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Prateek1105 2015-09-10 11:23:37


Hi Mayank,
If you are from Pune and thinking to return to Pune, I can add you in our Pune Whatsapp group. Also, I can add you in the email group where you can find useful information, books, links etc on the interventions here.
Regarding the topic on returning to India, there are various parameters to consider. Also, you will get various advises and suggestions from people based on their personal experiences. Few find they have benefited after returning to India and few find US was better.
But these suggestions and perspectives does give information on what to consider before making the decision.
Personally, I also returned from US a little more than a year back and then I started this group. My son who is now 10 years old was also born in US. I also lived for for few years in London, so I can compare the schooling system, therapies, issues etc in various countries.
I also get calls from many similar struggling families who are pondering over making the switch. In our group, we have various members who returned from US and we have had extensive discussions on this topic. I or someone will collate all that information and post it in future.
But I would say, please consider these points - your visa status in US (GreenCard/H1B etc). This is because if you are going to be long term (10-15 years), then it makes a world of difference. The child needs stability and consistency, so being in one place for a long duration - whether in US or India makes a difference.
The services which you are getting there - along with IEP in school, ABA, speech etc. For example, are you getting daily therapies in school.
How high functioning your child is ? Every child has different requirements as ASD is a wide spectrum. So is the child going to mainstream class, special class or in an integrated set up ? How verbal is he/she etc ?
Reason the above point is important, is in Pune - you will get therapies - Speech, OT, ABA etc and there are various good therapists in different parts of Pune. But you will need to travel and may be get 1-2 appointments in a week of 45 mins to an hour. Lot of onus will be on parents to work with therapists and perform required activities at home. So the set up will be different.
Schooling in Pune will definitely be a challenge as compared to US or UK. Number of inclusive schools in pune are less right now, even though there are changes happening. Few of the mainstream schools who are more receptive to admitting children with ASD ask for Parents to provide a shadow teacher support. So that is another added stress for parent as apart from school fees, bearing the cost for shadow is a financial angle to consider. It is also not easy to get a shadow sometimes, and shadow may leave after few months so you may have to search again. Few schools do not require a shadow, if you are lucky and your child is having only few mild symptoms of ASD he/she may get admitted in mainstream school. There are few special schools as well. But overall in a nutshell, school environment on an average poses issues. I have seen many families needing to do homeschooling. 
If school is not a major consideration, then India has lot of benefits also. The social structure, meeting so many people, activities in India etc definitely expedites learning and growth of child. Chances of playing with other kids, mingling with friends etc are more. Of course if your network in US/UK is good and you are having a good friend circle where kids are getting friends and social interaction then you are achieving it there too. So it will vary from place to place.
Support of extended family in India like grandparents, uncles, aunties, relatives etc can be a huge plus in India. Again will vary from family to family. But if you have the support and they are living with you or nearby it can immensely help the child's growth. Also it will help in reducing your stress. It is not just the child, we as parents are under lot of stress and we get breathers with such support.
Weather is also important. Some places in US and Europe will have lot of cold and gloomy weather. In Pune, a more pleasant weather helps in keeping kids happy. Few families who call me are from colder places in Europe where weather becomes an issue.
Cost of living is an important parameter too, again depends on your circumstances. Schooling costs can be high here in India, whereas in US - public schools are free. But if you are going for therapies in US which are not covered in your insurance it can be expensive. Your compensation in US vs. India, adding a financial cushion for future is another parameter (as the journey is a marathon not a short sprint)
In India access to homeopathy, ayurveda, DAN protocol treatments etc will be easier and more flexible. Again if you want to pursue them.
So above points are few of the important parameters to consider. My objective was not to say which is good or bad, as I really think there is no black and white answer. Every family has unique set of challenges so based on what you feel on above parameters, you can make a judicious decision.

You can reach me at
I can also add you in our gmail group which has approx 150 members or our whatsapp group of pune which has approx 170 members(there are 2 groups)



 Former member 2015-09-10 16:23:00


hi Prateek,
can you also add me to your whatsapp group. i am from aurangabad but keep coming to pune for therapy.
my no is 8552913009.

ishumom 2015-09-11 13:06:14


Hi Prateek,

Can you please add me to your WhatsApp n google group? I am mother of a 2.7 yr boy who falls under spectrum. I am from Hyderabad but would like to get the help from  your group, if its fine with you all. Thanks


manoj12 2015-09-24 13:00:15


My daughter has been showing symptoms of Autism. She is 17 months old. Can you please add me to your whatsapp group?


aayudad 2015-09-26 04:27:04


Hi Prateek,

I'm a father of 2.4 yr old boy. My son has been showing symptoms of Autism. Currently based in UK, however planing move to India. Can you please add my number +44-07405696135 to the whatsapp group.


manashbaruah 2015-10-14 15:24:01


I am a father of a 15 months old daughter who has down syndrome. 
 Would you also please add me to the group as I guess, even I am facing similar challenges. I was actually looking for a similar group in Pune. 
I am staying at Pimple Saudagar, in Pune . My number is 9922911709.



RaviS13 2015-10-16 00:56:56


Hi Prateek,

  This is Ravi. I am working in US but belong to Pune. I was looking for some support group in India in these cases and thankfully found this.

  I am a father of 2 yr old boy. He is a lovely boy, joy of our lives. But he has some feeding issues from about 2 months of age.

 1) He was diagnosed with Acid-reflux issue and has been on medication (Lanzoprezole15 - 1/4 twice a day). He took that medicine for about 20 months. Now we have stopped it.

 2) He was Good eater till about 5 months of age. He got his vaccines (in US) (Hepatitis-B and others). I don't know if this is related, but he started refusing milk and other starter foods since then.
    Very frequent throw-ups. We had a very hard time feeding him. Had to distract him with TV, cell phone videos and forcefully feed him.

    Doctors here didn't offer much help. They did whatever they could - Endoscopy, 3-D X-Ray (to check Esophagus lining) and everything was normal.

 3) He started crawling from about 13 months (which was considered little late) but within two weeks started walking. Other than his feeding issues at that time, he was a happy baby. Spoke few words (mumma,
 papa, dada, nana, baa (for ball)). Enjoyed going outside and running. Enjoyed his swing.

 4) We put him in Day-care for about 4 hrs a day at about 14 months. Not sure if that is the reason but he started showing some signs of Autism (flapping hands in air, sitting in W-shape,
    sometime walking on toes, frog-jump,   banging his head on sofa or car-seat etc..) Initially we thought he enjoyed banging his head and would do to seek attention.

    We took him out of day-care with in a month. We tried again after 5 months but same result.

 5) While his motor skills were normal, his communication dropped... now, at two years, he only speaks Papa , aaja and sometimes mumma. His frog-jump has increased, banging his head has increased.

 6) He still does not chew his food. We have to mash it in mixer and make it soft for him swallow. This is very hard as not everything can be mashed.

 6) As doctors were not of much help here, we decided to come back to India. Family has gone back and I will be coming back by year end.

 7) Doctors in Pune diagnosed "Spectrum" issues. Basically, they have told us that is he is "Hyperactive" and has "Tactile sensitivity" issues - which means lack of concentration on a thing he is not
    interested in and feeding issues. He is undergoing OT for last 3 weeks.

    He is very good at operating cell phone. Can call me , can play youtube videos and other rhymes.

 8) I have done some research online on these issues and many have suggested GFCF (Gluten Free Casein Free) diet to cure Hyperactivity. We started to follow that for last 3 days.
    It's difficult to avoid wheat (roti). He doesn't like bajra roti.

    Can anybody facing similar feeding issues please suggest?

 9) Also, many have suggested it could be due to increased Mercury levels in his body. We have just got his blood test done. Awaiting results.

 10) I have also read some articles and viewed some Success stories with Homeopathy treatment. Can anybody share their experiences? Do we have a homeopath specializing in Autism in Pune?

 I will appreciate suggestions/experience sharing with similar issues. Specially, the issue of not chewing his food. How to teach him chew his food if he is not interested in eating?

 Please add me to the group email and on WhatsApp group. My number is +1 704-891-6761



pr1ya 2015-10-26 21:04:54


Hi everyone, 
This is just a quick message about Alka Kapadia at Reach. She worked with my child Hitesh when my husband and I lived in Singapore
for two years. He was 4 at the time, and so this was early intervention for his autism. We will soon be moving down to Pune from Melboure where we currently stay and I heard about this website and signed up to keep up to date on the resources available for Hitesh should he need them in Pune. I heard that Miss Alka had also moved to Pune and works with special needs children. I thought I'd let you all know that Hitesh's autism is very mild now simply because Miss Alka was great when she worked with him. Hopefully this is a good resource for those of you with young autistic children or even children with special needs. This is the link to her website: and I hope you all find her as helpful as I did.


shekhar1 2015-11-02 12:10:45


Hi I am a father of 3 year old boy and suspect some mild level of Autism in him. I stay in Pune.

I want to get him evaluated by professionals.

Please suggest good diagnostic centers in Pune.



devy19 2015-12-02 16:04:26


Hello Parents,
       I am mother of a 3.5 yrs old mildly autistic child and would like to join your Whatsapp group as I am from Pune. My son is not under any traditional therapies yet however after researching for over a year I have already started biomedical treatments with supplementation which has been extremely helpful. We have also been on the Gold Standard Gluten Free Casein Free Diet for the last few months and have seen great strides in my son. Also will be starting a Program (recommended by one of my friends in Singapore who also has a severely autistic Son) soon that has been known to bring back even severely autistic and retarded kids. This programme is based in the US and my husband will be attending the programme. Will share more info as it becomes available to me after the program. I would like to be a part of this group and share your ideas and treatment options as well.
Devyna (0091 9764441991)


shekhar1 2015-12-03 12:33:42


Hi Prateek,

My 3 year old son has been diagnosed with mild autistic traits, we are undergoing sessions with Dr Sanyogita Nadkarni and her team.

Would like be connected with similar parent, Can you please add me in the whatapp group.

My No: 9011165993


sparkle0786 2016-01-20 00:32:54


hi  Prateek1105
can you plz add me to the 
whatsapp group. i ahve a 4 year old on the autism spectrum.
 my no . is +1 2038932726

hoper 2016-01-28 15:36:44


Hi All.

Please add my number 9637472774 to the whatsApp group. I am looking for ABA, OT therapists. Please suggest some good therapist. I am staying in Baner, Pune.


alokkns 2016-02-10 01:06:27


Hi Prateek,
Please add me also in the group....

Please add my number 001-971-263-9736

kindly add to share and exchange kid is also diagnosed with mild autism and is 4 years of old now


 Former member 2016-02-17 12:56:20


Mr Mayank ,
       please visit site of lifeforse homeopathy .excellent dr..v hv  first hand experience .surely ur problem will be solved.thanks

Nusarat 2016-03-06 14:04:02


Hi I am Nusarat Attar from pimpri I want to add my number 8888292768 Thanks

Nusarat 2016-03-06 14:09:40


Hi Please add me this group My number is 8888292768 I am from pune pimpri, vallabh nagar area.

Nusarat 2016-03-06 17:53:14


Hi Ravi As per above stated....I don't know exactly that your kid is suffering from Autism or hyperactive. Actually my kid who is 5 year old is suffering from hyperactive.... He is not communicating properly in family...he just rewising the words which already happened in past....e.g mai gaya tha,Bhaiyya bula raha hai that.His performance in school is zero. He can't pick pencil in his hand and doesn't write not a single word.He doesn't mix with other children ,not play with them,no eye contact with teacher.....sitting alone on last bench.... In home just wandering from bedroom to gallery, hall to kitchen like that....talking is not related with present.... Mumbled words which happened in past So that I just started homeopatheic treatment for has no side effects..... Improvement is slowly....but it's positive.... Now in school teachers also appreciate his positive changes ...but progress is slightly.... But as per my experience.... Not in above case for me & my kid I took treatment for cough in homoeopathic after taking 6to 8month medicine it's gone completely. I am sure that it gives good results also but we have to take some patience. But I like to go with homoeopathic way....

Nusarat 2016-03-06 18:08:33


Please need guidance & help from you guys that should I think right or wrong by taking homeopatheic treatment.

Pratik500 2016-03-07 22:56:27


Hi Prateek, Please add me to the group. I am Pratik from Mumbai, have a 6 yr old kid with certain issues. Thanks Pratik

saku74 2016-04-21 18:38:41


Hi Prateek,
I am Sandhya Kumar and I have a 3 and half year old daughter diagnosed as on the spectrum. Please add my contact no. (0)9860021035 in the pune whatsapp group and also to the gmail group. My id is
I got some good inputs from this above discussion group.


sandynb 2016-06-07 19:20:25


Hi Prateek,
                 My 21 months son diagnosed with autism recently. Got his initial assessment done. Doc said he have moderate to high risk autism. I stay at Lohegaon Pune. I could fond out only OT specialist but he too takes his session very far from my place. I am also in search of good Speech Therapist and ABA Therapist. If you have any references please let me know. Is there any good Homeopathy doctor in Pune who treats Autism?
                Also I would like to be part of Whatsapp group. My number is 8007542519. Please add me your group. It will be big help. 
Thanks and Regards


Mom79 2016-06-08 12:38:47


Pls add my no.8888166693.i am from Pune

Ashutosh5 2016-06-13 08:35:45


Hi dabu Can you pls add me into the group 9561609355

Ashutosh5 2016-06-13 08:38:33


Hi dabu Can you pls add me into the group 9561609355

Ashutosh5 2016-06-13 08:38:53


Hi dabu Can you pls add me into the group 9561609355

priya1982 2016-06-13 13:44:20


Hi, could you add me to the group. 9987595796 Thanks

Deepak1981 2016-07-18 17:14:50


please add me. 
7666974499 - Deepak

hema1980 2016-08-05 21:33:45


Hi... Plz add me to the grp - 8407938375. I am from Pune.



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