parents group of Autistic children in pune

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saeba 2022-01-20 13:51:52


Hello Shamal,not able to open the link .could you please help me here.

saeba 2022-01-20 14:18:11


Please add me on 9923407731

Pinky5 2022-01-21 18:37:04


Pl add me in the group my no is 7399054138

SSDaddy 2022-01-30 06:18:23


Hi ,
we have 2 yr 2 month old son and recently he diagnosed with mild autism symptoms .Currently are are in US (LA) and trying for required therapies ,hope we will get soon .But we are thinking other option as well to return back to India (@Pune) as here we will get good therapies but not social environment and family support (we have other 4 yr kids as well) and its very difficult to manage all .Please let us know do we have good centers in Pune for all therapies ? and kindly add me in group if you have whasup group please please send me invite to

saeba 2022-01-30 07:59:58


Share your number will add you in the group .We are from Pune ,though the group is not huge but can share tips and therapist details.

bhushan08 2022-02-02 12:37:28


Please add me in the group.. my contact number 9967022023
i need help for my 3.5 years old daughter.

Vishal08 2022-02-12 17:04:13



can you please add me to the support group -

Nishi2906 2022-02-13 10:10:34


Hi, I m father of 2.5 year daughter. My daughter diagnose with mild Autism. I m from Pune. Please add me in WhatsApp group, my number is 7219613883

Tarrach 2022-02-15 10:52:01


Please can you add me in the whatsapp group for pune parents with autistic kids...I am a mother of a 2 yr old boy with all the red flags for autism...need guidance regarding assessments and therapy for him near wakad/ baner area... Plz add my number: 9769913625

Mom33 2022-03-03 09:43:15


Please add my number 8378987650 to the group

Yogesh244 2022-03-09 17:23:44


Plz add my number 8237289585 to this group

Yogesh244 2022-03-09 17:24:33


From where you get assessment done? I need to get it for my doughter who is 27 months now...

Abhi2022 2022-03-22 23:12:23


Plz add me in the group my no is 9922996995

jaisyjerome 2022-03-24 16:27:05


Hi  , please add me in the group im   4yrs old son mother who is under spectrum number :9637592445

mayank18 2022-04-20 12:03:51


Hi  , please add me in the group im   4yrs old son mother who is under spectrum number :8971455577

Vijaychoudhari5 2022-04-21 20:47:56


Please add me on 8087040299

IRK12345 2022-04-27 15:13:49


Hi Prateek, please could add me to the group. I have 5 years old son, non-verbal and on autism.

ShamalW 2022-04-27 16:47:01


Please share your name and  WhatsApp mobile number.

IRK12345 2022-04-28 20:01:30


My Name is Isha Roy and whatsapp number +919850890321

kiran16 2022-05-14 23:40:36


Hi. My name is Kiran Arora. Please add me in the group.

Arpit28 2022-06-17 14:57:30


Hi Please add me in WhatsApp group as my son is having autism. 
Whatsapp Mob No. - 7276921044

Anrk 2022-06-19 13:47:07


Hi, I am parent of 6 year old son with ASD...can you please add me to the whatsapp group, my number is 8939307028

010415 2022-06-20 17:52:14


Same here ma'am.. I'm also looking for a good school.

Priyam2010 2022-09-05 12:24:55


Hi All,

My son is autistic. He is 10 years old.
Can you please add me to whatsapp group.
My Whatsapp number : 8763148509.

Also i need information about Therapy centers and schools in Pune. We have moved to Pune recently.

ArnavShende 2022-10-03 05:32:44


Hi Prateek

Could you please add us in the group , we are from US and would like to join this group

My son is 10 and has ASD

please add +1 551 689 6708 & +1 201 932 8176




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