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sushuz 2015-04-21 14:00:34


Hi Everyone,

I would like to share some of my experience with homeopathy medications. i don't believe in homeopathy and i don't know what is homeopathy.

My daughter when she was in 3 diagnosed PDD-NOS autisim.  She had the red flags of 

1. No speech, only babbling and will say few words like amma, daye, bayeee etec.
2. No waving of hands like bye bye and  claps.
3. Poor  eye contact. When we try to make her learn she wont see in our eyes, she tries to escape and look other things.
4. She wont play with kids of her age , but she will enjoys playing when adult kids are learning.
5. She will make rounds of walking according to availablity of space  and babbling herself and will enjoys.
6. She can't climb up or  down  climbing stairs.
7. Tantrums
8. biting behavior. no scare when scolded 
9. constipation
10 No receptive language.
11. No Immitation
12.  all the milestones were delayed.

 After homeopathy treatment started. I observed the following behavioral changes.

1. Tantrums decreased. 1st month 
2. Got some self confidence. 2-3 months
3. started climbing the stairs and coming down.
4. Babbling controlled.
5. pointing the index finger but not meaningfully after 5-6 month sitting.
6. eye contact improved. 
7. understanding out language.

Still there are so many thing which she has to meet her goals. Lets hope the best.

sushuz 2015-04-21 14:40:36


Now i would like to give in detail prescription and medications which are using to my daughter.

1st month (only for 15 days and 15 days off medication and 1) med given morning 2 pills and 2) med given at night 2 pills)

1) Zincum Met CM
Weak memory, child repeats everything said to it, convulsions with pale face and no heat. (This is my research about medication after doctor prescription).

2)Latrodectus Mactans CM
The bite produces tetanic effect that last several days.

3)  Rescue  ++
 To make clamer and tantrums decreased.

2nd month

1) Sepia CM
Acts specially on the portal system. Sepia acts best on brunetts, pulsating headaches in cerebellum.

2) Vaccinium CM
Removal of ill effect caused by vaccine. ill-humored, irritable, impatient

3) Rescue ++
 4 pills daily.

3rd Month

1) Naja Tripudians
Broods constantly over imaginary troubles. Aversion to talking, blurred speech, fear of rain.

2) Variolinum CM
 Used for internal vaccination small pox for the ill effect of vaccination.

3) Rescue ++

4) B.C. NO 4
For constipation daily two pils morning and night.

4th month

1) Lachesis CM

2) Vaccinium CM

3) Rescue ++

5th month

1) crotalus Horr CM

2) vaccinium CM

3) Rescue +++

6th month

Waiting for appointment.

Will update soon after my appointment. I wont recommend anyone to use the same medications because the medications should be given under doctor's prescription and advise and  the medications will also change according to the symptoms..one thing i can say that homepath medications are harmless and cheaper. Sometimes i even saw some side effects like rashes and slight increase in temp then it means the medication really showing its effect and no need to worry.
I just shared all this information because now-a-days autism became a business. The society believing that autstic parents should pay their earnings to their business.  Lets break this business by  our sharing our experience and valuable information over here.

I request all the parents who are benefited in the process of ruling out autism please share your views and give the valuable prescriptions. It may be beneficiary to other families.

Will be back with some more information. 


roshini3 2015-04-21 17:26:50


Hi sushuz Niceto read ur post.in.between which homeopathic doc are u consulting? Thanks Neetu

shwetaajay 2015-04-21 22:49:57


Hi sushuz  who is your doc and where is clinic . thanks

mvrs 2015-04-23 23:00:26


Hi sushuz.....really nice info......Thanks.......which doctor are your consulting for homeo medicines....My kid is 3.1 yrs and from past 1 month i have strted taking medicines from homeo doctor for my kid as well..........
My kid: Diagnosed as PDD NOS....
1. Low eye contact    2. Hyper active    3. Low receptive response    4. Doesnot always respond to name calling
5. speech delayed and not meaningful but babbles    6. tendency to break things (toys, utensils...)
7. Lateral vision gazing    8. Less social mingling

After 1 month of medicines now:
1. Hyper reduced but not completely reduced
2. Babbling increased and when asked to repeat words, he repeats
3. Breaking tendency increased 
4. Social mingling with Kids of age there for 15-20 mins
Will update further on the details....


rajib80 2015-04-24 12:14:06


Nice info Sushuz...

Anybody know good homepathy doctor in bangalore? I know Dr. Sudha from Soukya, Richmond Circle. Any reviews or experience please share...

priya2015 2015-04-24 14:09:25


Hai mvrs,I think u are going to Dr.ranga sai.Are u satisfied with his treatment?Has he said any specific time for recovery?Does your kid follows instructions or commands?you said that the speech has improved?Does he answers when u ask simple questions like "do u feel hungry" "do u want to sleep".

mvrs 2015-04-25 22:12:19


Hi Priya....Till now I am satisfied with Dr Ranga Sai.....as he was very patient and eager in knowing all about the child for giving the best possible medicines. After the treatment for about 40 days he has started babbling through meaninglessly. Initially he use to say only 8 words which we have taught him.
yes my kid responds to instructions(name calling, shake hand, hug) 6 out of 10 times. Still much improvement is needed though.
Till now he doesnot ask questions to me as that sense has not come.....I am waiting for that mile stone to happen.... 

mvrs 2015-04-26 22:17:16


Regarding specific recovery time he told to see any difference at least 3 months are needed and total 7-8 months are required for recovery in my son's case......

priya2015 2015-04-26 22:25:09


Thanks for the feedback mvrs.My son is 3yrs old and he is not taking and not following commands .Iam planning to take treatment from Dr.ranga sai.Is complete recovery possible.Has he told anything like that?I am very much worried and are u going for OT and ST for your son?

mvrs 2015-04-27 10:30:02


Hi Priya,
As per Dr Ranga experience, he is saying recovery till 90-95 percent is feasible.
My Son is 3 yrs 1 month and he is going to OT, ST and Early intervention from Dec 2014 onwards....
Don't worry much as we have to face the situation....there is not choice in front of us....
I would suggest few things to start
a. Start with reducing the milk and related products and then finally bring to zero..It will help some time....through this didnot help my kid but you can try as lot of people are benefitted,,,
b.Bring in extra people in your home so that your kid is always engaged by some one
c. Cut off TV, ipad, etc which kid watches..instead you/family members can sign for him/her.
d. Start homeopathy (some may disagree....its person specific)
e. Get few test done (refer by post of tests required for kids)  in next 3-4 months so that you can get pointers on the actual issue from biochemical side.
f. Take the kid to different places to understand how he behaves in different circumstances/ stimulai...
this information is even needed by homeo/other doctors to give medications...
best of luck....let me know if any further details are needed...


siddhardha 2015-04-27 12:06:36



How much ranga sai charges ?
Where is his clinic.


mvrs 2015-04-27 12:27:45


Dr Ranga Sai charges monthly.....For first consultation and medicines he charged rs 1500/-
His clinic is in bangalore, malleswaram.
He consults through skype as well for outstation patients who are not in bangalore.

priya2015 2015-04-27 18:53:47


Thanks mvrs for the details.Going through a very tough period and hoping to get a solution.I think u are in Chennai,where are u going for OT and ST?

mvrs 2015-04-28 14:30:13


yes Priya....I am in chennai Tambaram area.
In selaiyur Tambaram there is Sree's Rehab clinic in which I am taking my kid for OT, ST and EI therapies from past 4 months....


hopeson2009 2015-04-29 11:42:42


dear mvrs
i am also planning to take dr rangasai treatment for my son 
my son is 6yr is on speech therapy since 2 yrs we started biomedical and gfcf since 10 months we saw tremendous change since he was diagnosed mild asd 
now he goes to school currently pp2(we repeated pp1 twice)
he is as per his acadamics
but his speech part he is lagging behind he does not form big sentenses can reply in single word to all question he does not indulge in resiprocate speech yet he is still very hyper at home.
he follows all commands but does not be consistent with them as his focus shifts very quickly.
i took him to a special school before their they said he is much better put him in normal school 
pls help me ,can i combine homeopathy with biomed 
how is dr ranga sai treatment 
thanks in advance


mvrs 2015-04-29 13:11:11


Dear Priya,
Appreciate your effort being put in by you.....
This is my second month with Dr Ranga sai treatment and I could see improvement in my son's speech   (3.1 yrs old).
Initially he use to say only one word"baba" repeatedly, but now after 1.5 months he says different words through meaninglessly and the "baba" word repetition has also reduced a bit.
When i asked Dr Ranga he told 4 months are needed to see significant improvement and 7-8 months are needed for cure upto 90 percent.
In my opinion i would suggest you to start this as there are no major side effects i have encountered or my friends in similar situation have faced with Homeopathy. To start with just have a discussion with him about the treatment for your kid and ask him the queries you have....If you feel his responses are convincing proceed with treatment else you can leave it...


hopeson2009 2015-04-29 15:00:21


dear mvrs
thanks for ur prompt response.
i am from hyderabad my email id is hopeson2009@gmail.com pls mail me your phone no
 i need to speak to u more abt this docter. actually i tried homeopathy 2 times before with various doctors but it did not work out well and the cost was hefty.
we all are in such a position to give a try to any resource to make our kids better.  
for my son it all started 2 yrs before when we noticed still there was no speech he was 4 yrs then we were much devastated when we learnt tht he is in spectrum. we ran pillar to post various docs each one haveing different opinions ASD ADHD PDD NOS these words became part our lifes.
we took to a speech thearapist 2 times a week for 2 months but no significant improvement and they used just take the kid inside and close the door leaveing us confused outside abt what is happening inside.
then we came across a home speech therapist who used come to our house 6 days a week and used to take 1 hour session every day i used to sit along with my son and used to practice the concepts everyday.
from a boy who used to pee and potty in pants without his knowledge he came upto a level tht he can ask his teachers permission to pee and potty at school all by himself.
he understood all immitations activites eye contact improved.following all commands helping me out at home.
but he is haveing difficulty to form big sentenses his response is delayed when we ask a tricy question.i wonder will he still remain in this position or when will he indulge in normal conversations, although he asks all his basic needs.


mvrs 2015-04-29 17:43:56


Hi Priya,

I have sent you a mail with my details.


priya2015 2015-04-29 18:12:04


Dear mvrs,I think hopeson2009 asked for your email id and I think u have sent the details to her.

mvrs 2015-04-30 12:28:27


yes,,,,priya,,,,i have sent the details to hopeson2009.....Thanks...

Ratan76 2015-04-30 13:32:59


Hi mvrs,
Can you please your contact details to my email id ra10kumar@gmail.com
I need to know more.


Sowji4 2015-05-03 12:42:52


Hi Mvrs

Please provide Dr Ranga Sai contact details of for homoeopathy medicine.
 and also skype id.



mvrs 2015-05-04 18:08:22


Hi Ratan76
I have sent my contact details your phone no mentioned.
Please check


mvrs 2015-05-04 18:09:52


@ sowji 4

Dr Ranga sai ph no:

Please contact him through phone/ whatsapp

videep 2015-05-21 15:04:58


@sushuz.....please tell us the name of homeopath you are referring to. we are consulting one doc called Dr. Ranga Sai in banglore. are you talking about the same doc.

sushuz 2015-05-22 20:58:59


Hi guys,

Sorry for the late reply. I can understand all the parents suffer and effort.  Here are few problems in mentioning the Doctor's name, so i did not mention in the thread.

1) For getting an appointment, it takes 45 to 50 days time.
2) You need a reference number for getting appointment with doctor. Only one person can use one referral number. This was the main problem.
3) Doctor was a old and retired person, so he won't check too many patients per day.
4) Doctor follows Divine Dowsing Pendulum method. He won't ask any of the symptoms he just plucks one of the patient's hair and will count the swings of pendulum on his chart. No analysis, no scientific method or any protocol so i was little hesitated to mention the doctor's address over here.  But the medication will work in proper way as my experience.

Better I will ask his permission and will mention over here. If any body wants to show their effort in getting an appointment with him please mail me your email IDs to my ID siri.sushma@gmail.com i will give you the details of doctor's address.

Doctor Name : Dr. S. V. Lakshminarayana 
Jayanagar, Bangalore.
Consultation fees : 300/- 
As per my opinion, i would like to tell a thing that follow homeopathy with any other doctor, who has experience in treating autism. Ask your doctor for referral medications and let them know the improvement with kid, so that they can also use the medications to other kids.

One more sincere request to the parents who are visiting Dr. Ranga Sai Please mention your prescribed medications so that we will get an awareness whether we are going in a right path way or not. Even, we can demand our doctors to why not prescribing these medications to our kids. Will be waiting for the medication names of Dr. Sai who was getting popular on these days.

Lets hope the best.



gun1 2015-05-25 13:34:10


Dr ranga Sai treatment Medicine hydrastis30, senna200, and achyranthes 6

sushuz 2015-05-27 15:59:00


@ Gun1

Thank you gun1. These prescribed medications shows that he was first of all dealing on child's constipation problem which is one of the major issue in autism.

Can i know when were your follow up visit again. and Did he give the remedies to use daily or some breakthroughs.  Please give us feedback if you observe any marked improvement or changes.


roshini3 2015-05-27 16:55:21


Hi dr ranga sai prescribed Its diffcult to read still cocrata 200,Nat c 1m,calcarea hypophos 6.if somebdy heard of it lemme kno

sushuz 2015-05-28 17:27:39


@ Roshini 3

Carbonate of Sodium

All the Natrums stimulate cellular activity and increase oxidation and metabolish. Great debility caused by summer heat; chronic effects of sunstroke; exhaustion; anæmic; milky, watery skin; very weak ankles, are all peculiar Natrum carbonicum conditions.

Mind.--Unable to think; difficult, slow comprehension. Mental weakness and depression; worries; very sensitive to noise; colds, change of weather. Anxious and restless during thunderstorm; worse from music (Ambra). Marked gayety. Sensitive to presence of certain individuals.

Remaining two i did not find. Please check the names once again 



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