Probitics for ASD,ADHD

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ssvr 2016-05-31 11:13:23


Has anyone tried probiotics for their kids, please share the experience.

above blog gives how probiotics deal with gut related problems and planning to start for my kid but not sure about it's side effects.

miraclev 2017-08-09 11:16:21



yes we have tried different probiotics, it does help alot.
we are giving water kefir and also. my kids stomach issues are almost solved.
He is not a constipated kid but his toilet were smelly.
He is better nowadays.

i have posted few threads pls check them too.
you can reach me on

chialse 2017-08-12 10:42:03


Hi miracles, 
My son has constipation problem . Pediatrician suggested laxtative. But I don't want to make it regular.  Is there any ideas or homemade that wil help ? 

miraclev 2017-08-13 09:03:07


you may include natural fibre more in food and natural laxatives and probiotics. Aloe vera , chia seeds , epsom salt are some that clicks me.
please try adding coconut water kefir regular basis its an wonderful probiotics.

Drink more water or forms of water.


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