, I came to know of homeopath as an option to cure ASD.

However, I saw that people here are just stuck with handful of homepaths like Dr. Ranga or Dr. Patel as if they are  the only homeopath to work with ASD kids. 

Hence I would like to share with you all about all the research I did around homeopathy so you all can take a more informed decision.

On doing some research on the science to see if it is really feasible , I came across a widely used therapy called CEASE withing homeopathy line which is widely used in US to cure ASD with homeopathy.
I'm going share some of the resources I came across after the research as I owe it to the group because of whom I started exploring this option.

I'll suggest that you start with your own research on what it is and then there are lot of homeopaths globally who are practising this so take your decision accordingly.
In a nutshell, as per the homeopathy  research, they are of the opinion that ASD is caused by some toxin in the body of the child which has been passed during his birth. The cause can be anything that the mother has gone before or during the pregnancy. for e.g. mom was under some high medication or suffering some ailment.
The CEASE therapy then tries to detoxify these toxins from the body and reverse the affect .
To start the journey, the most popular place which anyone would refer to is the Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky. It is a very good site where you have lot of success stories and lot of referrals of practitioners referred by parents who hacve treated their kids.
Below is the link to the site
Apart from this, I got a response from a very helpful lady in US who replied to my query and shared her research with me which I always share with everyone.Below is the extract of her email, where she gives lot of useful resources.
After going through the list below or from the website, lot of these homeopaths give Free Skype consultation to discuss your case. I suggest that you should speak to a few homeopaths and make a decision based on that.
We are treating our son with Dr. Alan Freestone who is based in UK and we are 3 months in our treatment where he is detoxyfying any IVF medciations as my wife had some complications during her preganancy with IVF.We have seen some decent improvements like our son is now able to talk lot of functional language but this is far from our final goal.
I'll also say that homeopathy is a very slow process so don't expect miracles in 3 months. 
Feel free to ping me if you have any queries and I'll be more than happy if anyone needs any info or help

Finally, here is the extract of the email.

Here are a few homeopaths I’ve come across in my search whom I really liked, in case these are helpful:
  • Dr. Robert Abell (www.bewellclinic.com) is whom we are currently working with
  • Alan Freestone (www.alanfreestone.com) is in the UK and he has been recommended by several parents - he offers a free Skype consult which is great too
  • Dominic Stanghini (http://www.dstanghini.com) is in Canada and also offers a free Skype session
  • Homeopathy Center of Houston (www.HomeopathyHouston.com) - the woman who answers the phones and initial questions has pretty much recovered both her sons and has a great story to share - they’ve recovered well over 100 kids (she mentioned they stopped counting after 100)
  • Angelika Lemke (www.agnelicalemke.com) - I’ve heard her speak and she sounds wonderful - Alan may have trained with her - we’re currently on a waitlist and may work with her in the future too as Dr. Abell is moving to Hawaii, though he will continue Skype appointments

Also, I don’t mean to overwhelm you, but want to provide you with a few resources that I have found incredibly helpful over the years in case they might be for your family as well:
  • Outsmarting Autism by Patricia Lemer (a lot of information so go slowly and be patient with yourself; I’ve had this book for a year and am nowhere near finishing it)
  • Son-Rise (www.autismtreatmentcenter.org) - we did this training, which they offer in the UK, a year and a half ago and it was life changing! This is hands down the best, most loving, most naturalistic / child directed method out there - our son has made lots of progress with this approach - when you get a chance, I’d suggest watching the 12 minute Intro video on the homepage - it’s really beautiful! 
  • They also have countless books and DVDs which are amazing - Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues (Book), Autism Breakthrough (Book and DVD) and Games 4 Socialization (DVD) are the ones I’d highly recommend
  • And, they have a great YouTube channel with lots of free videos
Tali Berman (www.taliberman.com) - Tali used to work with Son-RIse for nearly 15 years I think - she’s a wonderful play therapy coach and has a really great book called Play To Grow that I’d recommend; we’ve worked with her and she’s wonderfulKathleen DiChiara (www.kathleendichiara.com) healed her son through nutrition and some supportive supplements - she is wonderful to work with - and what I love most is our diet no longer feels restrictive. She’s offering a module based training for 6 months for only $29 a month in case this is something your family would be interested inMaria Rickert Hong and Epidemic Answers offer a really great monthly webinar seriesYou’ll also come across other monthly autism related online summits with expert interviews they offer for free - usually these are every other month or so - these can be incredibly helpful but also repetitive and overwhelmingMNRI (http://masgutovamethod.com) - we are just starting this now - reflex integration therapy; there is also http://www.inpp.org.uk which is an organization in the UK that also offers something similar that our therapist told us aboutThere are countless other resources so I will not overwhelm you any more; you will come across the exact ones that your son will find healing and as his father, you’ll know what is best for him

gun1 2016-09-20 13:54:55


Thanks for ur opinion. Can u plz share the gains in ur kids after starting homeopathy meds it will be useful for many of us who are thinking of going for homeopathy treatment

jasthi1984 2017-12-12 19:17:35


what is your child status now...being 1 year since your post

caringparents 2018-02-16 14:32:42


Hi It's been over 1.5 yrs since we started homeopathy and I must say that he has come a long way from where we started.he goes to a regular school, got a very good language compared to only 6 words he knew( but still long way to go in terms of grammar), following instructions etc. We are glad we went the homeopathy way because it helped our son but I won't just attribute everything to homeopathy. We have done lot of other therapies with our son all along like ABA, taking initiative at out end as a parent to ensure we follow through and ensure that we are strict and follow rules. One thing i want to warn parents going the route of homeopathy that this is a very slow process and you have to be patient. If someone takes lls you that they cab cure your child in couple of months, they would be lying. This is a trial and error method because one medicine that works for one child will not work for other so you have to wait till that one medicine that works on your child and then you will see a big difference. Have patience and hang in there

Nazim 2018-02-19 07:45:11


Hai, You said that you did sonrise program, What happened? You changed to ABA. I am asking ,since I am in dilemma between those two.

caringparents 2018-02-19 12:54:14


No i didn't do son rise program. The details were sent by someone who did it in US. I don't know much about Son rise program so I can't comment but I opted for ABA as it involves professional working with your child and at this stage I didn't want to take chances as time is the key in these treatments. The sooner you start working with your kid, the better the results you get.

caringparents 2018-02-20 13:35:54


I recieved a few messages asking about our current situation so I'm writing it here so everyone can benefit but feel free to message or ask me anything specific you need We are based in UK and yes we are still taking homeopathic sessions with Dr. Alan as there still things that need to be worked on but overall we have seen a massive improvement in our son. My son is 4.5 years old. We started ABA and homepathic treatment for last 2 years. The cease homeopathy therapy involves first detoxing the body with any known medication/toxic in the body(e. G. Vaccination or any fertility drugs) and then targeting specific areas of concern. The medication is reviewed every month and changed accordingly. As I said it is a slow process. We didn't see many changes in the first year but then with one of the medication changes we saw drastic improvement wherein he calmed down which was very important as he then started to listen and respond well and make a very good progress academically. From there on, we kept changing medication based on how he responded etc Even today he still has some traits and limitations with language and social interaction but we have come a long way. Personally I would support and recommend homeopathy but do your research and stay away from someone who claim to cure your kid in few months because that is not possible. Also it is very important to spend time with your kid to teach him stuff as lot of things do not come naturally to ASD children. The first and most important thing that helped our son is for us parents to be strict and disciplined which is Not easy but ASD kids need a routine, discipline and follow through For e. G. Eye contact, the simple thing we did during ABA was to ensure that we will not respond to him until he gives eye contact. After doing it a few times, the kid understand that he cannot get his things done without eye contact and it improved significantly over the course. Same with language, So just don't rely on homeopathy, you need to do your but as well. Hope this helps someone.

AJ18 2018-03-16 10:30:04


Hello Caringparents!
Thanks for sharing your experience in this post! We live in USA currently. We have a 3.4 yr old daughter diagnosed with ASD. She was diagnosed at around 2 yr age. We tried CEASE therapy for almost a year with significant leap initially from language front then it stuck in a plateau. Then we switched to classical homeopathy (with a flavor of Isotherapy) and since then we have been trying the same doctor John Melnychuk who cured Amy Lansky's son (referring to The Impossible Cure). But in last 4 months didn't see any improvement at all, although he kept changing remedies constantly. He initially claimed he can cure our daughter at least 90-94% though. My daughter can now make typical sentences with couple of words for her needs but can't use her vocabulary functionally. She's good at tune and has strong memory. But can't socialize with peers. Has lots of tantrums. We were making up our mind to get her treated with a good homeopath in India. Hence started the search. But going through a lot of reviews over net and posts in forums we got confused as to whom to choose. So far we have few names like Dr. Ketan Patel, Dr. Vikas Sharma and Dr. Ranga Sai. But the more we read through the more we get confused. But reading your latest posts in this forum, regained some hope on CEASE therapy. Apart from CEASE therapy and ABA have you tried anything else in parallel e.g. supplements, diet etc.? Would appreciate your response. Thanks!

caringparents 2018-03-16 13:56:04


Hi AJ18, Reading the progress of your daughter, I must say that you are going on a right track and it is a good progress. Don't forget that age also plays an important role in the development. We saw some significant jump in languages when our son turned 3 and then 4 but mind you he still can't independently do a conversation like other kids but if we put things in perspective it is a good progress. I'm not an expert but from our experience the only difference between cease and classical homeopathy is the initial treatment where cease tries to first detox the body and then address each symptom whereas classical starts with trial and error from the start. I can only say that perseverance is the key as we also had very quiet few months and still have when none of the prescription work and then all of a sudden you find a winner. All I can say that you can do is keep close eye in the any changes and effect after a new remedy so you can give the details to the homeopath. As same remedy can have different effect on different kids there is a large component of trial and error.just hang in there We didn't try anything else as our son is very limited in what he eats so can't go with diets which needs to give up wheat. I don't know how long it will take to cure and how true are claims of some homeopaths but I see this as a long winded process and just take each day as it comes. But one thing for sure, I won't trust someone who claims to cure a kid in short period of time as he may resort to unconventional practices in hich can only cause damage in the long run.

grs476 2018-03-28 16:18:14


Hi caringparents. Thanks a lot for the information. I am also planning to consult Dr. Alan freestone for my DD 3 years old. I have one question though . Does he ship his medicine to India and does he accept online payments?

caringparents 2018-03-28 18:44:44


Hi grs476, Alan doesn't give any medicines but only gives prescription which you can buy locally. I'm sure he will have some clients from India so he may guide you on where to get the prescription. I'll suggest you check with him in his initial consultation. I pay his fees online by PayPal. Hope this helps

grs476 2018-03-29 12:40:22


Thanks for the  reply caringparents. 

Rohittampa 2018-04-04 19:16:14


Hello GRS476,

I just wanted to give my feedback on Alan freestone, we live in US and we started our treatment with Alan Freestone via skype.
He did prescribed remedies which we bought from US. He follow standatd 8 weeks protocol and beliveds that every autism case is due to Vaccine (could be be not sure) but nevertheless, we did his 8 weeks protocol for remedies 3 times mening 8 weeks thrice. we dod not see any improvement. Then i read the Book as well from Dr Smits who i created CEASE just to realise he was following the book as is nothign else.
I would suggest you t first read the book Autism beyond dispair By Tinnnis Smit, as he si gonna suggest same Vaccine detox then atibiotic detox 8 weeks each may be steroid detox as well 8 weeks with a Saturday remedy of 200c potency which is excatly the book says.
The are only handful of 200c sattuday remedies mentioned in the book which he tried.
I am not trying to discourage you but want you to take an informed decision and may save some money before you even go to him by doing the detox your self which starts with Poly Vaccine 30c,200c,1m,10m twice a week for 8 weeks, But frankly that Poly vaccine detox coduld only work if it is made from the same vaccine given to your child.
For us we bought them from US but later reaisel the rands were different, he may ask you to buy from Helios UK on ... i am not sure how this fits in the concept of actual detox from same substance from cease prespective.
Otherwise its more classical approcah you should follow which alan does not have any expertise in.

Just saying because it cost a bit not that it matters but lread the book and match symptoms three are only 15 memedies in that book rest all is Cease detox protocol for Poly vaccine, Poly antibiotic and steroid and some other detox but that concept only would work if they are exactly made from that substance which caused it it is my opinion.

Serach for the book it is available online pdf for free as well but easier to read in paperback edition.
Good luck to you finding the best and hope it helps you and your family

Good Bless


grs476 2018-04-05 11:23:50


Hi Rohittampa,

Thank you so much for the feedback. As desperate parents , we look for every possible cure and unfortunately we are fighting something whose cause is not yet known. I hope someday soon , we find a conclusive treatment.
Is there any way to know which vaccine is responsible , any test?

caringparents 2018-04-05 13:01:53


Hi Rohittampa, I agree to some of your points on Dr. Alan that he refers to books on detox but that detox course is based on the initial assessment and as you rightly said has to be based on the medication taken during the course of pregnancy. I have bought the book on amazon kindle to read and do a DIY treatment but personally I didn't want to take chances as CEASE therapy is itself a very slow process where you have to go through all detox and on top of that if something goes wrong you have no one to look up to. Also, some of the medication doesn't suit your child so you need someone to advise in those situations like we saw with one of the detox course that our son got hyper after the second dose and we did a consultation and changed the medication immediately. I'm not saying it can't be done but just be aware of these possibilities and plan accordingly. Finally would like to iterate that this is a slow process and it took us 1.5 yrs to see some decent improvements in our son so be patient and hang in there with whoever you decide to go with. Even with classical homeopathy, it is a matter if trial and error so you need to be patient.

Mylife29 2018-04-18 14:31:41


Hi Caring Parents 

Thanks for the Info , i am father of 3.9 years son , my son diagnosed at the age of 3.3 he is not able to speak more than 3 to 5 words.
i am consulting one famous homeopathy DR , after his consultation he told me he is Male syndrome dominant in autism in mild levels and he is in intellectual side so no need to go for therapies also (He is strongly saying), my son condition was now. 
We are using 5 th month course , as Dr told me last three months he learn him self potty even in sleep.
Dr says for speech it may take 9 months so we are waiting for that to complete , we r in 5th month now.
Earlier we take him ABA , as Dr suggested we stop that and taking him for Swimming and Skating. 

1.He responds to his name.
2.He can understand and fallow small instructions.
3. eye contact was good .
lagging in 
1. Speech (He say only 5 words, now try to say some thing but unable to speak)
2. Hyper active 
3. Stubborn 

based on above condition could you suggest any thing for me Thanks in advance.


Rohittampa 2018-04-18 19:20:41


Not really a test.. frankly.. all homeopaths will aks you to tell all the milestone of kids and past events in chromological order.. and then will guess if any drastic changes happened after any vacccine or other substance (antibiotic.. steroid..etc)  again its all guess work ... no real science.... as a parent if you really saw drastic feversal or lost of any skill in the kid after particular vaccine (starting to forget how to walk or talk as it was before the vaccine) this could be a indicator which may suggest that tah particular vaccine detox might help....

We did Medical test, genetic testing which is FragileX syndrome test for gene defect and MTHFR for methylation issue these are scientific test which can help if that is what causing it.

Keep faith... God Bless


soniask 2018-04-26 01:01:02


Hello caring parents do i have an email my son got severe autism im.planning to start treatmebt from alan many thanks

soniask 2018-04-26 01:06:57


hello caring parent how ru can u please tell me about son progress i used to live i. uk now i mived to germany i try many homeopatic remedies but doesnt work im planning to start treatment from alan is is realiable my son 3 now non verbal not poyy trainned im so worried kindly reply thank u vary much indeed.

caringparents 2018-04-26 02:45:57


HI Mylife29,

How is your treatment going now. I cannot comment on your doctor as only you can see the progress and take a decision accordingly. IF you thiink that his claims are not being met then you need to chat and discuss.
However, personally I can only advice that you should not stop other intervention like ABA or any other therapy because more the intervention ,it will help as early intervention is very critical.

Sometimes, people including doctors are not fully aware of Autism and hence they take it very lightly and do not understand the importance of early intervention. You are the best judge and I'll keep trying whatever you can and don't let anyone else influence you. Regarding intellectual, autistic kids have higher IQ than other but they lack in some other areas like communication and social skills. Hence even if they are clever ,we need to work on their other skills to ensure our kids don't look different to normal kids.

caringparents 2018-04-26 03:00:35


Hi soniask,

As I said in some earlier post, go through my first post and go through the articles and speak to few doctors as everyone offers free initial assessment and you can raise your concerns and see what they respond with. Dr Alan also offers free 15 minute introduction . Once you are happy with the response you can go with that doctor.

Are you also having some other intervention like SLT (speech and language therapist) or ABA or OT ? 
As your son is non verbal, I'll strongly advice to consult a SLT immediately and start working in parallel with homeopathy treatment. 

Don't worry about potty training , you need to first setup some communication so that he understands what you asking him to do. Lot of kids only get potty trained after 4 years . For potty training , you need to be consistent and very patient.
My wife continuously worked with him for 3 months before my son was potty trained. She first found out a pattern on when my son went to potty . Then she would make him sit on the potty seat at that time everyday so that he understands the feeling of doing potty on potty seat. Then slowly he got the routine.
There are lot of articles on potty training online,just google.

soniask 2018-04-26 04:31:13


hi caring parents thank u vary much for your reply and your advise i have decided to contact alan for treatment and autism is cause by leaky gut most homeopath dont lisen they just focus on vaccine detox could u please me hows your boy going is he verbal and understand simple communation and commands and any improvrments in tatrums and meltdown after alam med i know autism take years to recover but if child understand along speak and also attend normal school then it will be the big relif for parents alteast 90 percent recover i wish im teatfull one day my child can attend normal school and speak with unddrstanding im giving him at the moment biomedical suppliments along with strict gluten and ceasin free diet im.finding english slt here in uk they r many school for autism but i heard that in uk autistic parents dont get enough support i was planning to come back just for english lauguage which my son understand anyway please reply about your son progess after alan medicine. thank u

soniask 2018-04-26 20:30:53


hello rohit im vary hopeless and confuse bcoz of of these homeopaths my child got severe autism he got severe meltdowns and tatrums i cant go out he i was planning to start treatment from alan but as u said u doesnt see any improvements u said anna is good doctor so im going to contact her is she give prescription like alan or send med by post please reply

Rohittampa 2018-04-26 22:15:33


Hi Sonia,

I hear you we are in same boat we have been through 4 homeopaths in 3.5 years he is now good in math site work.. but he was never hyper child . he has language delay he has words good memory but not much language only basic needs.
he is 6 years now.. 
Anna also will prescribe from helios UK also her consultancy is expensive.. i would suggest for his melt down and tantrums... u need to research his symptoms.. and match best remedy... i know its dificult but i read abuout it atleast 3 hrs a day.. also there is no magic or overnight miracle do not expect that.... study and observe your child.... I know Stramonium is very good for tantrum and meltdown. in 30c potency... try small and consult a normal homeopath near he you have advangae of being in india..
frankly indian homeopath and indian homeopathy medicines from swabe india and reckeweg are the best we do not get that in us .
The only advantage here is professional aba and school has to support kids due to rule.
But the social system in india is way more helpful for kids like ours specially for language.

Try local homeopath with detailed observation of your kid as you only would know the best what all issue he has not the cause but type of tantrums.
there are few of the hundreds of link i studied.


http://www.nesh.com/articles-on-homeopathy/map-of-hierarchy-case-of-autism-amy-rothenberg/ this one is very intresting


My wife left her job and only concentrating on him... despite so many therapies hours a day.. he learns best from his mother i feel for her as she is sacrificing so much.. but we think initial year our kid is our best treasure then anything else.

you can get all the general remedies from swabe india online i bought when i came back from india last time... if you give liquid dose there is very less chance of aggravation and the aggravation goes in 2-3 weeks.

vaccine detox u need to buy from helis .. but frankly .. if your child got vaccine in india u need to detox indian vaccine.

Our son got his MMR from india from Serum india .. the vaccine name was Tresivac.. i only found that on homoepathy for women website in usa who prepared the remedy for detox from that batch of 2013 march . It wont help if you get any detox vaccine it has to be from the country and brand to make it work .. there is a website www.HomeopathicRemediesOnline.com but they wil just need your homeopath name to order them they are expensive but then u get detox for specific country and they will ask for batch and year and brand if you have for those vaccine given.

We they the records as our doctor kept it it will be difficult there but try and find the brand they used and then find the homoepathy detox for that. 
anna or any other cease therapist will prescriibe the detox but if its not what is given to your son it wont help that what happened with us first time when we tried.

Also go to DavesHealingNotes.com and download pdf for adhd and autism healing notes

Hope that helps this is my 4 year of observation and research.. will shar few more link for ready..

Keep faith ... God bless..


soniask 2018-04-27 00:49:34


hello rohit first at all thank u vary much indeed for your help and advises vary appreciated i im giving stamonuim and hydrastis for gut issue bcoz autism is realted with gut i dont mind to pay his anna fee i just want to see my boy verbal with none melt doems and tatrums and also wany hin to understand hus basic needs specially poty trained to br honest i want reliable doctor who lisen me wheer alan anna if your child shows improvement from anna then i go for her could u plase tell me how much yohr son is cure from autism most of docs said autism is curable 90 percent please reply thank dr reckwage and sbl best homeopathy companies r aviable in amazon.usa and ebay usa

Rohittampa 2018-04-27 02:26:03


Hi Sonia,

we have not consulted anna you can go to alan to whom we consulted but we did not see any improvement with his treatment. For sure they would listen to you for 350 euro i can assure you that. But i was sharing my feedback from his treatment. 
Just keep in mind any cease therapist you choose just make sure the remedies for detox are from substances your son took. Like for us it was steroid detox vacccine detox and other stuff he took.
Hope he feel better with it. We tried other homeopaths after that but finally i started telling them what work for him and in what potency and dose wet or dry looking at what works for my son.
Currently as i said he goes to small class but following same kindergarten classes and he is good in math and other subject.. but his language is still not there .. which is a major issue with the condition... and as a parent we think that if he get language he should be fine .. the problem we are facing is he is not interested in using language and we are doing intensive therapy for that he has come out to a point that he sing rymes and tell his basic need. but he cannot tell the past like what happened in school today or something with time.
All kids will have different variations of symptoms..
good luck with the appointment ... which ever cease therapist you choose just be prepared to ask those questions.. because when i asked the same to alan he ignored them and in the end treatment was ineffective.

Hope that helps 



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