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sparkle0786 2016-01-14 21:02:38


hello all,
 new to this GFCF diet.
can u plz lemme know some GFCF recipes (INDIAN) snacks, main course.
also how to make GF chapati?
i have a 4 year old kid on the spectrum.
plz help.

mayflower 2016-01-14 21:49:46


sparkle, where in US are you located ?

some suggestions I have for GF chapati:  In Indian stores you get jowar/ragi flours. These rotis taste fine, with practice they come out tasty.

In fact in some parts of south India, they do not use wheat flout for chapati, instead they use jowar, finger miller, ragi etc.

The american families who do GFCF diet mostly use almond flour. 


mayflower 2016-01-14 21:59:58


also, Idli is an another very good GFCF item, you probably know this already.

many of Indian rice based items are gfcf:  moong dal kichdi, rice and dal (with veggies), rice and potatoes, rice and curries etc;
carrot kichdi (rice+carrot+seasoning), beetroot kichdi (beetroot+rice+seasoning)

also,  you will find collard greens in US stores. you can use this to make dal.

we were using spinach a lot  before, but now we switched to collard greens, to reduce oxalates.


DeepDeep18 2018-09-21 17:59:48


hello, I want to know from parents who followed GFCF diet, have kids benefited from GFCF diet? Thanks


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