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ak1983 2014-04-21 19:43:35


Dear parents,
I have started a speech therapy at my home for my daughter who has autistic features. Also I am reading several things on ABA .. downloading videos and all.

But at the time of actual implementation.. she makes me clean bold.
As per ABA.. its a reward base therapy .. I planned so many rewards.. but for example if i try to teach her to say BaBa .. she looks in my eyes .. tries to lip sink but she diverts her attention somewhere.. (god so many tries but nothing )
Also If i take something to reward her like Apple or Cashew or Toy so that she could follow some instruction..( like Put one block on Another .. Touch her nose ) instead of doing that she throws tantrum for reward.
Parent give me some tips to overcome this and teach her

abhihoney 2014-04-22 14:57:21


Try to copy him exactly what he is doing try to make eye to eye contact.just do whatever he is doing.try it for a few days.

abhihoney 2014-04-22 14:58:15


Kindly replace he by she

Lita 2014-04-22 16:04:22


Instead of getting her to do what you want, get involved in what she is doing, try to name the things she is using, get control of the toy she is playing with, then ask her to say car, toy or whatever you want to name, even the slightest attempt, give the toy back and make a big deal by appreciating her, it cannot be achieved in a day, she has to learn slowly that she can trust you, you will give back what you took if she makes an attempt. To teach mom dad, sister, get the family picture, usually they like to see picture they are in, then slowly move the naming to the real person. hope it helps.

Prathana 2014-04-22 19:35:53


Hi ak1983, 

As a professional I would like to give you few suggestions- 

ABA is based on child's interest/ motivation. Its crucial to understand that it works not only for our kids but for everyone of us. We all will do things based on our interests. If we are not interested/ not motivated enough, we will not put so much of efforts. Its like when one is working one is motivated for incentives- monetary, praise, status etc. If we are not paid good amount for a position, we will not take it.  A example that I often give is lectures in school / college. Think of a class where we were not interested, either in subject or teacher used to be boring............would we pay attention in such a class ??? Similarly your daughter is interested only in " rewards" so obviously she is not going to pay attention to what you are teaching her. Its like if there are two options given to us- one is of our interest the other is not, so we will pick the one of our interest. Tantrums are happening because she is not able to communicate her needs. 

So we all are driven by interest and motivation. I agree with abhihoney and lita and am happy that parents are getting right inputs. 
I would suggest take the basis - i.e. interest and motivation of ABA and try and get involved in those interests. Be part of her play, be it playing with balloons, paper, or whatever interests your daughter has. Try and imitate her actions, she will slowly observe that you are imitating her and she will then gradually wait for you to imitate. Gradually add a slightly new action and see if she is imitating you. This all has to be a gradual process. This technique is known as Dawson Imitation. It helps in facilitating anticipatory play, eye contact and imitation. Generally kids with autism are playing all alone, not paying much attention to people around them. Through this they will start paying more attention to people around them and its absolutely crucial. 
Try and make learning fun for her, if she is interested in rhymes you can teach her body parts using rhymes. While teaching body parts or imitation, it will help if you do it in front of a mirror. If she likes tickles you can use that too e.g. tickle on your stomach, tickle on your nose etc. In this too you are using her interest, but there are no demands placed on her, this fun way ensures more learning. 

The pattern that you have mentioned i.e. using rewards is known as Discrete Trial Training. It does help in teaching concepts, however I would suggest get yourself trained in the whole process by some trained therapist. Its a proper approach and it would help if you are aware of all the steps involved. 

Ideally a combination of approaches help "eclectic approach" where we also use Naturalistic and developmental approaches like floortime. 

I understand that you are trying your best and putting so much of efforts for your daughter, it is really commendable. I do not mean to advertise anyone, but if it is not inconvenient to you contact Siddhi in pune. She has experience of all the above mentioned approaches. It always helps to get yourself trained. I personally know her since we used to work together at Ummeed Child Development Centre in Mumbai. Also since you are in Pune, you can think of visiting Ummeed in Mumbai. Again do not mean to advertise any person or organization. The intent is only to give you right guidance. Ummeed has a training program for kids and parents. I think so you will benefit from it. 

Hope the suggestions help. 

ak1983 2014-04-23 00:04:54


Thanks a lot abhihoney , Lita , Prathana .
I am feeling very motivated looking at your detailed replies.

I will get myself trained by ABA professional and will also keep in mind all your valuable suggestions :)
You guys are awesome ..
I will definitely write about my success as soon as i get some good milestone.
Thanks again !!!

Momi18 2018-05-28 13:16:31


Hey hi I am completely new here , my son is having some symptoms of ASD,I live in Pune and it will be really helpful if you can guide us what to do and what to not, also some ABA therapist as siddhi poyeraker's slots are not available.Thanks in advance 

Ash111 2018-08-25 08:40:24


Hi...No need to worry ...You have to Start ABA and OT in same time...Also understand symptom and do process accordingly.ASD is not that much complicated that we think.We easily recovered child with correct analysis. My daughter has shown tremendous improvement after therapy (ABA -Sidhi and OT -Isha Soni) and Naturalapathy...if you have any doubt ...plz feel free to contact me on 9823252583

Prraviku 2018-09-08 00:13:05


My 2 year 6 month old daughter is from lack of attention, speech delay. Can someone help me how to bring attention in my daughter.


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