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Coolhunk 2020-12-26 09:11:33


Hi mam, can I get your no

gopiko 2021-01-22 23:57:36


Pls add me 9791021646

K1a2u3s4h5a6l7 2021-01-23 10:31:31


Hi all,
This is Kaushal

I want to add one more Autism center to the list provided. This is really a great place, situated at Kukatpally.
Wellness Hub, Autism Center
Plot No. 76, Uma Rajeswar Plaza, 
KPHB Phase 9, Kukatpally, Hyd
Ph.No: 88812 99888

There a good number of speech therapists, occupational therapists, behavioral therapists, and special educators available. They provide online therapy services also. Their strength is their team. Psychologists are also friendly, who offer counselling services to parents.
You may try their free Autism consultation. Contact them at 88812 99888

1982n 2021-01-25 18:58:26


Plz add me in ur group, if any 9885074446..

2018anvi 2021-03-14 13:19:36


Please add me to what's app group 8331012953

Vjsush 2021-04-01 14:52:08


Can I get the contact number of this group...is it active?

123bhavi 2021-04-01 20:45:05


https://t.me/joinchat/ImXaihHoFMpmlIRmNFPenQ Join in above telegram group

Vjsush 2021-04-05 17:56:26


@123bhavi Can I know the name of the group...as I couldn't find the link to join in telegram

Vjsush 2021-04-05 17:59:17


Hi all...Need help...can you suggest montessori schools that would accept a child with development delays?

12334566778 2021-08-15 16:25:13


Hello Please add my number 9958333122 to this whatsup group. As m live in Hyderabad and looking for occupational therapy . Please suggest.

kithi 2021-08-18 17:06:01


Is thw WhatsApp group still active ? I would like to join 

bindumadhavi 2021-08-21 03:43:03


Hi All, I'm looking for resources for autism in Hyderabad. Are there any special schools for autistic kids? Are they accepted in regular schools if it is moderate? Does naadi yoga help if it is moderate? Thanks in advance

ManuKrithik 2021-09-29 15:52:15


pleae add my number 9959354085

Arun1984 2021-12-24 19:32:40


Hi Please add my number 9515047164 to the grp . My 2 year daughter has been diagnosed with autism . So looking for some helpful insight . Regards Arun.

Raja1012 2021-12-25 15:16:22


Please add my no +974 55202856. My Son 5yrs old  have been diagnosed  ASD feature and looking for guidance and support Please

Mommy2Riya 2022-01-03 14:14:42


Hi Have you been added to the group

Mommy2Riya 2022-01-03 14:22:30


Kindly share whatsapp group link, if there is any, for parents from hyderabad with children having ASD. thank you in advance

RaviMallidi 2022-01-25 00:16:48


Hello All 

Please add my number here - 9885419144 

My son 5 Years old and he is training in IN-SYNC Hyderabad. 

Pradeep11 2022-03-08 19:24:08


Hi Please add my number 8977633685 to the group . My 2 year son has been diagnosed with autism . So looking for some help here


Sidhu1 2022-03-08 20:04:11


Hi, please add my number 9880779876 to this group please

Rdrao 2022-03-23 16:10:18


Hi please add my number 8074298382 to this group.

hani411 2022-04-17 18:44:46


Hi, Please add my number +1 6787933871 to this group.

kishankumarsanapala 2022-04-24 16:52:04


Please add my number to this group 9746900336

Dolly21 2022-06-13 12:47:22


Hi...Pls add my no.7032100158 to this whatsapp group


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