Any autistic parents in Chennai...Need Advice for my son

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Shafis 2019-03-03 23:45:47


Hi guys. I need few recommendations and suggestions for my son with ASD

2707mkbt 2019-03-09 23:19:42


Hi guys my son is having Developmental disorder. My son is 4.6 years old. Could you please suggest or provide best autism treatment centres in Chennai or south india

2707mkbt 2019-03-09 23:21:44


My mobile no is 9677028875. Could you please add my WhatsApp group and my email I'd is

twins1617 2019-03-19 23:34:23


Hello Raja, Is there any improvement in your daughter, does she responds when you call her. What kind of treatment you gave and when you went for the treatment.


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