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sresree 2016-06-02 09:48:52


My 2.5 year old son was diagnosed with ASD couple of months back. He is on speech therapy and I try ABA at home reading books and watching videos.
He has 100 of words, but use less than 10 functionally. He asks for few items (toys, food, activities) in sight. He struggles to remember those when he cannot see it and gets frustrated and sometimes sadly leave. Only thing he asks without visual is, he comes and tells me 'Sleep' when he is sleepy. He makes good eye contact as well when saying this. He repeats words when I ask him to do so, very few times without prompt. He keeps babbling and talking to himself most of the time.

I am really worried if he will speak. I know this is common in ASD. But really want to know if he has any signs of developing speech?

Mom79 2016-06-03 10:08:50


Hii Don't. Worry.mera. beta 7 years ka hai.woh bhi repeat kerta taa Jo main bolte tee.but abhi woh 4 word sentence bolta hai.time lgee gaa but sub teek ho jaaye gaa. Regard shalu

sresree 2016-06-04 07:00:44


Thank you...

 Former member 2016-06-06 15:45:51


Nobody can tell you if he will talk. Nobody has a magic to sense the kids. Its your job to do all best you can and wait for the results. Educate yourself on how you can help your son.
Your son's vocabulary is lot better than mine. My son didn't speak a word until 4.5, but then it kickstarted as we started detoxing him and supplemented SPEAK by Speech Nutritionals. Now he talks very well but still not at par with his peers. So the take home message is, he is verbal so there is a very good chance, he will be alright, if and only if you give him all he needs, therapy wise and nutrition-wise.

One idea, apply ABA principles in speech therapy. Like, if he wants water, he will point to the pitcher or matka whatever you have at home, or use some other ideas but not words as I want water. Do not give him water until he says at least water. Even if he says w or wa, give it him. Let him understand that there is an incentive in him talking. If you give him without him saying a word, why should he speak? You can understand him. His job gets done. Once he gets hang of this idea, expect him to say a complete sentences in almost everything. Even if you will have to keep him thirsty for day or two, he will be fine. Let your brain work and keep your heart quiet. Build on this idea. Talk to him, read him stories as if he speaks and understands normally. Prove it to him that he will get what he wants only if he talks. Give him prompts if he needs them. Once he understands the benefit, he will take all efforts he can to talk. 

In our case, patience is a virtue. It REALLY tests you. You will break down, cry non stop, get frustrated but do all you want, get up and do the next thing you need to do.

BTW, talking to themselves will take a very long time to resolve. My son does a lot and when I ask him why he does it. He tells me, it makes him comfortable and there is nobody to judge him.


sresree 2016-06-07 15:02:10


Thanks a lot for the detailed and valuable reply. I will try your suggestions. 


Deb84 2016-06-10 17:02:12


don't worry...keep faith and be positive...only positivity can help us....keep on going with the hard work..my son is also 3.2 and was diagnosed at 2.7
he can now speak his basic needs and forms 4 word sentence...i lot more to go..keep a target of doing at least 4-5 hours practice every day...he will surely improve.
Apply ABA in speech....will surely see improvements,..

go only step by step...



Mylittlebaby2 2016-06-12 21:50:08


Hi deb84 Read your post it's really inspiring to know that your son showed such good improvement wihin 6 months time. Can you plz share details what all you did? Like diet any medication? Or just therapies? What worked best for him? Was he verbal when he was diagnosed?thanks in advance . Awating your response

Deb84 2016-06-21 15:12:35


we are not following GFCF diet. We tried initially but its very difficult to follow GFCF on everyday routine. He is not hyper, hence we give all types of foods...but yes,,we restrict junk foods, packed snacks like chips,kurkure, sugar and chocolate etc. 
When he was diagnosed at 2.7 he was telling only 4-to 5 object names like potato, banana etc..and the sounds were not clear..
we are following speech therapist suggestion and OTs guidelines only. 
However the Speech therapist and the OT both are not happy with us as they believe my Son could have gone far away if we were doing home practice of OT and ST so religiously ..
its sometimes difficult to do OT and ST all the day as per therapist guidance,,because the child sometimes does not want to do with parents,,..
So Anyway we are also in the same boat where you are....i also need to go a lot more,...every day is a new day with new challenges for me and my wife,

pl do therapy with happy mind,,,enjoy thsi with your son in playful way...otherwise you will get tired emotionally and physically..
hope for GOds grace to the kids...


manessvijay 2016-09-29 01:48:51


Namaste sresree
i feel your son can have total recovery. my 10.7 years old son still has verbal issues, has sensory vocal issues but improving and he will cover his deficiencies, rest he is now near normal and improving. you can go through my thread 'curing autism 100%'.
i feel you need to have infinite patience and confidence, observe your child's activities, give him more space and study his approach, and allow him requisite rest and sleep, he is bound to start speaking, just don't follow others, listen to your child, he will open up.

nitz09 2017-04-21 06:46:13


Dear Parents Someone above mentioned detoxing and supplemented SPEAK by Speech Nutritionals What is speech nutritionals, please advice me on this,

AIM1 2017-05-13 20:08:10


I have seen even who were non verbal before develop speech, language. 
First one has to detox, plug in deficiencies, improve general health in a comprehensive way. Speech often comes back up in later stages. 
More info here in this group:

Rvm2011 2017-08-01 17:42:31


Hi , Any side effects using Speak supplements. Pl advice. Doc suggested medicines as well. sizodon. Does it course any side effects taken along with meds.


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