Any autistic parents in Chennai...Need Advice for my son

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prabu 2014-07-01 23:41:47


Hello All, I am from Chennai. My son is 2 yrs 3 months old. Few months back we noticed some delays in his milestones mainly like not having speech etc., As per our paediatrician's advice we took him to a child psychiatrist who diagonised him for ASD. Not able/willing to accept this, we went to another child psychiatrist who also confirmed the same (based on M-CHAT questionnaire).

He speaks very few words and that too not clearly. Mainly he is not responding to his name always and few occasions he is in his own world and not responding. Earlier we had a doubt if he has hearing problem, but got cleared when he responds to some TV ads etc., If he needs something he points his finger and asking. If he need water, he will carry the flask & give it to us. He likes to see the letter/alphabets written over the objects like Calendar, Tissue box etc.,  He is very much interested in scratching with pencil on paper (if avl) or on the floor/wall. He likes to operate my ipad/ mobile on his own, click open the games (fav) on his own and plays randomly.He eats his food normally, fed by my wife. Often he smiles on his own & sometimes seems to be on his own world. At times he gets hyperactive and runs all over & rolls on our beds. When he gets angry (if we dont provide what he likes) he runs towards the wall to smash himself. He cries on hearing to some particular ad's in TV.

Now, the last met child psychiatrist has adviced us to provide Early Intervention and suggested us to join  the foll. centres (1) We Can, Neelankarai (2) Sankalp, Mogappair, in the order of rating as per him. 

We are now confused on how to start like
(1) Do we need to take a detailed assessment. If yes, where?
(2) Which intervention method/ therapy to start? (considering my son is 2.3 yrs now)
(3) Where to admit him to start the therapy? (since we stay in Mambalam, both the centres suggested above are far)
(4) Any nearby, good ASD centres near mambalam/t nagar? (am ready to travel long, but dint want to miss any good centre's nearby just becos of ignorance)
(5) Do we need to follow any diet plan? Expert parents advice can help us.
(6) Any other advice.

Shall be grateful if i get advice from senior autistic parent for my above points.

Subbu1982 2014-07-02 09:06:18



Please go to below research center and find out what is the problem exactly. Then plan for any therapy like Occupational or speech. Please share your personal number or email address. 

National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD)
East Coast Road, Muttukadu, Kovalam Post Chennai â€" 603112,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Tel: 044- 27472113, 27472046



Subbu1982 2014-07-02 09:29:21



Mags 2014-07-02 17:22:47


Hi Prabu,
The symptoms you have mentioned does point to ASD. Please dont wait for formal assessment. Its good that you have noticed it early for your son. Please send me your mail id and I can give you more details.


abhisheksy 2014-07-02 18:38:30


1. U should go to NIEPMD and institute of child health egmore for assessment. They will guide you thoroughly about speech & it& ABA. 2ABA is the best for autism if done properly. 3 for it you may go to balajee therapy centre at nungambakkam and for speech you may go little millennium school annanagar.they are one of the best in Chennai. 4.u may follow gfcfsf diet for six months initially under the consultation of a doctor &dietician& see the difference. For this you may go for food allergy test. 5 needless to say, do your best in the right direction u will definitely see progress in 2_3 months& leave the rest to almighty.

prabu 2014-07-02 22:55:36


Hi subbu, mags & abishek
thanks for all your kind words and advice. My mail Id is Pl send me any details to my mail id. need your opinion on "we can, neelankarai", heard its good by a child psychiatrist.
and who are the doctors whom I can consult for gfcfsf diet in chennai, pl provide.

YPVS 2014-07-03 10:32:14



pls dont son almost  had same he is 4.5..he is able to communicate for all his to answer basic logical questions..goes to school..getting better day by day...we have still long way to go..but we have seen lots of improvement after theraphy..

he can read ,write now...i am writing all these to encourage pls dont loose hope..i know these initial days are very rough  and diffcult but if u give proper intervention ur results will be fruitful..

pls try vistara theraphy centre..they r really good..they have branches in saidapet,mylapore and velachery...u try is really good..

all the best...

also at home u can show pcitures and keep saying single words repeatedly.that will do wonders..
sincehe likes phone..try flashcards by richard v son initialy learnt most of the words from there..

once again dont loose hope..ur son is very young..right age to start...


Subbu1982 2014-07-03 12:30:38


Hello ypvs,
Can you please send me your personal email/contact number to I need your help to talk about therapy center. 


prabu 2014-07-03 22:57:26


Thanks ypvs for all your advice and thank you Lita for your detailed reply.
i am analysing various options for EI based on all your advice.

Violetlight 2014-07-04 20:40:56



Good day!

All the other parents had given wonderful suggestions. One more thing  you can try to include is, Parent-Toddler Playgroup. I don't know where in Chennai they have such play group for toddler where they allow one parent to attend the class along with the child.  It helps in, we knowing our child in a structured social setup and do the needful accordingly in therapy session or at home.

best wishes 


prabu 2014-07-05 22:10:13


Got an appointment in v excel on Tuesday. Looking forward for a way for my son.

 Former member 2014-10-09 18:05:27


Hi all,
       I want to follow  gfcfsf diet for my autistic son.  whom I should consult for gfcfsf diet in chennai ?
Thanks .

mvrs 2015-02-16 00:59:45


Hi Abhishek and YPVS,,,,,
My son is also diagnosed with ASD three months back  and was a bit worried about that....Now after reading these blogs and suggestions feel a bit confident to sail through it....
I am in Tambaram Chennai area....currently and my son is going through OT and Speech therapy at Spree clinic Selaiyur.
Please suggest which doctor to consult for GFCF diet in Chennai....
I have been consulting Dr Jayanthini Phyciatrist for my kid but she has given Mentat syrup and asked me to wait for 6 months to see changes...I am a bit worried about that...My son currently is 2 year 11 months...

mvrs 2015-04-16 12:11:37


Guys....Any update on GFCF Diet suggesting doctors would help....please provide info.

talk2banu 2015-04-22 21:47:41


Hi My son is 4.5 nw I diagnosed autistic features and hyperactivity around 2.5 yrs. Giving him ot and speech therapy. Lot improved nw. Still long way to go.. Abt gfcf diet. I didnt consult any other bt started giving him more veg fruits and spinach and stopped giving him milk and wheat. Wheat includes biscuit bread and all those bakery products. For hyperactive - I stopped giving h white sugar..occasional ly I give jaggery or palm sugar.

ShaliniR2013 2017-04-06 17:41:23


Hi subbu, Have seen any progress in your son ,if so please suggest a centre.

ShaliniR2013 2017-04-06 17:44:10


Hello Ypvs My son was diagnosed of PDD now when he was 2.3 years old. He is hyperactive runs and spins around ..and his attention span is less than a minute. We tried gfcf but we're worried that completely cutting milk might lead to poor nutrition. We also started t heraphy at a centre is cholaimeedu and have not seen much progress in 8 months Can someone suggest a good t heraphy centre where one has seen improvements in speech and occupation. I also want suggestion for good inclusive school near t.nagar

Subbu1982 2017-04-10 08:11:00


Hi Shalini,
We did occupational and speech therapy in Karur almost one year. I don't have much contact in Chennai. First time we came to Chennai and met Mr. Dhanapandian in NIEPMD and then started therapy in Karur itself.


suku1985 2017-04-11 21:09:21



i would suggest Prathikshaa Center in Chrompet


cyb 2017-04-25 00:25:54


Dear All, Based on my own experience in these past 9 years time: 1) re: Early intervention, We Can in Neelankarai is the only ABA centre in Chennai with an BCBA specialist ( Mrs. Greta Rajan). My sin started off his early intervention in We Can and it was very helpful. 2) communication Work and build communication skill of our kid. Either verbal or non verbal communication. Set a realistic goal setting to shape our kid's communication skill with the help of speech therapy. My son had Mrs Shree Devi from Where Devi Rehabilitation Centre who helped him develop his communication skills. He started saying words at the age of 5 years old, now he can speak and make his own sentences. If your child is non verbal, please have a look on RPM Method by Soma Mukyopadha. 3) Sensory Processing ASD kids process the infirmation differently through their 5 senses. Some kids appear to be hyperactive or hypoactive, in the constant move or very passed very passive. It us very important to understand the roots of our kids sensory issue. OT - SI (Occupational Therapy - Sensory Integration) does help our kids. For hyperactive kids, we need to invest a one hour physical activities (ideally in the morning before school). Swimming, skating are good. 4) Special Education Early intervention (ABA, ST, OT, SI) add with special education to build our kids academic skills readyness. Ability to read, write, and basic arithmetic (add, subtract, multiply, divide) and English Language must be taught early. 5) getting the right school who give inclusion climate. CBSE schools should had been the right school for inclusion, because Central Govt had sent many circulars that stating CBSE schools must have special educators, parents of special kids are allowed to sit with the kids in the class to help them follow the class activities. The problem is CBSE schools may not follow the govt instruction. By law the school can not deny admission of special kids. And if the school do not take care of special kids, the CBSE board will disaffiliate that school. Good inclusion school in Chennai are: Montfort Matriculation Higher Secondary School in St. Thomas Mount. It has Karena and Abhiyas as service providers for inclusion. The teachers and children are also accepting and helping special kids. Shadow teachers are allowed in this school. The school policy is to help differently able kids. The school principal is also very supportive. Montfort has 4 classes in each section from LKG to 12th std. In each class it has special kids. Lady Andal School in Chetpet. It is a good inclusion school. But admission to this school rather tough. It has classes from LKG - 12 std Children Garden School in Mylapore It has classes from LKG - 5 Std. 6) Music/Art/Sport Skill Giving opportunity to build their Music/Art/Sport Skill since early age is important. Through these we hope in the future our kids would make friendship. It us a lot of hard work and need a full time dedication to raise a special kids. With God's help and our determination and perseverance, we can.

cyb 2017-04-25 07:30:22


I've sent mssg on What's App. Pls check.

 Former member 2017-05-04 08:46:21


Hi, can you pls share your sons progress. Recently we noticed that our son( 2 years 8 month s old) has ASD. We have not started any therapy yet. Worried about his future.

abcd0 2017-06-14 11:50:59



Can someone help me with good place for diagnosis in chennai.

I stay in Nungambakkam but ok to go some place in chennai who can do accurate diagnosis. I'm not sure if the problem is just ADHD features or more a cobination with ASD.

My detailed post is here:

I need direction on where to diagnose and what to do.

This forum has been of tremendous help and after reading multiple threads I'm planning on going for one of the below:
3) ABA training, but I can only see WeCan as the only option, which is far off.

GilBaki 2017-06-22 05:15:55


hi cyb...

please accept my friend request... i'm looking for some detail about schools in chennai ... 


cyb 2017-06-24 18:57:01


Hi Gilbaki, please send my your WA number,
I will add you to a WA group discussion with the same topics for the same age group of kids in Chennai. 



abcd0 2017-06-24 21:46:39


Hi forum members, Any advice on my post plz

GilBaki 2017-06-27 06:27:36


hi abcd0,

For diagnosis please see dr Jayanthini (child psychiatrist) in nandanam.... waiting time to more there ... she'll suggest good therapy centers near your home ... till then you can take your kid to the any therapy center and start speech and OT. 

GilBaki 2017-07-12 06:21:31


Hi cyb, I have messaged my num to you...can you please add it in wats app group .... thankyou...


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