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Bumblebee20 2014-06-25 15:46:06


Hello All , I am from chennai and living in UK now. Recently we noticed few red flags in my child's development . He is 2 yrs 7 months old , he was born 8 weeks early ( 32 weeks) and in neonatal unit for 3 weeks after birth.

All his milestones ( roll over , crawling ..etc) Were delayed 3-4 months. His speech is delayed and we got few appointments for speech therapist. He speaks few words ( moslty one word). He is not responding to his name always , few occasions he is in his own world and not responding.
He is not calling us mummy / daddy but following instructions like " go and give it to mummy". If he wants something he points his finger and asking. He knows apple , juice .If he wants to eat he will drag us to kitchen and shows us by pointing his finger.He likes to sing nursery rhymes though he cant sing properly he can complete words. He can identify colours , count till 20 and knows ABCD. He is obsessed with alphabets. Writing ABCD in a paper will control his trantrum.
He can utter few words like ' shoe , sit , nose , eye , chin , leaf, car , bat, open , close. He is not playing any role playing games but he tries to imitate others , he got a toy mobile and tries to imitate me. We have done hearing test and his hearing seem to be fine. He likes playing with cars and Bus toys mostly.

My wife and I are working full time and he goes to nursery for (1.5 yrs now) , he eats his food using spoon  properly and using crayons properly with his fingers.In nursery he plays with other kids but not always. He smiles at others , he tries to run behind kids and giggles.he gets tantrums often and bit demanding sometimes. If he is in tantrum he tries to reach others for comfort . He got severe food allergy and eczema . His eczema is getting better but still allergic to milk , nut , gluten , dairy , wheat. He walks in tippy toes sometime.He hates going to hospitals and last time when we took him he started crying and showing his coat and door so that we can take him out. He can remove his coat and shoes on his own.

I feel he got ASD symptoms but we haven't done formal assessment yet. It is scheduled for December. We are planning to visit chennai in the mean time so that his social and language skills will improve. Initially we are planning to stay there for 3 months and if it is fine we are ready to move back for ever.  My wife and I speak in tamil at home  and  english is the social language for my son .

Few of my friends and my parents feel he is ok and will catch up soon but still I feel my son is not normal.

can any one suggest good Play groups / child development centres / ASD diagnosticss centre in chennai?

Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

aut3yearold 2014-06-25 19:51:28


when the Kid is pointing something ( using finger ), I can say 100% he is not having any ASD.  
From the above description , looks like he is having digestive problems, so just give me Rice and Rasam ( with various veggies boiled ) and he will be alright in 1 year.

abhisheksy 2014-06-25 21:18:54


Go to balajee therapy centre nungambakkam& for speech go to annanagar millanium has goy play group also.there is a lady speech therapist .she is the best.

Adelfiya 2014-06-26 01:16:29


Doesn't seem to be ASD. May be only delayed milestones. Children are a little slow in development at times, as your elders said, don't panic. Get an assessment done to clear any doubts u may have, but your child seems normal but only a little late with catching up.


Bujju0611 2014-06-26 01:27:17


As aut3yearold and Adelfiya said, nothing to worry in your child. He has many positives than negatives, eating himself properly, holding crayons, following instructions, pointing. But i would say to start speech therapy, its no harm. as a parent, you will also get lots of ideas how to improve his communication at home. and continue his playgroup for socialism. Food allergy plays a major role, good probiotic and omega 3 can be given to any kid. so please try if you have concerns about his digestion.

Way to go :)

mizzs 2014-06-26 11:13:05


I would suggest that you plan any move/relocation after you get a thorough assessment done right where you live now. The nuances of diagnoses are better understood outside India.

chinbab 2014-06-26 14:55:54


Pointing itself doesn't define autism. What are the other flags that made you think he is different? My son didn't point with his index finger till he was 20 months old. and this was a concern for me all the time. He did whole hand pointing all the time. I didn't wait for a diagnosis to happen. After noticing few red flags I started him on gfcfsf diet, he is into bio-medical, play school, has speech therapy 5 days a week and OT two times a week. I started him when he was 20m old. Now my son is 2 year 3 months. He has 100+ words. Putting 2-3 word sentences, continuosly pointing with his index finger sharing things. What I would suggest is rather than waiting for diagnosis provide the child required intervention and at very young age you never know he may lose the diagnosis. All the Best!

Bumblebee20 2014-06-26 20:09:39


Thanks for your replies. I am in UK , here we need to rely on public health service , for appointments we have to wait. I believe care for autistic people is better here  like support groups , access to special needs schools , free healthcare etc. My son goes to nursery full time ( 40 hrs a week) . I feel social setup is different in India and he will get more chance to interact or see different kind of people and learn. we are planning to take a break from work and spend 3-6 months in chennai initially.

AMRITA19 2020-03-19 13:13:46


Does bio medical help in autism

123bhavi 2020-03-22 11:44:47


Yes but depends on kid to kid


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