Homeopathy-Dr ranga sai-90 percentage cure- Is it possible ?

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priya2015 2015-05-07 13:07:32


Can homeopathy cure autism or any brain related problems.Few people here have gone to Dr.Ranga sai and he has said 90-95 percentage cure is possible.Those who have gone to treatment to him,has he really cured 90 percent?pls reply as it will be useful for many parents who are in desperate situation .

sonslife 2015-05-08 00:00:08


Hello all brave parents: I am a newbie in this forum. My elder son was diagnosed with odd nos when he was 3. Till date we have tried everything aurvedic treatment, homeopathy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, ABA. My son will be 7 in August. After trying anything and everything my son can talk but his behavioral issues, emotional meltdowns, poor concentration, aggression, etc have not improved.we are in north America, Since last year we have been giving him homeopathy treatment under a dr. Based in Mumbai. The dr. Kept changing meds and his condition has not improved. We are now going to see dr. Ketan patel from ahemdabad. Our family friends son was born premature and has undergone tremendous positive improvement since he was treated by Dr.ketan. any suggestions..

mayflower 2015-05-08 01:21:21


Hello sonslife, first of all, I just wanted to let you know that I understand your struggles as we are in same boat. 

May I know which state are you located in ? we are in Virginia, and special ed services here have been decent.

Have you read about  allopathic medication (like: prozac, risperdal, adderall ) ?   

From what I understand, many families have benefited from a careful use of medication. Just to be clear, these medications will not cure core symptoms of ASD, but they will help manage the aggressive behaviors, and then the standard therapies (ABA/speech) would be much more effective.

Since you are in states, it is probably easier to find a good psychiatrist.  My suggestion is to start educating yourself about these medications, and start looking for a good psychiatrist in your area.

In case homeopathy does not help, you want this option (allopathic medication) to be open to you.

But anyway, I wish you good luck and hope what you are trying will work.


roshini3 2015-05-08 08:15:39


Hi sonslife I will recommebd Dr ketan patel...im consulting my daughter there...she has improved a lot...her hyper everything cms down....she std using so many wrds....now she is following all commands .she can communicate her needs...following gfcf diet along wth his meds... Thanks Neetu

sonslife 2015-05-08 09:31:32


Thanks mayflower, allopathic treatment might lead to life long dependancy on drugs which kind of scares me. And have heard there are lot of side effects. Will try out homeopathy since there are no harmful side effects. Not hoping miracles to happen in a day but, atleast give it a try like many other parents.

priya2015 2015-05-08 09:38:34


Dear neetu,very nearly happy to hear that there is so much improvement in your kid.I am going to start homeopathy for my son from Dr.Ranfa sai in few days time,since I live in Chennai and it is possible to contact him through phone or Skype.Just two questions,how long have u been going for treatment under ketan Patel and did u started seeing difference after 4 mths of treatment?Shall I go ahead with Dr.Ranga sai treatment ?

sonslife 2015-05-08 09:48:09


Hi neetu : Thanks for your response. We tried this mumbai based homeopathy dr. For a year, she kept changing the meds and my son's symptoms aggravated within a week after he took the new medicine. We came to know about dr. Ketan patel through a family friend whose son was treated by him since age2.now 7, their son has improved a lot. Most of the flags are gone and he is a very well mannered kid and very social. how old is your daughter? Is it true that homeopathic treatment is effective only if started at early age say 2-3. We are trying to reach dr. Ketan but, he is very busy. I have already put my son on gfcf diet except for sometimes when there is pizza lunch at school or he is having junior chicken sandwich. But thanks a ton neetu for your timely response. Thank you i will keep you posted how it goes from here. Regards Rina

roshini3 2015-05-08 10:02:45


Hi priya and sons life My daughter is 3.2. Started almost a year bk and yes from 4th month onwards i cud see d diffrnce.atleast she std repeating wat all we are teaching her....and now also sentence forntn not that perfect..still shr can commubicate likw if she wana go out, she will ask me to get ready. Still hyper sometimes shows up , then doc asked me to take her for a walk daily...now im tsking her fotvwalk 45 mins daily...now her hyper n all coms down..Definitely we cant expect a change wuthin a month or two...but its worth trying.im vry happy with ketan patel... Thanks neetu

sonslife 2015-05-08 10:41:03


Hi neetu: Knowing about your daughter's improvements gives me immense pleasure. Your hard work is paying off. Really encouraging for other parents too. My son is double the age of your daughter that's y kind of confused if its too late for him for homeopathic treatment as the previous one failed badly. My son was diagnosed with pdd nos at 3 which is now identified under the spectrum at borderline. Is it the same for your daughter? I have put my son into regular swimming as i heard it helps also he goes for regular yoga class but, his condition is not improving after 1 year of regular homeopathy treatment. How did you contact dr.ketan? He is not able to schedule Skype appointment with us.do you also give your daughter omega supplements? Thank u Regards rina

roshini3 2015-05-08 11:19:59


Hi sonslife Yes my daughter was diagonised as pdd nos at 1.10 and i started sending for Ot And Speech...i was desperately searchng in net thosevdays for somesucess stories day and night..and thats how i got his contact num and cobtacted....he used to visit blore once in 3 months. Imet him first a year bk...He observed her fr few mins n told me this gal needs a year to improve .last time wen i met him he also asked me to send her for swimming n such kinda physical activities. I had seen that some kids of your age coming ther.so be positive n m not gvng any supplements as of now... Thanks Neetu

sonslife 2015-05-08 18:39:06


Thanks a ton neetu. I will consult dr.ketan if my son can take supplements like fish oil. Hopefully we will be able to talk to him asap. I am also giving him multivitamins which we get here as gummies. My son goes to swimming twice a week and does cycling during summer only as the weather gets really severe during winter. we have been trying everything since he got diagnosed atleast his speech is there now. Lets see how it goes from here but anyways i really appreciate your time and effort for guiding me. Stay in touch Rina

FallingStar 2015-05-09 18:36:41


My son was diagnosed with PDD NOS with ADHD, at 2.8yr.

We initially gave allopathy with the specIalists for his ADHD, but they suggested we look for alternatives as the medicines may make him dull on the long run. Fearing this, we shifted to homeopathy with a doctor nearby. No improvement at all , even after 5s  months. We then found Dr. Ketan Patel throug a parent in the therapy center. The treatment was showing improvement but was not upto the mark. He asked us to walk him, let him play in parks etc, but this was only momentary and there would be bouts of sudden hyperactivity with violence at times.  The main issues of lack of speech, hyperactivity, impulsiveness and non socializing behaviour did not improve - the . Even after a year and half of treatment with Dr. Ketan Patel, he said we needed a year more of treatment.!! We then took NAET at Chennai, but the condition worsened during the 3rd month. We were growing more hopeless. As we were already following a GCFC, gave a couple of shots of MB12, fish oil, multivits, etc. Also took ABA for a while and therapist.

At a diagnostic center we were suggested Dr. Ranga Sai, by a parent who's son was under treatment for ASD. Her son was very very normal looking when we saw him and was quietly siting in the chair and amusedly lookin at people who came there land we were suprised to know that he was ASD. When asked, he said his name ( Nikhil), shook hands  with us, said his school's name, which class he was studying ( UKG ) and a few names of his friends and sang some rhymes  when his asked him to do it for us !!

So we visited Dr. Ranga Sai and after a long interview he asked us stop the special diets, supplements and asked us to introduce all foods of my son's choice and then gave the pills in bottles labelled with medicine names and instructions. This was a fresh change as  Dr. Ketan Patel never revealed what he gave.! Dr. Ranga Sai said he will need 18 months for recovery. After the 2nd month the changes were noticeable. By 6th month speech was better, he was humming songs, saying sentences. Responses also improved.retlessness was minimal with no impulsitivity at all. By the 9th month speech was near normal and there was no hyperactivity and the attention was better. He could read and write with less distractions. By 11 months my son was much better. We were not seeing any issues of PDD NOS and ADHD. After the 13th month, Dr. Ranga stopped the medicines and we were worried that the symptoms may be back again. He assured that they would not and said that the child be let free of medicines.

One thing we observed was he knew what changes would happen after the medicine and asked us very specific question on follow up.

So coming to the 90% cure ( he said us the same thing ) , he said us that after stopping medication, there can be situations in life when a child would or may show some signs or symptoms, due to stress or other challenges as they grow. But these sympmtoms will only be very minimal and need a short homeopathic intervention only. Now my son is 7yr and we have almost moved on and now no more ever feel that he has any issue. :-) Only for a few minor coughs and cold we consult him off and on.
Dr. Ranga Sai said us that every child was different and each one has different personality which is considered and that each child gets a different medicine that suits him. He said that time to recovery will vary by a few months - plus or minus - but there will be a definite improvement.

I thank him from whole of my heart and yea, u can try with your doctor but if you are not happy, I definitely would recommend Dr.Ranga Sai.

priya2015 2015-05-09 18:50:06


Hi,Thank you so much for the detailed feedback ..Very happy to hear about your son's improvement. one question,did u tried occupational therapy and speech therapy along with the homeopathy treatment.

roshini3 2015-05-09 19:48:04


Hi falling star Very hsppy to hear abt ur sons recovery..will def try dr ranga sai also... Thanks neetu

HAR100 2015-05-11 07:49:21


@falling star 

can you please give details of Dr. Ranga sai

FallingStar 2015-05-11 18:27:55


@ Priya, we did not need OT.   We did not go to a speech therapist after starting treatment. Initially before the treatment we went for 2 months.

@HAR i donot have his number, i mail him generally, u may use his mail - dr.ranga@gmail.com.


priya2015 2015-05-12 10:23:36


Thanks for the reply falling star

Hema123 2015-05-12 10:34:41



if u r in Australia let me know I doing the treatment in Australia 

HAR100 2015-05-12 11:11:51



Hema123 2015-05-12 15:43:28



text me ur no as I m very sick would not be able to talk but I will message u and give u detail U can go through the website about her she is in Sydney it's very costly but I saw too many change in my son ru pr in here. I also consult 3 home in India but did not satisfy one was from Chandigarh other Ketan  Patel from Ahmedabad and other from Mumbai  dr Ketan was wose he said if u don't leave wheat from his diet don't accept ur Son would change been dr does not want to give any kind of dilasa so text me ur no I and problem about our child 

HAR100 2015-05-13 07:39:47


Hi hema. My number is 0433499309

 Former member 2015-07-08 19:15:24


Hi falling star. My son is 2.10. He is suffering from ADHD. We started treatment with Dr Ranga Sai last month and we could not observe any improvement except babbling. Need to talk to you regard the same. Can you please mail me your number to my email address boomsdm@gmail.com. Thanks, Booma Madhusudanan 7795575415

 Former member 2015-07-08 22:56:46


Hi priya are you going to ranga sai doctor

mvrs 2015-07-09 08:57:16


@ Priya2015....Have you mentioned this issue with Dr Ranga sai....what did he say?


priya2015 2015-07-09 17:10:56


@Booma Yes

@mvrs pls check your message box


 Former member 2015-07-10 16:07:03


Hi priya what did the doctor say

mvrs 2015-07-13 10:15:43


@ Priya2015...Pl check your inbox


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