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228sak 2016-09-28 12:04:34


Hi all,

Do anyone have any feedback for ASHA on marathahalli? Plz check the link below

npiyu 2016-09-28 12:33:47


hi friends i m mother of  3.5 yr old mild asd child
my child is mostly similar to ur  i want to know
after therapies wt improvment u see in ur chid
is he speaks by its own? or having parrot speech ?
wt terapies u follow .Is ur kid go to school?
thanks in advance

Mohini123 2016-11-26 15:42:47


Hi ice age mom
Have u joined dew drops bangalore....plc let me know...want feedback...I want to start it for my 4 yr old autistic son...plz reply 


Mohini123 2016-11-26 16:23:18


Do u have any idea about dew drops bangalore centre....planning to join from my 4 yr old son.
He is vocal but no communication....He also has lot of behaviour issues...If he needs anything he can't communicate and just screams and jumps...planning o join a a at dew drops bangalore.

davy 2017-02-14 01:02:04


Hi ,

I have a autistic son of 3 yrs old.Could you share your experince with Samvaad, How long are you taking your son there? Could you please share more details /feedback on center which you have went or heard 


Shibani12345 2017-02-17 17:03:30


my daughter is 3.7 years old and has mild autism. now we are moving to Bangalore. need some information regarding the therapies and good centres in Bellandur area. if anyone knows plz share the 
My contact no is 8237000345. please add me to the watsup group also
thanking you in advance

nivie 2017-05-02 13:10:14


Really .....these all centres are money minded.....before giving any solution they starts asking to deposit 18000 advanced payment . I think we as a parents can create one centre for our autistic kids....where they can play freely and can enjoy some activities...normal schools dont have expert special educators ..

flyingmamoth 2017-07-01 09:59:09


Here are few common threads and links which can be helpful, most helpful will be joining the Bangalore parents group in Wats app, I have posted the threads to those posts with a hope it gonna help someone. Never join any center until you had a discussion in the group. You can hear the real experience from the parents.

Join Wats app links

Like Facebook groups (Created by parents)

Clear your doubts at 


FightingAutism 2017-08-29 16:57:38


Hi Prema. I am also living in Uk and planning to move to Bangalore with my 6 year old Duagther to get the therapies like Ava, speech and OT done. Can I share how wa story experiences and also give me some recommendations. Thank you 

poonam1234 2017-09-13 17:59:04


Hi, Can somebody please add me to the whatsapp group for autism Bangalore ? My number is +821077510490. Thanks

itmmec 2017-10-16 06:36:42


Please add me to group 8884102226

Priy1 2017-10-26 19:56:01


Can try dewdrop learning jp nagar

Priy1 2017-10-26 19:57:32


Same here i can say its the best

KKJohn 2017-11-14 16:52:39


My kid who is 2years 11 months is getting assessed at NIMHANS, initial feedback is High-functioning Autism. Still need to get a MRI, EEG and then a conclusion from Neurologist, this is going to take another two months. in the mean time personal from NIMHANS suggested to get an early intervention, i am confused where to get the assessment done, few options are COMMDEALL (HRBR layout), BMI (behavior momentum India), VYDEHI Hospital. i stay in Whitefield. Please suggest me which is the best place for Assessment.
My son is going to a playschool and he says alphabets, numbers from 1-20 and sings few rhymes.


KKJohn 2017-11-14 16:59:38


I hope this will be of use, i have filtered the information in my earlier post from this


chandigarh 2017-11-19 16:19:27


hi all

I am trying to understand the problem of my 2 year daughter. We have seen a number of doctors since past one month but unfortunately haven€™t got any proper diagnosis for her. Some of them say she is in ASD spectrum.

As per our understanding, kids with ASD spectrum must have stereotypical/repetitive/stimming behaviors which she rarely does, hence, we would like to request you if from your experience with ASD kids, could you please confirm her working diagnosis (if she is in ASD spectrum or she has only language disorder with  behaviors inhibition/phobia

Major area of problem:

  1. language delay

  • No verbal language: does not speak any meaning full word at 2 year, no expressive language but receptive language ok

  • impaired Non-verbal language: Does not point from index finger, prefer hand leading, only recently started gestures (hello, bye, clapping etc)

  1. Social behavior

she is social at home (play ringa ringa, peek a boo, hide and seek etc) however, in social situations she is different person.

  • Very fearful in social/new situations

  • She does not like to greet/see any stranger, cry inconsolably if any stranger try to touch her/say hello or try to communicate with her anyways.  

  • Anxious in new places/people/situations

  • Does not like if we talk to strangers or any stranger visit our house

  • Phobia of narrow places

  • Phobia of torch/laser light

With careful observation we realized that it is not social deficit however, she does not like to play because of fear. However, once she is settled she starts playing with other kinds/adults (she took an almost a month in day care center to start playing with others).  However, now also, she plays with one kid and caregiver.

  1. Toe walking almost all time ever since she learned walking

  2. Very clingy with family members especially mother.

  3. Some restricted interests and sometimes line-up objects however not obsessive toward them. If we distract her, she stops that activity easily. Likes going to only a one particular swing out of 10 in a park nearby. Wants to watch/listen only one type of cartoon poems.

  4. Not easy going since birth, Irritated very easily


Positive points:

  1. She started social smile when she was three months old. Now also she exchanges smiles with her parents and grandparents and some known people (2-3).

  2. She invites us , her grandparents, our maid to play with her (games like ringa ringa rosie). Enjoy hide and seek/ peek aboo games.

  3. Normal eye contact with family members

  4. Eats almost every kind of food

  5. Wears almost every kind of texture

  6. Not afraid of sounds, noises, heights, water, speed, swings etc

  7. No unnecessary body movements

  8. Learns to play with toys appropriately

  9. Receptive language seems ok and understand tone of voice also

  10. She follow simple commands like, sit, stand, give me, eat, pass a toy

  11. She has started imitating few actions since last fifteen days (finger plays)

  12. She has started responding to her name (5 out of 10 calls)

  13. No stereotypical behavior or stimming

  14. No major hyper/hyposensitivity issue/ tantrums/metdowns

  15. Recognize us very well and feel affectionate with us. Hugs family members. Has stranger and separation anxiety.

  16. No major sleep/GI issues

  17. Looks at what we point to. Looks at us while doing some new activity like finger plays. Attract our attention.

Sorry for long post however, we would be highly thankful if anyone can provide their comments is she is in spectrum and  the typical symptoms of ASD are not visible due to her small age or she is not is spectrum and has other issues.


1234SOW 2018-01-20 15:34:48


Pls add me to whatsapp group 9886393881

pinnu 2018-02-13 17:23:33


Hi All,

I have done lot of evaluation for my 5 years son starting when he was 2.5 years. As per suggestion from Dr Nalini Menon from spastics I reached out to Vyedhi school but looks like they don't have free slot. Then I reached out to stepping stone center Karthik nagar as second option. Can some one give quick feedback on Stepping Stone. They are very expressive but if I get very good feedback then I would plan to go there.

I would request quick response. As I need to decide in next couple of days.

 Also if some one can add me to WhatsApp group, I will be grateful. my number is 861990044



hs123 2018-03-21 08:20:45


Hi all, Good to see so many parents of autistic kids here. I have an 5 year old daughter, who was diagnosed with mild autism and speech delay. I am taking her to behavorial therapy and speech therapy for the last 2.5 years. There is tremendous improvement in her speech, especially after going to samvaad. I am presently taking her to Samvaad, hebbal and people tree hospital, yeshwantpur. She was admitted to a regular school for her KG1, but now they are refusing to take her for KG2. Searching for schools for her now. Saw the discussions from 4 years till now. I wanted to know what schools are good for my child now? Also please add me to the WhatsApp group 9901158858.

shriankur 2018-03-21 13:45:05


Hi hs123 - Looks like you are living in North Bangalore/Hebbal area. We just now got admission in North Hills International school just behing Manayata Techpark.

They are still taking admissions for June term. Please try there. Its a good school.

hs123 2018-03-21 15:12:04


Hi shriankur Thank you for your suggestion. Do they take autistic kids too??

shriankur 2018-03-21 17:32:58


Yes search for Sarang in dropdown of website. Where do you live by the way?

hs123 2018-03-25 14:32:01


Hi shriankur We live in nelamangala presently. Our kid, is now nearing to 5 yrs. Everything was fine till she was if 11/2 year, then she was not progressing, doing the same things that she was doing. She loves legs and puzzles, and is very creative in that area. Her fine motor skills are also good. But she was not talking, no conversation of any sort. She would not ask for anything, even though she has good vocabulary. We took her to Academy for Severe Handicap and Autism (ASHA), Mahalaxmi layout, bangalore for assessment. She was diagnosed with mild autism and speech delay. We started behavorial and speech therapy from Sept 2016. She has improved a lot. We put her in a small pre school here and she did complete. We admitted to lower KG in a state syllabus school on tumkur road. After an year, they don't want to take her for upper KG. So we are searching schools for her. She is very obedient and good in class usually. But sometimes her mood is not good, she is not able to tell and continuously sobbing for 2 hours, doesn't listen to anybody. I want opinion about what to do about her sobbing? Do any of you have/had the same problem? If Yes, please give me what to be done to improve her. She is undergoing behavioural therapy at People Tree Hospital and speech from samvaad. Are there any practical solution for this?


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