Homeopathy-Dr ranga sai-90 percentage cure- Is it possible ?

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SamTamDh 2015-07-29 07:40:36


Hello brave parents whose kids are on medication from Dr Ranga sai from past 3-4 months. Please post what improvements do you see in your loved ones.

roshini3 2015-07-29 08:31:43


Hi samtam dh My dd is under his treatment from last 3months.first month meds increased her hyper.Then 2nd Month onwards it has been reduced and her sleeping issues also solved.Now this is 3rd month. Thanks Neetu

SamTamDh 2015-07-29 17:47:44


Hi roshini3 / Neetu -

What has been the progress in terms of -

Speech  , Responding to name or request for something & Creative / productive play

roshini3 2015-07-29 19:36:09


Hi samtam She is responding to nams though not always.if she wamts something she will say fr eg :biscuit or sometimes i want biscuit.she has lot of wrds in her vocabulary.but somtimes dunno how to use.communication wise progress is slow only..but im hoping fr the best. And she is interested in puzzles and now just started writing in school,tgere also she is cooperating.But some bwhaviours are still there.Banging head,spinningand allsometimes

payalvishal 2015-08-01 23:19:10


Falling star are you on whtsup. I would like to connect with you. Thanks.

VL 2016-04-27 20:23:28


Hi All,
  I have been following all the threads mentioning Dr. Ranga sai's treatments.
I have a 8 yr old daughter who is High functioning ASD, she was diagnosed at 2.9 yrs had given OT, ST & home based Sp ed.
she is doing fine for most part OK & in 2nd grade. She is fully verbal (conversant with English and can understand mother tongue well) Still i find that she is impulsive, defiant (behaviorly), at times hyper. Very talkative all the time & Keeps on asking same questions or has anxiety about things not in her control etc. Gets into Low esteem/morale if someone tells her something bad

She is social but at times can upset kids by her actions or speech. But she wants friends.

What I am seeing in all forums is that kids who are taking treatment from Dr. Rangasai is mostly within 4 yrs.
Is there any idea for parents who are under his treatment if it will help older kids of my kids age in terms of the issue they have for their age
Any pointers will greatly help
I am currently in US, the child will visit india in July. So thinking of taking appointment


Latha1234 2016-07-03 10:44:10


Falling star I have a few questions to ask about homeopathy. Can please send me your contact info to my email latha.ne@gmail.com or  phone number 0018434245824

burningf 2016-08-29 02:48:27


Hi everyone, I am new to this community, my child is 2.9 year old and he is just diagonesed with PDD NOS autism so please anybody is here from gujarat pls tell me i like to take advice....

vishal7777 2016-08-30 08:05:07


Hello Mam, thanks for your detailed infoemation, can you pls let us know the clinid adress of Dr. Ranga....thank you....

vishal7777 2016-08-30 08:05:23


Hello Mam, thanks for your detailed infoemation, can you pls let us know the clinid adress of Dr. Ranga....thank you....

shmuma 2016-11-29 16:24:31


Hi sonslife, did u take treatment with Dr. Patel? how was the progress? do you have any idea about mild autism? does he cures it. Please respond.

shmuma 2016-12-08 11:29:53


Hi FallingStar, how is your son now .I've started Ranga Sai's treatment but most people are saying negative about him. Did he cure within the time frame he said initially?

shmuma 2016-12-08 11:33:30


Hi Priya, 2015 how was ur treatment with Ranga Sai? Please let me know. I need help. 9986865296

nitz09 2017-04-16 20:18:16


Hello all, Where is Ranga Sai located,

r9622 2017-04-17 21:06:28


Rangasai located in Bangalore

bsd7 2017-07-12 17:53:08


My son is 3 years old. I went to Dr. Ranga Sai, He told me confidently there is cure for Autism. He will give medicine after getting the details of my son and told me 98% he will be fine. There is no need for any Therapy as well. He was very confident. 

Does anybody knows about any successful cases from Dr. Ranga Sai? 

Any suggestions? 

7893060 2017-07-12 19:14:13


My Child currently studying in class 5th in Delhi School of Excellence. 3 Years before, I was in search for good CBSE school for my child. When I saw very big advertisements of this school, I got very impressed and asked for more information with my husband, He was also not aware as it was new school. Finally one day, Me and my husband visited this school and spoke to principal. This was their first academic year, They said Fees 30,000 per annum, we asked few questions and this was his answer.1. How many maximum students do you take per class.A.)Principal said, We take only 20 students per class because we want every child should get attention of the teacher and he compared with their schools where they fill up 30 to 40 students per class and said its very bad as teacher can't give attention to all the students.2015 Truth, These people now filled up around 35 students per class, when asked about this no reply.
 2. What are the Extra-Curriculum activities you provide in the school.A.) He said, Swimming, Dancing, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Special classes for average students.2015 Truth, Out of these nothing is available, Very Few are available out of these but not at all up the expected level.
3.) How much fees increment per Annum, when child goes to higher classes.A.) Maximum we will increase 2-3 percent per annum.2014 Truth, Heavy Increment in fee structure. From 30,000 they increased to 43,000 tuition fees per annum + 6000 Stationary and activity fees + 18000 Transport Fee = Total 67000 Rs per annum
Think if you have two child�'"s how do we pay fees for both kids as fees will be around Rupees 1,50,000(TuitionFees+Stationary+Transport) and keep increasing every year. 4.) When asked about Faculty and Facilities.A.) He said, Only B.Ed. or M.Ed. Faculties we will take, and teaching methodology will be one of the best in Hyderabad we will follow.2015 Truth, Faculty is not Good they get tired very early, When ask for something in parents meeting, Puts everything on child as your child don't concentrate in the class, why did you not send 1 day in that month...all nonsense, No responsibility for the child. The principal who made all these promises no more exist now, All staff has been changed.When you go to principal or madam to complaint about these, they don't care you, Make you stand outside for long time as if they are doing charity work by giving education to our child for free. Conclusion. Delhi School of Excellence is purely a commercial school, with utmost goal is to earn as much money as possible by putting your child career at stake. They just keep increasing the fees each year. Now I am searching alternate schools for my 2 kids

Meghar 2017-07-16 22:46:42


Dear @FallingStar

its great to know that your kid has improved so much from homeopathy.
I am newbie to ADHD or ASD Borderline, doctor has made this diagnosis just now for my 3.5 yrs daughter.

We live in Canada and would like to connect with Dr Ranga Sai. Can you please give his contact number?



tishta 2017-07-17 15:30:56


Hi bsd7, I m taking medicines from dr. Ranga Sai from past 1 month. ..this is the 2nd month. ..for my 3 yrs son. ....no improvement yet. ....... He told us to wait for 4 to 5 months to see the results. .... Regards Tishta

tishta 2017-07-17 15:37:43


Dear shmuma, hi , how was your experience with Dr. sai. ...kindly share. .....after how many months you could see the results. ...have started the treatment for my son recently with dr. sai. ....kindly share your experiences. ...

Authelp 2017-12-16 20:14:03


Any suggestion for succesful cases of dr ranga sai.... Or even improvement

1234SOW 2018-02-06 23:37:23


@bsd7 Hi,How is the progress in ur kid after Dr.Ranga sai treatment..even he said same to my kid tat therapy is not required...she will be fine in max 8mths.. we r allmost at the end of 2nd mth medicines from Dr.Ranga Sai..My kid has improved in eye contact,social behaviour..responds to her name better when compared to earlier..she shows more intrest in playing along with kids..also has started to repeat words we say like parrot talk..i definately wont credit these improvements to Dr.Ranga Sai..we have worked on her by talking n playin more interactively..also her school n daycare has helped her alot..without we parents working on our kids,we cant expect miracles..Yes his medicines have helped her to concentrate n listen to what we r saying to her n tats how she has picked up..

ihope 2018-02-07 09:28:39



May i ask what kind of medicies does he prescribe? 
and how easy to get his apointment?

Please advise

mvrs 2018-02-07 11:30:10


you can get appointment of Dr Ranga sai over phone/Skype. He is approachable. 
To just clarify, we have taken treatment with him for close to 1.5 years, improvements were there only in speech a bit, so dont expect much changes after the medication as suggested by earlier parents.
He has set of medicines which he administers monthly and the dose changes every six months.
you can try but don't expect cure/miracles.

ihope 2018-02-07 13:00:43


Hi mvrs

Thanks a lot for your valuble comments. If you dont mind, May i ask how old is your son?
are you still continuing treatment? 

My daughter speaks well and interacts for what she wants.
But not interested in other people, conversation & other kids. 
Also doesnt want to write... but if i force her she would do. I dont like forcing her in such things. 
She is 4 yrs old now. 

Am giving sizodon 0.5 mg for 1.5 yrs. seriously I couldnt say whether it helps her or not.

But through this forum i would like to get more information and decide on what to do next

Thanks again for your inputs... 



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