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Deetu143 2019-12-12 19:11:48


Hi, Can you please add this whatsapp number to the group 0064277031129

sukanya2 2020-06-25 16:38:16


My name is Sukanya and I am mother of Rudraaksh . He was diagonised with Autism when he was 5 . Since then he has made huge progress. He has passed his 10th board with 83% marks and has appeared for his 12th board this year in science stream. He has been in mainstream school throughout. He has represented his school in several swimming championships. He has score of 6.5in IELTS , he is appearing for his SAT and has already given AP Calculus examinations.

He has realized that lack of awareness about autism is the root cause for exclusion of an autistic individual. Hence he approached his school and gave a presentation on Autism which was well appreciated. He has since then given a talk on his experiences as an Autisitic child through an NGO Club Indradhanush . The link for the same is as under.


He was featured in several news items, when he did well in his board examination . some of the articles are as under

Rudraaksh is keen to speak about Autism, his experiences and learnings to any group over a Zoom sessions. In case if anyone is interested , please do contact me at sukanya2@gmail.com, or respond to this post.


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