i Just share My Story for experience about Autism May be Cured itself by time and efforts

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deepforest 2014-07-19 19:48:31


i Just share My Story for experience

My boy was unable to speak when he was 3 but doctors told me to wait till 3.5 and than Bera test also
but he was normal in hearing and understanding . he born normal and all mile stone also normal.
we were not aware of Autism That time and think that of one can hear than he will speak definitely.
one my relative comes from UK and told me that he behaving little like Autistic children and suggest me for his screening
so In Punjab there is only one child Psychiatrist in PGI Chandigarh
Her Name is Dr. Malli
She was very Different Doctor and Catch all things as negative only
LIke if my boy write A to Z she says why he write all in small age (its not normal)
If he fails to write anything than she told that he have poor fine motor skills

So we visit PGI and She Call us many times and after three months she diagnose My boy As ASD (Modrate) a 3.5 years
That time was So cruel For us and we cry many nights.
As i see Video of Autistic children i feel very disappointed.
As i read many Web site about Autism and i feel so Broken inside.
Than After this one Month I want to find more Doctor for other opinion
because i see some things in my boy which r against Autism in his behavior
Details Autism symptoms he have That time
 1. No Language
2.  No Play with Children
3. Watching Exhaust Fans And wheels
4. No Eye Contact

Positive Features
1. He Understand Many Commands
2. Eat All Fruits and All things as we all Eat
3. Play Mobile Games Like all Smart Children
4. Writing A to Z
5. Goes to school Every Day and Sit Properly in Prayer or follow walking in lines or instructions
6. No Hand flapping or stereotypical Moments
7. Copy me as how i bath brush or use soap
8. Do not line up toys or objects
9. Want and enjoy to go all Malls cinemas parks and Markets
10. Show all Emotions And Gestures
11 All Motor skills and fine motor skills like all children
12 Smart and sharp Memory and Nice IQ and DQ

so we start Speech Therapy one hour every day

So As we thing again that He May be wrongly Diagnosed
so we visit a Psychologist (Not Child ) who was very senior in our city after 2 months 3.7 years

we told him that PGI Doctor Diagnosed my Boy As ASD
So that old Psychologist First Laugh and Advice me to not visit Modern Psychologist these days Much
He become angry and told me that i dont know why these new Doctors Based on American Study r so much Fascinated about Autism
He also told me that this boy is Speech and little development delayed and will be ok in few months or year.

As he told us to go outside and leave my boy alone there but my boy start crying as we go out side
so ho do some other practical checkings and other checklists and told us that he is ok ( so we relaxed a little)

But as we are parents we need one more new child psychiatrist visit  
so after 1 year we visit again Doctor Deepak Gupta Of Sir Ganga Ram @ 4.5. y.old
than we give him PGI Reports Also
After 3 days tests and Observations He gave him CARS score of 27 Which Was Not Autism ( But still he see some Autism Features And Diagnose him As HFA ( High Functioning Autism Borderline)
So he start Biomedical Treatments Like CF diets Omega Berry Calcium And pro biotics
As per me research I find Natural Probiotic thing for him Because he have constipation Problem Also
so every day i give my boy
one KIWi One Apple ONe Glass Of Pomegranate Juice Without any Miss
speech therapy
occupational  therapy
Special Education 6 days a week

Position of my child that time was
1. Still No Language
2. Watching Fans

Positive things he have
1.he start Recognized  More than 30 Relatives by names
2. Independently Start writing in School ( Mainstream School)
3. Start Playing with some children
4. Understanding surroundings and atmosphere of places like Restaurants and cinemas
5. writing 1 to 50 and a to z
6. Drawing.

THis year in summer vacations i leave him in my village for all two months with relatives and my wife
in village he play with many children there and bath on tube well every day
he immproved so much there

so the point is that what is problem here
he is now 5.2 y. old
still no language But MAny single words he used every day
Improving Day by day
Understand all and follow commands
why all Psychiatrist  have different opinions

Why old Psychiatrist Deny Modern American DSM About Autism

I still Worried About him
But he looks and behave now very normally

His therapist and teachers dont think now he is ASD any more
But yes he have still symptoms but so many time i see these symptoms in many normal children also


nkumar28 2014-09-12 01:57:39


Dear Jolly,

its really encouraging story to read.  My daughter's case is a way similar to your son.  She is 5.5 as of now, started speaking in sentences a lil bit.  She also has a really good memory but she is not writing or drawing at all.  But verbal she can give any answer and follows command at once.  Since you have consulted many psychiatrist, could you advise us someone who can help us or probably you can guide us possible actions we need take on our part.

Awaiting your help in the matter.

playdoh 2014-09-12 10:51:40


Hi Deepforest,
 It is really encouraging that you stick with your faith that your son will be alright even deep down you were sad. In citiy like Bangalore also there are people who misdiagnose, overdiagnose and misguide parents who are already facing a helpless time. What I have learned in last 4 yrs ( my son 7 yrs old now) is to keep working with your child and stay away from those who do not have enough knowledge about Autism rather you should surf internet and study at least 1 hr everyday will make you more confident and knowledgeable. Your son has many strengths so keep working on it. Best of Luck.

sushuz 2014-10-01 22:33:29


Hi Deepforest,

Thanx for your valuable feedback. Many parents are in the same situation whether to believe developmental pediatrician or to stay tune with our confidence.
I am also facing the same problem even some are making us emotional if u won't join your child at developmental center they will become very regressive and they will never behave as a normal child.

Your detailed explanation will give hope in the parents to fight or activate their child.


rajat271981 2015-08-09 13:01:06


visit  astha-autism.com   it is best for autism in private sector in chandigarh
Prayaas  is good in government sector in chandigarh

specialkid 2015-08-10 00:53:42


How is your son doing now. Your post was 1 yr old and I hope to see some changes in your kids development.
Kindly share with us any progress you have observed in him. 
Thank you

lttl 2015-08-15 17:57:20


how good is iiahp in chandigarh, sec 35? any reviews?

PinkFire 2016-07-08 13:14:04


@Deepforest, my story is same as yours. My son has same features and same diagnosis, but also little hyperactive (ADHD with Mild ASD). My doctor adviced medicines and ABA therapy. It was a blessing for me as since then he has never looked back. Very few centres in india. Two of them are Dew drops learning centre and Behaviour momentum. I dont know about full blown classic autism but those with mild features are grossly benefitted. 

Ravi3017 2016-08-17 15:14:10


Dear sir/mam

My son is also have such symptoms of ASD. we are consulting PGI for him. is there any good doctor who knows about these symptoms and cure.
he flaps hands and run.
only speak (Mum) water, one,bye -bye,car. come.current,(cunttt)
He climbs very high slidse without fear.
doesn't interact with own age kids, interact with aged people.
smiles when we smile.
dance on DJ and dhol sound
 can anyone suggest any good doctor in Chandigarh.



Dakshan2014 2016-09-12 05:23:34


Hi , My son is 2 years old. He was speaking a lot and very talented baby. We went to US on his 9th month. He was alone with his dad. We put him at daycare starting his 18th month. He was affected with ear infection continously 3 times. He gradually stopped speaking ,no eye contact, not playing with anyone, hand flapping, spinning toys, no response for his name, laughing without any reason. We were scared and take him back to chennai. We took him to pediatrician yesterday and he suggested to let him stay with people and see for improments. I am getting afraid to delay this situation. We are facing toughest time. Please suggest best treatment and reference. We are clueless and helpless. Kindly help.

Ganesh1122 2016-09-12 16:09:11



Im also travelling in the same boat. Go back to US asap and start Therapies there immediately. Believe me it's not because he was alone at US is the reason why he is behaving like this. Bad parenting is never the cause of Autism. 

specialkid 2016-09-13 06:25:33


Dhakshan, Ganesh

I suggest to stay back in India and get the best therapies at reasonable price. In US we get therapies but are charged on hourly basis which is bit difficult for single earner.( if your wife is also earning probably you can afford). hence stay back and make sure you get best therapies as much as you need without any compromise. One good thing about kid is he is very young and I'm sure he will be alright.
give me your number i may talk to you if you need further suggestion.


Ganesh1122 2016-09-13 17:20:50


specialkid ,

In US, you will get birth to 3 free programs. Coming to expenses for private therapies, if your employer is not covering ABA, then you can go for Private insurance. I'm not degrading the quality of therapies or discouraging anyone who wants to stay back in India because every place has Pros and Cons. But on a slighter edge, if you have a chance of staying back in US, I believe it's a good option because this country is best known for providing special education needs and programs for Autistic kids.

Again this is just my opinion.


Dakshan2014 2016-09-14 21:43:27


Ganesh, I agree with your point. We can get the best treatment in US. But he will be happy to stay with grand parents and niece and nephews. He will be interacting with everyone here. That's the only reason. I came. Will see for few days and then start to US. Thanks for your thoughts.

ThakurR 2016-09-21 12:06:17


Hi Deepforest- coudl you please share your number


Amitfab 2016-11-07 21:34:47


Hi all in chandigarh. I am planning to shift my family to chandigarh. Do we have good facilities for therapies for my son in chandigarh? my child has been diagnosed of Autism.

Ramneek1 2018-07-29 09:07:58


Hello sir , Did you find good treatment in chd?

Bhinder 2019-06-10 02:37:56


Bhaji please send me your number this is my email bhinder00057@gmail.com. I live in Australia at the moment I m so confused at the moment please contact me via email i will be so thankful to u.

Preetiverma78 2020-04-20 13:18:38


Hi today I read this forum...sorry for my bad eng.i have 18 month son facing problem of mild autism ..he don't understand his name n command Plz can u give right suggestion or guidence

Preetiverma78 2020-04-20 13:20:12


Plz share ur number Facing same problem for my 18 month son

Bhinder 2020-04-21 17:12:08


Hi where you from.


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