Is some accounts are created to promote Dr Ranga Sai ?

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SamTamDh 2015-08-20 08:28:04


Hi All , just sharing my experience - I visited Dr. Ranga last week. It was not a very impressive clinic but , then I've been consulting homeopathic docs since my childhood , none of them have flashy clinics except Dr. Batras . As few people said above , he took a good 1 hr to discuss the matter asking various questions. He gave us  medicines for 1 month , the good part is that many of them are known to me . The Dr was very positive and confident about his medication , but  I understand that they can help my kid to some extend , not expecting to see a huge change.  I shall keep you posted.

I request others to keep posting their progress as well.


SamTamDh 2015-08-20 08:29:20


@VaranasiG - didn't get your point. Is that separate forum you're referring to.

Rinki2011 2015-12-02 04:07:31


I am new to this forum and my 25 months old dx at 22 months. We Already started with OT, Speech and Rigrous ABA therapies. My son is on GFCF diet. 
We visited one allergist here in Atlanta to check on my sons allergies so he asked to start with Probiotics, ViTamins, Zinc, fish oil and 1 more supplement which we get over the counter.
I have seen lot of improvement with diet and therapies. We never had any behavioral issues and hoping not to get 😀 
No meaningful words yet but lot babbling and now  Jargoning. I am reading lot about Dr. Ketan and Ranga sai.
please let me know as few of you are already working with above 2. Who is better? And what improvements you have seen.
thanks a lot in advance.


ritzg1212 2015-12-04 10:23:34


Hi Rinki2011

I started taking treatment from Dr. Patel when my son was 2.5 yrs and now he is about to turn 4.

Before starting the treatment my son would not understand any command / request/ instruction. Although now he does. But still his understanding is very limited not age appropriate and that we know is because of the speech and language delay. He now usually listens to his name. His speech is functional and still not conversational.

But we're facing lot issues when it comes to socializing. He won't participate with peers or with us unless we initiate it. He is hyper focused with his cars .Keeps watching them moving back and forth as lot of times we to have to leave him on his own for free play. .sensory issues have not been addressed in fact after 6 month of treatment he started having panic attacks after hearing sounds from emergency vehicles such as fire truck , police car etc. and recently after change of med , he started hitting himself to show his aggression or excitement . Also , he doesn't touch any food with his hands because of sensory . We have tried eating in front of him , showing videos of other kids but nothing helped. Also , he is potty trained at home but uses diapers when outside because he gets scared of the loud sounds of the flush in public restrooms. So all in all sensory , feeding , social is as is .

we tell this to doc every time we talk but he keeps talking about practicing exercise for at least 45 mins twice a day . We though tried it but not helping much . This is fixed variable Dr Patel has set . If his med doesn't respond well , he pushes everything to the diet and exercise .

although we still continue with him with hope although by now , treatment should have got over . I'm too scared if we stop his med , few resolved issues might relapse back.

Rinki2011 2015-12-06 06:44:16


Thanks for responding.
I thought his medicines are for one year only.
Great he at least he has some advancement is speech and language.
i am doing GFCFSF  diet and it's working. Please try that as well.
i am not sure if you are giving any therapies to him or not. For sensories usually OT works best.

thanks Again.

Rinki2011 2015-12-06 22:33:33


Any Update on Dr. Ranga Sai.

priyavenky 2015-12-16 13:47:28


SamTamDh, how has the 3 months been since you started treatment with Dr.Ranga Sai. Best wishes.


Lata22 2016-03-05 19:01:04


Hi, Anybody benefitted with Dr. Ranga Sai treatment? I have just started with his treatment for my 2.6 yrs old kid. I am hoping for the best. Please reply.

mvrs 2016-03-05 20:21:17


As per my earlier inputs also, We have been taking ranga sai medicines from past 12 months but till now we have not seen any improvement, though doctor is saying, it will happen. Not confident on the treatment effectiveness. 

Lata22 2016-03-06 14:56:42


@mvrs, are you still giving medicines to your kid? Have you seen any other doctor?

mvrs 2016-03-06 16:31:05


yes,,,we are continuing....last month dose.......
As not much improvements are there from past 12 months with homeopathy.....currently exploring Ayurvedic treatment options...

caringparents 2016-05-19 20:23:51


Hi All,
I'm new to this forum and looking for experiences of parents with ASD as I'm a father of 3 year old son recently diagnosed with ASD.After reading all the positive comments from some profiles on homeopathy treatment , I was excited but at the same time thought it sounds too good to be true.
As this thread was started a while back and some of you have started the treatment a few months back.
Can you all pls share if the homeopathy treatment has had any positive impact on your kids.


happym 2016-08-05 06:10:07


How much for the homeopathy medicines from dr. ranga sai costs? He charged me for rs. 8000 per month. Did you get charged the same? 
How is the results now?

roshini3 2016-08-05 07:44:24


Hi happym He charged 1500for us...anyways below 2k

happym 2016-08-05 15:23:44


Hi that 1500rs for the appointment or for the monthly medicine??

roshini3 2016-08-05 16:42:09


First time it was 2500i guess...later on meds only 1500

caringparents 2016-08-05 18:30:17


HI All,
I plan to write a seperate post for this but would like to reply to this post to ask why is everyone so stuck with Dr. Ranga as if he is the only homeopath to work with ASD kids. 
We are based in UK and thanks to this forum that after reading tabout some articles here, I came to know of homeopath as an option to cure ASD.
On doing some research on the sceince and if it is really feasible , I came across a therapy called CEASE therapy withing homeopathy line which is widely used in US to cure ASD with homeopathy.
I'm going share some of the resources I came across after the research as I owe it to the group that I started exploring this option.

I'll suggest that you start with your own research on what it is and then there are lot of homeopaths globally who are practising this so take your decision accordingly.
In a nutshell, as per the homeopathy  research, they are of the opinion that ASD is caused by some toxin in the body of the child which has been passed during his birth. The cause can be anything that the mother has gone before or during the pregnancy. for e.g. mom was under some high medication or suffering some ailment.
The CEASE therapy then tries to detoxify these toxins from the body and reverse the affect .
To start the journey, the most popular place which anyone would refer to is the Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky. It is a very good site where you have lot of success stories and lot of referrals of practitioners referred by parents who hacve treated their kids.
Below is the link to the site
Apart from this, I got a response from a very helpful lady in US who replied to my query and shared her research with me which I always share with everyone.Below is the extract of her email, where she gives lot of useful resources.
After going through the list below or from the website, lot of these homeopaths give Free Skype consultation to discuss your case. I suggest that you should speak to a few homeopaths and make a decision based on that.
We are treating our son with Dr. Alan Freestone who is based in UK and we are 3 months in our treatment where he is detoxyfying any IVF medciations as my wife had some complications during her preganancy with IVF.We have seen some decent improvements like our son is now able to talk lot of functional language but this is far from our final goal.
I'll also say that homeopathy is a very slow process so don't expect miracles in 3 months. 
Feel free to ping me if you have any queries and I'll be more than happy if anyone needs any info or help

Finally, here is the extract of the email.

Here are a few homeopaths I’ve come across in my search whom I really liked, in case these are helpful:
  • Dr. Robert Abell ( is whom we are currently working with
  • Alan Freestone ( is in the UK and he has been recommended by several parents - he offers a free Skype consult which is great too
  • Dominic Stanghini ( is in Canada and also offers a free Skype session
  • Homeopathy Center of Houston ( - the woman who answers the phones and initial questions has pretty much recovered both her sons and has a great story to share - they’ve recovered well over 100 kids (she mentioned they stopped counting after 100)
  • Angelika Lemke ( - I’ve heard her speak and she sounds wonderful - Alan may have trained with her - we’re currently on a waitlist and may work with her in the future too as Dr. Abell is moving to Hawaii, though he will continue Skype appointments

Also, I don’t mean to overwhelm you, but want to provide you with a few resources that I have found incredibly helpful over the years in case they might be for your family as well:
  • Outsmarting Autism by Patricia Lemer (a lot of information so go slowly and be patient with yourself; I’ve had this book for a year and am nowhere near finishing it)
  • Son-Rise ( - we did this training, which they offer in the UK, a year and a half ago and it was life changing! This is hands down the best, most loving, most naturalistic / child directed method out there - our son has made lots of progress with this approach - when you get a chance, I’d suggest watching the 12 minute Intro video on the homepage - it’s really beautiful! 
  • They also have countless books and DVDs which are amazing - Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues (Book), Autism Breakthrough (Book and DVD) and Games 4 Socialization (DVD) are the ones I’d highly recommend
  • And, they have a great YouTube channel with lots of free videos
Tali Berman ( - Tali used to work with Son-RIse for nearly 15 years I think - she’s a wonderful play therapy coach and has a really great book called Play To Grow that I’d recommend; we’ve worked with her and she’s wonderfulKathleen DiChiara ( healed her son through nutrition and some supportive supplements - she is wonderful to work with - and what I love most is our diet no longer feels restrictive. She’s offering a module based training for 6 months for only $29 a month in case this is something your family would be interested inMaria Rickert Hong and Epidemic Answers offer a really great monthly webinar seriesYou’ll also come across other monthly autism related online summits with expert interviews they offer for free - usually these are every other month or so - these can be incredibly helpful but also repetitive and overwhelmingMNRI ( - we are just starting this now - reflex integration therapy; there is also which is an organization in the UK that also offers something similar that our therapist told us aboutThere are countless other resources so I will not overwhelm you any more; you will come across the exact ones that your son will find healing and as his father, you’ll know what is best for him


Vedi2014 2016-09-19 17:36:01


I m planning to start a treatment of homopathy for my son 2.4years of dr ketan patel...he diagnosed autism.. Plz give me suggestions abt dr ketan patel...n cn autism fully cured....

Vedi2014 2016-09-19 17:39:23


I m planning to start a treatment of homopathy for my son 2.4years of dr ketan patel...he diagnosed autism.. Plz give me suggestions abt dr ketan patel...n cn autism fully cured....

hopeful1 2017-02-20 08:00:37


Hello caringparents, After reading your article on Alan Freeman's treatment I am planning to get my daughter treated there too. We too live in the UK....please let me know how is your sons treatment progressing after 6 months.

bsd7 2017-07-12 17:34:45


My son is 3 years old. I went to Dr. Ranga Sai, He told me confidently there is cure for Autism. He will give medicine after getting the details of my son and told me 98% he will be fine. There is no need for any Therapy as well. He was very confident. 

Does anybody knows about any successful cases from Dr. Ranga Sai? 

Any suggestions? 

Pkmonu715 2017-07-27 12:06:01


Hi, have you started treatment with dr. Ranga sai. Any improvements? I'm sailing in same boat. Planning to get medicines from him. My Son has symptoms of ASD

Pkmonu715 2017-07-28 11:52:56


Hi Priya how s ur kid now.. kindly do state ur comments on his treatment 

Pkmonu715 2017-07-28 11:53:48


Hi bsd have u started de treatment, any changes or improvements?

angshujit 2017-09-24 22:42:13


I am father of a four and half year old son on the spectrum. I am planning to consult Dr ranga sai. Could you please share your feedback about him? Please let me know if you see any hope in his treatment.


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