Best DAN doctors for Biomedical treatments

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expatmom 2014-03-20 12:08:17


Hi,   My almost 2 year old daughter has developmental delays- mostly delayed speech.  We live in Bangalore and have seen Dr. Nandini Mukta and Dr. Chitra Sankar.  But they only recommended speech therapy.  We are working with a DAN doctor in USA and started some biomedical protocols.  I would like to get a DAN doctor in India as well.  Would like to have reviews on Dr. Deepak Gupta and Dr. Praveen Saxena.  Who do you think is best?  Please tell me about your personal experience with them.  Thanks!

 Former member 2014-03-22 13:59:11


Dr. Deepak is good... he has tremendous knowledge.. 

786Autism 2014-03-22 15:38:40


Try kanakalatha from Hyderabad.

raunak24 2014-03-22 18:34:45


I would go for DR kanaklatha from Hyderabad have been benefited a lot


indiapk007 2014-05-21 16:37:01


Hi raunak24, my daughter is suspected to be in the spectrum, we are currently in hyderabad ..we would like to do some tests related to nutrition aborbtion and food allergies to ensure she is getting the right nutrition ...Is it possible to have a chat with you over phone and also can you tell us where is Dr Kanakalatha based in Hyderabad.


 Former member 2014-05-26 08:42:50


i think Dr Deepak Gupta and his centre is good, i don't know about others as never interacted with anyone else. 

prabu 2014-07-05 13:49:09


Any DAN doctor in Chennai? Pl provide details. Need for my son.

abhisheksy 2014-07-05 15:10:14


No Dan doctor in chennai. Only 3 doctors in india who are Medmaps(Dan)doctor. Dr deepak gupta delhi dr Arun mukharjee delhi & dr Santa venket Mumbai.

keerth21 2014-07-07 11:38:23


hi abhisheky,
can u provide details dr.santa venkat contact details from mumbai

abhisheksy 2014-07-07 11:57:06 tel no 0226050992

ssvr 2015-06-23 12:27:56


Has anybody been to dr praveen kumar saxena for autism....any inputs will be really helpful regards

sudhe 2015-06-27 11:28:20



Please share me your number i am also from Hyderabad.My mail id is


sudhe 2015-07-01 12:43:55



Please give me your mobile number.I am also from Hyderabad.


Satya123G 2016-06-29 22:22:50


Hi ,

I am from Hyderabad and my son is 3.8 Years old diagnosed of Mild Autistic.

Could you please send me your contact number so that my wife will discuss with you.


Shakeel 2016-09-24 09:25:08


Hi Mrs. Gupta I am wishing to see Dr Kanaklatha but she is only available on Thursday at nice Please could you help my kid who is 3.2 and needs a good support from your experience

neethusingh 2017-03-24 21:10:41


Please let me know who went to dr praveen saxena for biomedical.i want to consult for my son

r9622 2017-03-28 12:48:44


We are also planning to consult Dr. Praveen Saxena during next week.

ShaliniR2013 2017-04-29 14:26:59


Hi Raunak... can you share your number... I would go talk to you on the improvement you have seen in your child

ShaliniR2013 2017-04-29 14:29:16


Hi @raunak24 aunak... can you share your number... I would go talk to you on the improvement you have seen in your child

kaila1980 2017-07-10 12:12:00


Raunak can you share your number

RajibBangalore 2017-08-21 18:09:18


HI all,
how is your experience in biomedical treatment? Is it helping your kid? Any pros and cons will really help me to take decission as we are worried about the cons. 


thirupathisai 2017-08-21 20:30:50


Dear Parent,
please suggest any good autism doctor in DELHI ncr

Ash111 2017-12-30 22:27:21


Dear Parents, Please share me good Biomedical Dr in Pune for Autism

Ash111 2017-12-30 22:28:24


Hi Rounak, Could you please share your contact details for discuss about Biomedical treatment

PavanS 2018-01-02 22:31:58


Praveen Saxena is Radiologist..not DAN doctor...Its better to go for Deepak gupta or Shanta Venkat from Mumbai.

 Former member 2019-04-06 14:22:19


Plz guide me if she is good or u have any contact number

Karthiga711 2019-06-21 17:21:43


Can anyone help me with details of some good doctor in Chennai please

prouddaddy05 2020-02-13 07:59:05


Hi expatmom,

Hope your kid has improved now.. could you please share the information regarding DAN doctor you consulted in USA for biomedical treatment.. Also could you please share if there was improvement after biomedical treatment..

My son recently got diagnosed with Autism, he is 20 months old.. any information you share will be really helpful for us..


Aalia17 2020-08-19 13:33:32


Can anyone please provide me Dr kanaklatha biomedical doctor Hyderabad number it€™s very urgent.



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