Echollalia and attention Deficit

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Deb84 2015-12-10 12:02:31


Dear Members, I am new to this group. My Son (2y 6m) who is recently diagnosed with ASD (CARS score 27.5) .We have started 2 days OT and 2 days Speech Therapy for last 25 days. As of now i do not see much improvements but yes he was not making much sounds earlier and now he is making understandable words...but the problem is he himself does not understand the meaning of the words, he only listens and memorize them and repeats....sometimes he understands very simple instructions like if i ask him for a handwash ..he goes to the washbasin ...if i ask him to hold my hand when we go outside...he pulls his hand up to touch my fingers...but understanding is very limited to some specific words all he is only repeating the words just like a digital recorder....Also his attention span is poor and eye contact is also poor...i am working on this ..but i see little provide your valuable suggestions...

Sinha1234 2015-12-11 10:27:10


Hi Deb, This is what I learned recently while looking at free sonrise videos and I think it works.

You can do the same things that your son is doing so that you go into his world. Just repeat his actions and that would grab his attention eventually and he might give you an eye contact for a while. The moment he gives you an eye contact, praise him like "good looking", or hug him. tickle him. Somehow make him happy which will reinforce his belief that when he makes a eye contact he gets hugs and praises.

I am trying to do the same with my daughter. Somehow I think eye contact is major issue and once they start making that, other learning can follow. I am also very new to this as I found about autism just a month back so cannot give you an expert advice but just what we are doing. 


ratnesh12 2015-12-12 01:12:41


Hi Deb,

I am in exact same condition as you, my son is 2 Yrs 8 months and we also got him confirmed on ASD 3 weeks back. He has a good vocab in terms of names of things & objects but keeps repeating the sentences he overhears from us without understanding. His IQ seems to be okay as he is able to quickly do the puzzle games but attention and eye contact is a major issue.  We are to start him on OT & speech from coming Monday but am really struggling to find any good center in Hyderabad, especially who are experts in ABA therapy.
Internet is overloaded with information on how to treat autism- Biomedical, MB12, HBOT, Homeotherapy, ABA, son rise program,OT, GFCF and od knows what .....seems like in this one life I can either read about it and in next one finally decide what to do with my son .....bottom line is ....need a really good mentor and therapist with loads of experience. I read comments from members who were in similar condition like us 2-3 years back and some kids are now attending regular schools. Request all parents to also post some guidance for new entrants like us so that we just do not get lost in overdose of information.


Deb84 2015-12-14 21:02:47


Hi Ratnesh,
Thanks for your reply. you are right , there are tons of information about it in the internet and we can not follow all. I am going to see the son rise video and will try if this works for his attention. Will let you know. Regarding Speech , i recently have started ST and OT..lets see what is the outcome but the ST/OT both told me that the outcome will take its own time...yes,,,we will have to enter into their world...the important thing is that the child should get interested if you are engaged with engagement is very important....

Deb84 2015-12-14 21:07:37


Hi Sinha,
Thanks for your reply...i will go through the son rise videos...and will let you know the outcome....recently i met one parents whose son is 3 yrs old and is able to speak simple 3 word sentences... the child is also having autism/echolallia but he progressed really well in the last 2 months as his father said,,,with the regular speech therapy ....hope this works fine for your kids also....pray for Gods grace for our child..



Sinha1234 2015-12-17 11:43:18


Hi Deb84,
Would you be able to share the speech and OT therapy place were you have seen improvement?

chialse 2017-07-19 00:16:22


Hi Deb84,

My son is 2 years 10'months old. Recently he is diagnosed with ASD. Started with ST and OT. He has lots of echolalia ( he can memorize whole conversation of his favorite Cartoons shows). He has lots of words, but he understands only limited things ( like go and get the shoe (he knows that he has to put shoes to go out ) , and few other things) . His eye contact is getting better, he tries to imitate is his elder brother ( he is neurotypical) now. Can you pls share your experiences as this post is year old , have seen your other post where u said ur son has lots of progress now ? Daily I am logging into parent tree and reading post related to ASD desperately. all valuable suggestions will be more useful for us

Asdhelp2 2017-07-26 13:39:40


Hi i personally feel aba is one of the most effective son who did not speak a word 3 months ago has a tremendous increase in his vocab..follows almost all commands..has good interacrion wd family members...however the struggle is still on lik not vry good response to name plus anxieties of new things altho that is improving now..other issues are watching wheels n fingers..echolalia is also setting in..ther are too mnt things to do as rightly said but the prob is v cant do thm all..just hoping soon v cn al see the desired improvement in r kids!!

miraclev 2017-08-08 11:42:24


Hi Ratnesh

How is your son doing, did you see any improvements.

miraclev 2017-08-08 11:43:11



How is your son doing, did you see any improvements.

Deb84 2017-08-10 22:57:18



i wanted to say that my son is 4.4 yrs now. The level of understanding and communication has increased a lot.
he can speak almost everything about his needs, likes,choices and even try to share experiences.

he can memorise things and try to share with us. He does grammatical mistakes in saying  past or future but no issues is expressing present.

in the academic part and brain development, he is also doing really good, he can write numbers and alphabets now. but painting,colouring and other thing that happens in school is not attracting his interest yet, may be it demands more time, 

My son also likes to travel, he prefers auto, bus and train instead of car. So we also try to enjoy the same with him at least once in a week.

so overall, i will say improvement is huge  but yes there are issues  like he is not so social yet...reason being could be as we are staying alone away from our home town, so he does not get that number of kids of his age to play wth..or other thing like as we know,,, they are naturally a bit less social in nature. but i am observing him enjoying company to very few kids who he knew since long..thats a +ve sign.

also his attention level is yet to improve and communication should be more clear and accurate and you know , he should be able to hold a conversation for few minutes at least. eye contact is 80% correct i will say.

i am trying address these few things, of course its a journey and not a destination...he should keep on going and going.. 

this 2 years of journey was wonderful as we learned what is called a true parenting.

thanks you


miraclev 2017-08-11 09:20:44


wow... nice. ...  we are very happy for your son.  He appears to come long way.

yes social is a O,Therapist said... "social is the last trait of autism..if your child becomes social.. then he is out of autism". can you tell us which intervention helped him, whether it is OT, ST, homeopathy,  bio medical therapy.
or diet or something that has taken him this long. it would help all of us.



saigtl 2017-08-11 18:19:00


Hi Deb84,

Good to here such improvement in your son which motivate us.
By god grace soon your son be normal.
Keep posting towards the progress.

Could you please let us know what are the therapies you have fallowed and in which location.
Did you opt anything other than therapies?


chialse 2017-08-12 10:31:38


Hi Deb84,
Happy to hear that your son achieved... I am just starting my journey with my 2 yr 11 mon old kid. Where did u go for Biomed ? Is it safe ? Because in US, it is not medically recommended by any physicians.  We have to go for Biomed with our own risk here . We are very much confused and scared to exp with our little one. 

What all therapies have you provided for ur kid ? 
Its been just a month we started with ST and OT, we haven't seen much improvement in speech ,
thank you 


miraclev 2017-08-13 09:22:21


Here are my thoughts,

1. Identify what are your son's autistic symptoms and when it started.2. understand what are his issues physical (stool issues, passing gas - gut issues , seizures - neuro issues, any mutation- genetic...)
many of child behaviour is related to physical body issues. for ex: yeast/fungal overgrowth can cause self laughing/giggling and parasites in stomach may lead to constant mouthing and many more.3. Do an basic OAT (organic acid test) to see if has issues in following area,      a) yeast/bacterial issue      b) toxicity      c)Mal-absorption and more...4. Address each issue5. If you think its caused by Food (almost 80% of the kids have one of the allergy like gluten, cesin, soya, phenols,sulphur...) do a IGG/IGE food tolerance test.
i suggest you to see a MAPS doctor who can help you with this. Am sure they are costly but you have option to do test if you are abroad.devote time in these site...
autismweb forum and akhil foundation and more youtube videos. Try to give more vegetables and less sugary fruits. 
try to limit carbohydrate intake, take good quality fats like cold pressed coconut oil, olive oil.

After consulting many doctors (developmental pead, pead.neurologist, functional medicine, homeopathy, genetic doctor) many are not upto date in their field nor they dont have time, For them its just one of issue in their proffession but for us its the Life changing moments.


Deb84 2017-08-14 15:50:04


Hi chialse

we are doing OT and ST only. We followed GFCF, but it was not too strict. means we have given him chocolates, other gluten products but very very less.

suger is also very very limited.

we did not go for metal detox, hbot stuffs. 

one thing i wanted to mention, the access to mobile phone/tab/TV  is fully stopped and instead encouraged him to speak with us.



saigtl 2017-08-14 17:33:21


Thanks  Deb84.

If you are from Bangalore, can you please suggest few good schools for kids who are mild/medium symptoms.


chialse 2017-08-14 20:26:25


@miraclev, thank you so much for ur detailed explaination. I will look into the videos and sites which you have mentioned. 

chialse 2017-08-14 20:38:13


@Deb84, thank you for your reply. 
we stared following CF , but can't avoid gluten completely from diet as many biscuits and other snacks contain wheat. 

And we restricted TV times. Instead of showing cartoon shows, started showing him kids activities ( people acting) in TV( i do not know that will make any change). 


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