Is some accounts are created to promote Dr Ranga Sai ?

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naveen2405 2017-10-03 14:53:35


Hi neetu, please advice, i just started dr. ketan petel's treatment just two days back, please suggest shall in continue or not, I am from hyderabad. I found few more doctors dr.praveen kumar saxena, dr.sridhar Gunda and dr.Kanakalatha, please suggest me as early as you can,  I dont wont to waste my 2yrs important time.

naveen2405 2017-10-03 14:54:21


* my kid 2yrs boy

fight 2017-11-12 00:27:04


Hello Parents , Plz be careful while choosing treatment like H omeo therapy and then hoping for miracle ..... Any Disorder that do not have  cure in medical science , Homeo pathy and other alternative therapies start taking advantage of. Ultimately thr R lot of other things U r also doing which may work in some cases rather than only relying on Thz Therapies .....  nThis may work as placebo only ... 
FDA has Declared it as Sham    ... Thr R so many other evidences against it ..... So be Wise to choose any such treatments as U r only making Ur Kid a Gunie Pig 

Rohittampa 2017-11-13 08:04:02


Hello Parents,

Let me share my experince my son is 5.5 years not we llive in US, he was diagnosed with MILD to Moderate autism at age of 3.
He is not on GFCF Diet as north indian Kid he only eats roti and could not make him GFCF as he did not srvive those changes.
From ABA therapies to Occupation Therapies and ST he is improving a little BUT again he stil have typical symptoms.
Keep in mind every kid on the spectrum will manifest different symptoms and different severity of those symptoms as well which will keep moving back and forth.

So with all these list of symptoms which evry one of the Biomed and Homeopath Claims are the typical symptoms of any ASD kid again varying in each child differently.

All these doctors claim cure be it biomed, Homeopathy, Cease therapy or DAN doctor as they call them in US.

You are the best judge of your child, as hopeless as it may sound but any one of those therapies can help or may just not help at all so believing in those claims as a parent is very easy for all of us as we are Vulnerable parents.

Our journey started with ABA at 3 still continuing , Homeopathy we started 1.5 years Back.

We started with a pediatrician (Double MD) turned homeopathy (again MD in Homeopathy from British Homeopathy Association )doctor with 40+ years experience. he gave us some 7 remedies with numbers on them we tried for 1 month and i got sckeptic as it was not working so i called anda sked for names he denied then i said i am gonna report so he gave me but with all that we lost trust so we discotinue him.

Second Dr Vikas Aggarwal in chandigarh.. he does not want to see the kid just start the treatment give money in $$ and keep waiting as usual another set back so stopped after 3 months.

Third Alan Freestone Cease therapy from UK. he talks nice but essential copy Autism Beyond despair Book by Dr. Tinus Smits.
We did his 8 week protocols 3 times, Detoxing steroid, Vaccines, Tylenols, and Antibiotics after 7 months of treatment nothing happens we move on to next.

Dr Ranga Sai he talk nice again clain 90% cure again any one claim 90% i am just pissed already.. but nevertheless desperate parent he gave us 1 month remedy with names nothing happends.. I called him again to try more i know Homeopathy does not work so quick.
This time he wants Rs 9000/ month.. Desperate Parents Money is not a Problem for us and I am sure non for most of you guys as we are all desperate.

All of these thing taught us one thing we are the best observer and doctors of our kids, yes food is very very crucial organic homemade fresh food (we struggle here in US due to availability) but no on can help us unless we help our kids.

I am still gonna try homeopathy (Althought my Wife is against it) After 2 years of ABA and other therapy she cam on-board with me to try something i saw desperation in her eyes (I cry myself looking at my son not able to help) i also ask Why me .. Why my son .. Why My Family.

Everyone is searching for the same answers .....we all are educated and know this is more prevalent than earlier time which might be causing this ... Vaccine, Genes, peticides, during birth complication... Who knows....

If you think anyone of these people Doctors .. Homepaths, Biomed docs, DAN Docs, or Neuro Developmental Paedriaticin know why it happened or have a cure Think again Why this is called ASD (A spectrum Disorder) because none of us has clue includeing them.

That does not mean they cannot help but what we have observed is Just Parroting the standard ASD symptoms you find on the net and sometimes see in your kid is not enough to get help from Homeopathy.. as these guys also rely on those symptoms because the whole Homeopathy is about provings and symptoms so they know better as the software on you Laptop... they can help if you help to find excatly what your child is like it needs lot of obesrvation.

We are trying to find our self all day everyday.. as one of the parents mentioned we need to help ourself to keep our heads calm observe our kids find new ways to get best out of them .. NOt asking you to accept the Condition Fight we all have to fight but not by falling prays to these Fake claims.

Best wishes to all parents and now i also believe Faith is one thing we cannot afford to loose in ourself and our Kids,

Research yourself i believe the best ways is there is no best way but finding what best suits your kid is the best way but trying and without causing harm in the process.

We are also trying Homoepathy again along with Mentat.. US version Mindacre (Ayurvedic Brahmi Prep) as this is without additives and preservative Mentat has methy Paraben.

Let us all help each other would welcome anyone genuinely see improvement in their kid to post what worked for them.

Our kiddo still does not want to use language no issue with speach or vocabulary or long term memory.. his issue are more short term memory following 3-4 step instructions, also due to language issue cannot play

Ayurveda is helping him cognitively but we are going slow and gentle not to do more harm then good.

Good luck ..

Wishing you and your Kids Health and happiness  ..May God Bless everyone of them  


Mylife29 2017-11-17 08:19:37



Naveen  how was the treatment and whats ur experience with  kethan patel..
i am also from hyderabad could you please suggest me ..

1234SOW 2017-12-06 12:48:59


Hi All.This is Sowmya here..My daughter is 3.1yrs and having speech delay..2 general pediatritions looking at her not talking or making eye contact tbought she might be in Autism Spectrum but mild.So we had her ASD assessment done in Ccdd.Report says she fine but may have few symptoms of mild Autism so there is soeech delay.They have suggestted Speech Therapy for few months from today.After reading this entire thread of discussion i wanted to consult Dr.RangaSai for Homeopathy treatment.Visited him today with all the reports.He is very friendly and approchable.He discussed the case for allmost 45mins to 1hr and said there is just a speech delay and can be cured within max 6 to 8mths. But initially he is suggesting medication for 3 to 4mths only.Based on her improvement and changes he is going to monitor and change the medication.Hopefully she gets good help..Thanks alot for all the parents sharing their experiences.I will keep updating the changes i see and the improvements.

1234SOW 2017-12-06 13:10:33


@SamTamDH.. How was the treatment giving by Dr.Rangasai..Please share the experience and the improvements u saw in ur kid

1234SOW 2017-12-06 23:00:00


Please suggest a good speech therapist for language delay in bangalore

Rohittampa 2017-12-07 01:25:21


He asked me Rs 9000/ month... money is not an issue for us .. i am sure for anyone here if it helps our kids..but somehow comitting cure for such a thing and extracting money from parents feels kind of evil.. only if he charge the same everyone ...but it inconsistant pattern as welll...may be wrong.. but thats what i observe

1234SOW 2017-12-12 21:35:28


@Rohittampa i understand ur point but i feel this kind of treatment is not fixed one..each kid is diff and has diff kind of problema and depending on that medicines also he might diff for diff not taking his side but its just a thought

Authelp 2017-12-15 01:00:26


Suggestion about doctor ketan patel treatment


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