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Dev2014 2015-08-16 03:18:29


Pls add me too 9538672707


specialkid 2015-08-17 07:36:11


How old is she?
Which state do you live?
We discuss further

bhoomikaa 2015-09-10 14:55:29


Please add my number also 099865 24923. Thank you very much.

bhoomikaa 2015-09-19 05:46:32


Hi , this is second time i m requesting please add my number also to this whatts up group. I dont know who is the administrator fot this group , but please add my number, 09986524923

Rinki2011 2015-12-06 22:42:27


Please add my no
001 6786543464

Vaishnav77 2015-12-12 07:59:56


Please add my numbe also...



PG08 2015-12-29 00:59:50


Pls add me to Whatsapp group - 9840355863, i m based out of Bangalore

aky123 2015-12-29 14:57:11


Can you please add 9969614122

Adhiru 2015-12-29 15:29:17


Please add me to wats app group 8754412255. Thanks

prince123 2015-12-29 21:20:30


Please add me 9880164316.

sudhaka 2015-12-30 08:20:51


My Name is Sudhakar.We have a 18 months daughter with mild autism.Please add me to the group.647-818-2243.Thnx.
Currently in canada,Moving to hyderaqbad next month.

gsv07 2015-12-30 21:41:44


Pls add me to whatsapp group - 9880033390. I am in Bangalore.

mrchillal 2016-01-01 16:50:47


Hi Please add me to the watsapp group : My number is 9886278901 and I stay in Bangalore..

prince123 2016-01-03 16:35:23


Could you please add me to WhatsApp.my number is 9880164316.

rehmat 2016-01-14 21:06:11


Plz add me to what's app group my no is +918861965127 plz it's a humble request

sparkle0786 2016-01-14 21:08:12


add me too

Jawinnayyar 2016-01-16 11:54:17


Plz add me to your group 08221863888

Colorful 2016-01-19 15:37:42


Hello Admin, 
  Please add me 9008006175. 
Thank you


sparkle0786 2016-01-19 21:24:39


has anybody created the group on watssapp? 

Vaishnav77 2016-01-19 22:57:59


S..special parents group is there...about 80 persons r member in that group...

sparkle0786 2016-01-20 00:13:23


 hi Vaishnav77 can u give me the number or direct me to the group.
or u can add me to the group. my no. 2038932726 .i have a 4 year old on the spectrum.

sudhaka 2016-01-20 07:28:45


Can someone tell me where could we get better treatment for autism in hyderabad

vkumarm 2016-01-21 03:07:59


I assume you are asking about Therapy Centers. I came across few names through this forum and outside but i am not sure if they are good or not. I myself trying to gather information on the same. May be others can shed some light here: 
I spoke to a speech therapist few weeks back and she said there is no center/clinic which can offer complete package especially in terms of Early Intervention programs in Hyderabad it seems. One has to hop between Speech Therapy at one center and behavioural therapy at some other center etc.. Not sure how far it is true...



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