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keerth21 2014-09-11 10:49:54


how to manage/control the sleep patterns in our kids,its very destructive for us to manage all the day without proper sleep during night

F123 2014-09-11 18:24:51


Hi keerth21
u have send details like when ur kid sleeps, what's d schedule ur following him many hours he sleeps.

F123 2014-09-11 18:25:07


U haven't 

mayflower 2014-09-11 20:47:37


Hi keerth21,

We were in same situation one year back.  Our child could not sleep, and none of us could sleep and we were all exhausted.

Nothing worked for us (epsom salt baths/sticking to routine/dimming out lights in evening/diet changes etc.).

Finally Melatonin worked for us. We started on a very low dose, after researching about it. This basically fixed her sleep
issues, she was able to sleep well.  Now we use it very rarely. 

There are studies out there which indicate that melatonin is not produced in enough quantities in ASD kids.

In normal kids, melatonin is produced naturally and it regulates the sleep cycle.

I do not know if melatonin is available in India, but if someone is interested in dosage info, publications on melatonin use in ASD kids,
I can send more information.


keerth21 2014-09-12 10:54:53


pls send to me regarding to the dosage,any how we use melaton but after a period of time he will gets accustomed and everytime we cant ask our friends/relatives for the medicine to send as many of us are not aware about autism even now,we gives OT & ST continuously at home as well as at the centre,we tries a lot to keep awake through out the day by engaging him with some activities,but even then he just sleeps for 3hrs and 2hrs or 1hr as randam timings in a day and not a fixed timing.Any how he doesnt sleeps at a stretch is a big problem for us and consulted the neurologist,initially it worked for a melocet dose,later on he gets accustomed and started waking as usual.we put off lights,tv,no gadgets by 10:30PM,he goes to sleep as he got very tired,after 2am or 3am he wakes up again still on bottle feeding,after putting some music he goes to sleep up to 5am or 6am.we are in a stage of how to bring to long duration of sleep,so that we can focus on his development furthur more as we are a single family.unless we as parents gets good sleep we can not involve in days activities.

mayflower 2014-09-13 01:35:39


Hi keerth21,

From what you wrote I am guessing that your neurologist prescribed Meloset, is that correct?

Meloset is same as Melatonin. what dosage are you using?  If you use a large dose, it will stop working after some time.

A good plan is to, start with a low dose, and to give gap every few days, for example:

--give for 5 days continuously, stop for 4 days, again give for 5 days, and so on.

--also you need to give this 30-40 mins before sleep time, in the evening.

most likely your doctor already gave you this suggestions, make sure you follow them.

Also, we reduced naps during day time. This was tough in the beginning, but in long term this was helpful. So if you are child
is sleeping during daytime, try stopping that for few days and see if it helps.

in addition,  try giving him baths in the evening, (add epsom salt, or, chamomile to bath water). I do not know whether you get epsom salt in India, please find out. 

Another thing we found helpful was giving oil messages in the evening , we used sesame oil. 

There are many baby oils that can be used for massage, please find out.


keerth21 2014-09-15 15:34:35


TX mayflower,for your suggestions and valuable comments,our neuroligist hasnt gave any suggestions except daily one tablet around 10:30PM. we will try as per your suggestions as well and look

SK4321 2018-09-06 06:38:28


Hi Keerth21,

I am trying to contact mayflower or whoever took help from him as well,  Keerth, can you please share your email or contact as I would like to know about your child and how he/she doing now.  my child is 2 1/2 years old who is diagnosed with asd. 




SK4321 2018-09-06 06:44:34


Hi Mayflower,

I am SK and live in united states and would like to contact you or keerth and find out how your children are doing and its been 3 years since these updates posted.  I am curious to know what is the progress and life with asd kids as I am currently in same situation as you were 3 years back and my child is now 2 1/2 yrs and diagnosted with asd.  we give melatonin for sleep  issues and wanted to find out about mentat and other products and also progress that your children made through therapies and also about the journey so far.  please don't mind and hope you understand.




arundhati85 2018-09-06 09:57:48


Also lavender essential oil worked wonders for me.


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