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svanga 2015-06-08 18:50:59


Hi All,

 I am new to this group, recently my son (2 y 4 months old) was diagnosed by child psychologist and she said that he has mild autism
 I and family are shocked and when heard, i do not know what it mean?
 Late i come to know that it is about behavioural thing not a disease
 please educate me on this

mayflower 2015-06-08 19:07:17


Hi Santosh, good news for you is that your child got a diagnosis early. 

Yes, it is very shocking to get this news, but let me tell you with time things will improve.

At first as parents we are scared, esepcially 
with people painting  a very bleak picture, but let me tell you many people with even severe autism are leading independent lives and holding jobs.

With early interventions and therapy, outcome will be bery good.

Please educate yourself about speech therapy, ABA and OT. It if very difficult to get good therapists, so start early.

In addition, people have reported benefits using supplements etc.

There is lot of information available on web (not all of it is correct though), so please be prepared to spend time and effort
in finding out about autism, what works, etc.

Also, what else did your  psychologist suggest ? did she recommend any therapists ?

also, exactly what issues does youd child have?  how is speech ? does he interact with others?

does he respond to his name?

how is his sleep?


svanga 2015-06-08 19:29:36


Thank you very much for your reply,

Doctor suggested me two therapies
1. sensory
2. ABA

I have just join him for OT
Sleep, he has no sleeping problems. Day he will sleep for 2 to 3 hours and night 7-8 hours
he is physically so good.
he pronouns  5-6 words repetitively like mom,dad,aunt etc but not looking at us
Name, No he does not respond to his name
But when his mother shouts at him, not to do. he obeys her instruction

mayflower 2015-06-08 20:02:45


Santosh, it is good that he has no sleep issues and great that he obeys instructions .

Does he show hyperactive behavior ? does he throw lot of trantrums ? when he starts crying is it easy to comfort and distract him?

Based on what you wrote, his issues look mild to me.  You did a right thing by starting OT.  ask your OT instructor what activities you
can do at home. OT gives sensory relief to many kids on spectrum.

Some activities which help in general : swimming, cycling, trampoline.

It is good that he is saying some words.I suggest that you find a good speech therapist, to further improve his communications and speech. Go to a speech therapist for few months, and see if it helps. 

But first priority should be ABA, unfortunately it is very difficult to find a good ABA therapist, so start an aggressive search right away.

If you do not find a good ABA therapist, consider this:  there are some places in India which offer short-term ABA training for
parents, for example:

btw, my family is from Hyderabad , and from what I hear, new schools and centers for ASD kids are coming up slowly in AP. There is more awareness these days, so things will definitely get better in future.


svanga 2015-06-09 19:02:22



Thanks a lot for your support
 Some times he shows hyperactive behavior and he throw tantrums. But when his mother shouts at him or pamper him, he will distract immediately.
 we joined him at Ananya Learing Center, near jubli check post hyderabad
 Apart from OT, we are taking him to near by park
 They said, first complete OT.
  Diet, we are not giving milk to him (from 3 weeks). please advise me, we are giving cashews (is it OK)
 He is now 2 years 4 months, Speach therapy works for him.



mayflower 2015-06-09 22:20:52


Goood to know that speech therapy is showing benefts for him, please continue with that and OT.

About milk--this is controversial. you probably already looked into GFCF diet --some believe caseine in milk is bad for ASD kids.

If you are not giving milk, make sure he gets protein and calcium  from other sources.

Not sure if these are available in India, but rice milk and almond milk are helpful. They are not 100% substitute for regular milk though.

One suggestion I have: consider giving good quality Goat Milk in place of regular milk.

From what I read, kids with ASD and/or impaired digetive system are able to tolerate goat milk very well. 

Also consider  good quality vitamin and mineral supplements (especially calcium+vitamin D). Kids need lot of calcium and if you are
not giving regular milk, you should make sure you are giving them these through other means.

About cashew --unless he has allergies to cashew , it is OK in my opinion.

btw, there is some research which indicates walnuts have cognitive benefits.

If you find Ananya center to be helpful, please leave a feedback in future---that may help some parents.


iceagemom 2015-06-10 19:46:28


Hello everyone
New member here and dont know what to write.. My son who is 4 years and 2 mths was diagnosed with mild ASD last month and our world has turned upside down since then .. have been reading on internet and very confused about the therapies available  .  please help with someone having personal experience doing therapies in bangalore .. thanks


roshini3 2015-06-10 22:54:55


Hi iceagemom Wer u put up inbangalore

raunak24 2015-06-11 12:06:51



Try and be with your child as much as possible. play games which will increase his concentration level. Initially it will be difficult but slowly ur child will show interest. small games like catch and throw ball, identifying everyday object, recognizing family members, 4 basic colours red, blue, black and white, body parts, animals this will increase his understanding of the environment around and the child will be occupied.

Don't think what ur child cannot do but think what your child can do. it's gud that u got to know about it early so u'll be able to work on ur child. All the best



iceagemom 2015-06-11 21:55:57


Thanks for the support .. Trying to be with him more now .. Enquiring about the therapies also so he gets some help at home and outside also.

kancbe 2018-06-16 22:10:19


Please explain me is mild autism recoverable...My son 2.10 month Dr suggested he is having mild keeping him engaged and a constacommunication will show improvement. Is it true or any suggestions

kancbe 2018-06-16 22:10:29


Please explain me is mild autism recoverable...My son 2.10 month Dr suggested he is having mild keeping him engaged and a constacommunication will show improvement. Is it true or any suggestions

Sow113 2018-06-18 17:37:51


Mild autism is not a big problem... it is a disorder u can engage ur child... pls dont leave alonely... dont show tv and mobile... u divide the time period.. example for 1 hour play area and 1 hour some activities puzzles and colour, sorting... most of the spectrum childrens are affected by speech area so u can put speech class..

kancbe 2018-06-18 18:45:07


Thanks mam...I will follow it...

qa121 2022-11-23 12:02:08


Looking for  ABA therapists who can come home in Hyderabad, please let me know if anyone is available? Urgent requirement


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