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nimahesh 2014-06-17 10:00:18


            We are also planning to relocate to Bangalore and looking for centers for our 3 1/2 yr daughter who was diagnosed with PDD-NOS last year. She has been going for ABA therapy and OT for last 1 yr in Delhi and we would want to continue with same in Bangalore too. She lately got some speech, 2-3 words sentences and can sing nursery rhymes etc. So we would want to go for speech/language developement sessions also. We have been to Stepping stones Bangalore yesterday and visiting Samvaad and Five India tomorrow.

Any information on good ABA based centers/OT/Speech therapy centers near South Bangalore will be of great help.


ashu07 2014-06-17 11:29:04


hi nimahesh try creativesmile autism services @ marathalli, I am sending my child.. they are doing good .. you can try octave, samvad, BMI too

ssusi 2014-06-17 22:56:11


HI I am Autism mom living in Bangalore. I am organizing a parents support group meeting on 29th June 2014, Sunday 2:00pm to 4:30 pm. for further details please e mail me at http://https//

Thank You.


mizzs 2014-06-18 06:12:32


Great job ssusi:)

mizzs 2014-06-18 06:26:22


ooops, what are those symbols there for?

mizzs 2014-06-18 06:53:01


Titas...this is for you...a long one.

Sorry for the delay in has been busy. Plus I saw that you had messaged Aanchal and figured that she would have given the information you seek.

Aanchal has always been gracious even when I butt in on threads directed at her (unknowingly, I'll admit), so here I'll add to whatever she has passed on to you. In all probability it is a repeat but I'll write it anyway:) This is something I wrote elsewhere but I think it applies to you and other moms who've just learned about their child's diagnosis.

How you advocate for your child is going to be more important than what all the professionals do for your child. How do you figure out what is right or wrong when you get contradictory messages? Mostly it comes down to learning about the condition and managing the professionals.

It would be nice to have a one stop treatment system but unfortunately it is a case of several kinds of treatments working together to help children with autism.

The most important (as per evidence based practices) are speech therapy, developmental OT and ABA.

In India there is a common misconception among parents that speech therapy is about speaking or talking alone. Actually, it is about language as a whole. Speech is one part of the language piece-the expressive part. You have the processing piece where the brain has to process the information thrown out at you (figuratively) as speech or print (reading). If your brain processes language correctly it leads to understanding-the receptive language piece. A child with autism (even if he is non-verbal) needs all three parts of language skills to be addressed. The child with autism has very different needs from a child who doesn't talk, say because of a tongue tie. There the child is unable to produce the speech sounds because of an actual impediment to use the tongue freely. A child with autism has more needs than that so when you meet a speech therapist ask questions about how he/she will target your child's language needs.

The speech therapist should also work on social skills-because social language or pragmatic language is part of the whole package:) Skills like taking turns, asking for help are part of the social skill  set-even a child who is currently non verbal has to be taught to ask through gestures or other modes.

The first step is always an assessment-the speech therapist MUST do an initial language evaluation to get the baseline measure. Then the professional should EXPLAIN the following:

1)      What skills the test measured

2)       How your son attended during the sessions (test scores can be affected by many factors-even if the child is hungry)

3)      How the skill deficits will impact his progress. (Think about not being able to do 2+2...what is the impact in practical life-how can you handle money? How about time management?) In this manner the therapist must explain why your child needs to learn certain skills. There is another advantage to this...if a therapist can explain these things, you can check on the net as well. Then you'll know if the therapist is really skilled in his/her job. After all we all want skilled professionals don't we?

4)      You must get homework...yes you, the parent, must get homework. The therapist must explain to you how you must target the same skills that he/she is targeting in therapy. 30 or 45 minutes session will not do the trick for your child. You must work on those skills in many ways in many contexts throughout the day. When your child is older, the therapist will also have to guide the teachers on his needs. Children with autism need a lot of help with generalizing skills from one setting to another. So if a therapist doesn't give you the necessary work after every session beware! It doesn't take a lot of is part of the job requirement. So address these requirements before your hire the services of a therapist.

5)      The therapist must meet with you at least once in three months and review the progress...not testing again (that is usually done once every year) but like the PTA meetings in school. You as a parent are entitled to answers-remember no one is doing you a favor. You are paying for services and this progress report is part of the services.

The speech therapist is one of the most important persons in your child's life. So take time to find a skilled one.

6) Your job is to stay at the therapy centre and watch what happens and ask a 1001 questions. The biggest compliment you can get from a professional is that you are a pushy parent. I can tell you that we professionals LIKE pushy parents. We know your child will get somewhere:) Unless it is an emergency, don't drop your kid off at therapy and go shopping!

Developmental occupational therapist: You notice I say developmental? That's because you need someone trained to work with children, not OTs who work with adults (who may need OT after an accident). Children with autism usually have sensory processing difficulties-may be tactile defensiveness, oral sensitivities (wanting certain kinds of food alone), problems with personal space, difficulty with certain sound frequencies. The best person to work on these is an OT. Once again there must be an initial evaluation (which includes your input in the form of a questionnaire)...the initial eval tells the professional where the child's difficulties lie and how to progress to the next step. Just like the speech therapist, the OT must give you homework, explain the day's activities and responsibilities on work ethics are the same!


ABA is a very specific scientific method. It is highly specialized, just like any other specialist treatment it can be expensive. We often see parents struggle with the idea of paying for something which looks like what anyone can do. Progress is dependent on the skill of the trainer. In places where such services are not available, I know parents train themselves by reading up on the information to help their children. As a professional in a related field I wouldn't recommend any parent go to someone without proper certification. They may charge less, they may even be able to do the job well, but there is no way of knowing if the quality of services will be on par with what a certified professional (who has gone through an intensive training program) can do. At the same time, it is a quandary for middle class parents. The best you can do in these circumstances is to be a proactive parent and learn to ask the right questions.

Fact is, a child with disabilities has needs which require expensive treatments. This is one very good reason for parents to engage in advocacy groups and fight for legislation and financial support. Be vocal as a group, find support from the community of NT parents. There is a long fight ahead but that is no reason not to start.

There are other treatments which are gaining popularity...there is some evidence coming in about the GCFC diet. Parents will be able to help you with that.

Play is another important requirement for a child with autism is up a nice play area and encourage the neighbourhood kids to drop in. Let your child have the opportunity to be in the same room or play side by side. Teach the other kids to involve him in their play. For this your play area must be really enticing, but it is worth having the kids interact with him. If they ask questions, be matter of fact in your explanations. If they make fun of him, don't get defensive. Instead ask "Why do you think that?" Or even "Do you think that it is ok to say something like that?" It is very important that your child spend time with NT (neurotypical) kids. Advocacy is a difficult thing because it means you have to push your instinctual responses back and act like it didn't bother you. But it is important to keep your child visible for his sake now, and for the future. That is the only way others will learn to accept him. 

Also, check if your therapist turns off the cell phone while working with your kid. very important in the Indian context!



mizzs 2014-06-18 06:53:28


yes! got it right this time:)

mitaali 2014-06-18 17:15:15


Hi Mizzs ,  ur post is very useful esp for confused mothers like me who are now learning abt Autism and how we can help our  kids. thanks a lot for taking this effort ..
However I have a question , how do I know if I have reached to a 'good' therapist  , we being totally ignorant abt these therapies canbe taken for the time we see if any  progress has been made or not , we might have already lost time ..

 Former member 2014-06-18 21:15:31


Thanks Mizzs for such a strong help. Really it will help many parents like me. Friends - I need some more help from all of u. Went to few clinics for discussions . Eg - Comm Deall , Five India , Wings O Change ( Indiranagar) .Not able to decided amongst these - as there are no reviews / feedback available about these centres. Totally confused. Also all these centres asks for huge amount. Please provide ur feedback.

ssusi 2014-06-18 23:06:35


Thank you Mizzs :)

mizzs 2014-06-24 05:57:24



this is where it gets tricky...we are still working on implementing several procedural norms in India...for example I know that  ISHA (Indian speech and hearing association) has annual conferences and such. Their website has a 'locate a professional' button but nothing happens when you click on it. And for such a large country it has only 2500 registered members....maybe the association recognizes only some programs even though we have mushrooming colleges offering courses. It is hard to say how the programs are evaluated.

In the are some points to think about.
1. Find out where the therapist went to college....not all colleges have good programs or good lab supervision. Look for reviews about the college programs. Check if the therapist has the degree prominently displayed. This is important. I have reliable sources who mentioned that at least in two cases where a mom with a child who had articulation errors decided to open a speech therapy clinic and offered the same services to every child who came through that door!i am sure it is much more common than that because we can't yet check professional certificates. (For eg, in other countries professional have to register to professional organizations and you can check their registration details and such to make sure they are legit.) 

2. I have a very good reason for mentioning that homework piece. I have met with parents who sent their child to speech therapy, only to be told that everything is being taken care of in sessions...the only communication they received was the reminder that the fees were due by the 5th of each month! Why? Not working on the skills at home ensures continued services and therefore continued income for the therapist! The child made no progress for 6 months! 6 months at 2-3 years is such a big chunk of time in the child's language development! So if any therapists says no, I'll take care of know there's something fishy!

3. Therapists who work with children with autism must have a sound knowledge of the receptive and progressive language piece. They must also be able to explain to you about echolalia and theory of mind. If they can't explain these to you then they probably don't understand much about autism. They must also know about the oral sensory issues in autism. Find out if they know about sensitization techniques...feeding is  a very essential part of speech and language coursework. 

4. Anytime a therapist tries to make light of a problem or make grand assurances about how he/she will teach your child to speak or 'cure' your child...beware. There is a difference between giving parents hope and trying to sell their services.


najju2010 2014-11-07 03:34:31


Hi Prema,

My son has been diagnosed having autism. He is 4 years old. I moved from Canada to stay in Bangalore for a bit. Can you let us know where your son is getting the therapy. I am assuming it'll be little difficult & challenging to find all therapies under one shelter(as in speech, occupational & behaviour). Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks in advance for your support.

prakash18 2015-01-05 13:50:16


Hi Nimahesh,

Good to see in this parentree forum.
My name is prakash and We are planning to relocate to Bangalore.
I have 3 yr daughter who is having ASD.She got some speech, 2-3 words .So we would want to go for speech/language developement sessions .
Could you please suggest any information on good ABA based centers/OT/Speech therapy centers in Bangalore will be of great help.

ashu07 2015-01-05 19:21:09


hi prakash there are lot of centers here in banglore samvaad com deall BMI etc.. my child is going to creativesmile in marath halli, she picked up speech here after 7 years.

prakash18 2015-01-05 21:25:38


Hi Ashu,
Thanks for the reply.
If you dont mind could you please provide me contact details of the creativesmile.


sidhumom1 2015-01-13 19:21:39


Hi...I appreciate all the members of this group for sharing Your thoughts and experience. Its very useful and knowledgeable. I am mother of 4yr old autistic kid. He was diagnosed at the age of 2. Was not even calling me amma,completely non verbal. I took him to nimhans, samvad and many private clinics too..I understood one thing on a bigger setup lik nimhans and samvad we get served by students who learn how to Teach.private clinics are just money minded.

ashu07 2015-01-13 19:40:27


hi sidhumom1 good to know your views, hope your kid doing better now. I myself always encourage parents to send their kids to centers where they allow parents inside, so there we can observe directly as well we can learn ourselves


sidhumom1 2015-01-13 21:26:04


Yeah true.I always sit along during session. I found a group intervention setup at marathahalli a year back.We got speech therapy, behavioral intervention and special education,daily 3 hrs. It ws a small setup Bt thy made sure kids get individual attention. I send my child for 1 yr there.and now my child is in an integrated setup at my home town which I never expected so soon.I wasted around 1.5yrs behind different doctors and clinics. Now I am happy that he can communicate his needs. And now m very much thankful to the person behind parenttree, I got so many info reading comments :)

Ratan76 2015-04-13 10:00:50


Hi All,

I have 2 year kid and she has been diagnosed mild autism. She does not talk, does not point finger to anything, She rarely respond to her name.
I got analysis done for her at NIMHANS and Spastic society of Karnataka.
I had been to Reach Clininc (Dr Yashshwini) She is asking to start the therapy at Spastic.
Can any one suggest me if Spastic is good place to start Speech, Behaviour and Occupational Therapy.

Please help me . I am really confused.


Desperate father.


ashu07 2015-04-13 10:43:28


Hi Ratan76
Your child requires early intervention.. spastics is good.. could try even comm deal as well

Ratan76 2015-04-14 14:06:28


Hi Simran Nataraj (Dazed Parent),

I saw your comments on

Did you get any good therapist who can come to home and give therapy.

Also from which therapy centre did you get therapy.

If possible please share your contact number.

My number is 9886295720.

I request you, please contact me.

A disparete father.


Ratan76 2015-04-14 14:08:08


Thanks Ashu07.

Do you have any details of private therapist for speech and other therapy.

Please let me know. or call me at 9886295720

Ratan76 2015-04-14 14:11:23


Hi Sidhumom1,

Can you please share with me details of the setup at Marathalli...

My number is 9886295720 and mail id is .

Please help.


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