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prems15 2014-03-14 04:29:36


I have a 31/2 years old son who is diagnosed with Autism and we live in UK. 
We have an ABA home program running for my son. He  responded very well for ABA. It is difficult to get tutors for ABA program in the place am living in UK. So, our timeslots reduced from 19 hours to 9 hours now because of lack of tutors. So, my son's progress is in slow pace.My son is having sensory problems (mostly in touch, repetitive actions like flapping). He started saying few words after ABA started. He needs speech therapy also as he has low muscle tone. But in UK, we do not have ST, OT support and doing private is very expensive which is difficult for us to afford.
I am not working but my husband is working here.I was planning to go India (Bangalore) for a year because I came to know about a very good ABA consultant in Bangalore. Also, I heard that very good ST, OT are available in Bangalore. But I have to leave my husband here and live alone in Bangalore with the help of my mother only because my father passed away.Regarding family support, I do not have much except my mother and very few relatives.
My son is very obsessive to go into a hospital and would not co-operate for any test.  Even he would not let the doctors do basic check with stethescope. We gave sedation and took the hearing test for him here in UK. I am confused whether to go Bangalore for a year (or) stay back here and hunt for tutors to increase the ABA hours. To get a clear picture, I am posting this.
My concerns are: How good are ABA tutors in Bangalore? Smart,talented and playful enough to work with autism children?Also, how about the Mainstream Paediatricians? How much the doctors and other medical professionals understand about the autistic behaviours and give treatment?I heard about Kara school in Indira nagar which is having specific lab (Early Intervention and Multi-sensorial Therapy Centre)for special needs children. Could someone please give me feedback on this school?Is it possible to stay safe in Bangalore without husband's physical support and do all therapies like ABA, OT, ST?Please share your thoughts.
Thanks in advance

playdoh 2014-03-14 14:22:15


Hi Prema 15,
I am in Bangalore since 4 yrs and what I can say is this - there are lot of ABA centers and therapists in Bangalore like BMI and Dewdrops but I would personally recommend ABA therapist Suruchi Sancheti (+91 9980135754). ABA centers run very commercially here and there is no guarantee as to how much money and time you will have to waste before you see a result. Before going for ABA do go for people who are qualified. For speech - Samvaad Institute of hearing and speech ( U can Google it for PH nos, no personal experience), Namrata Pai (+91 9880069112 ), Five therapy centers ( speech and OT  / Google it!), Octave speech and hearing - are the reliable ones. For good assessment you can got to Comdeall. I have been to some of these places and they are quite good but I cant compare with UK services. I do not claim  that all of them will be helpful for your son as sometimes combinations of all do work better or may be one is not working out so you have to look for change. there are many that you may Google it out and also discuss the fees and cost before taking decision.

prems15 2014-03-18 17:54:31


playdoh - Thank you so much for lots of information. It would be really helpful for me.

We plan to give ABA for 3 hours in the morning and leave my son in a pre-school for the afternoon so that he can get social skills. When I searched online, I found this Kara school at Indira nagar has a Special needs lab. 
Do anyone have personal experience with any pre-school which is flexible in timing (only for afternoon), accepts Autism children, give them good care and safety and having good curriculum to teach? Because my son is non-verbal but started to speak few words. He could not explain what is happening at school. Please help. Thanks in advance.


Malar1234 2014-03-20 11:39:45


Found this info from another website
"Hello all, I am not sure abt expereince abt normal kids but parents of special needs kids please stay away from them.  They take a lot of money in the name of shadow and most of time Ayahs work with them. Special Educator Savita is more business minded that child focussed who suggets all therapies under her wing to all kids without deciding which kid requires what. They take money on the name of 1:1 therpay and do group therapy for kids which is absolutely rubbish"

prems15 2014-04-04 03:18:10


Thank you, Malar & Robinthomas

dazedparent 2014-04-21 00:55:29


Hi everyone,

My son is 2.5 years old and he falls under the mild category of autism spectrum. He has a very good cognitive ability, speaks when prompted and well behaved - understanding simple instructions. However, the major concern is that he doesn't speak on his own, and lacks social skills - not mingling with kids. This brought me to an understanding that he may be under the autism spectrum. 

I have been watching a few videos on youtube and have a fair idea about ABA therapy. But I am afraid that I would not be able to adopt it since I am unaware of the professional training the speech therapists undergo, so I need professional help for my son. I had taken him to ASHA and Octave (both are really good) . They also came to a conclusion that he mainly lacks in speech and social skills only. I would be starting the therapy with them very soon. 

But my major concern is if there are any private OT and speech therapists available in Bangalore?

If yes, please let me know. 

Secondly, apart from the professional help I would seek from institutes, I do want to try out personal tutors for my son before he starts preschool. (since I have watched a large number of videos on youtube - the success rate is almost 100% with the help of personal speech therapists at home).

So kindly let me know where I could find a one-on-one all day long speech therapists and OT in Bangalore?



shriankur 2014-05-06 11:14:18


Hi Prema, You did not find good therapies in UK special preschools? Anyway I'm also in UK. My son is 3 yrs old & recently diagnosed with Autism. We have decided to shift back to Bangalore at least for an year.
It was tough call but considering family support I took this decision. Also my suggestion would be either both of u stay back to UK or move together because kid need as much support of father as of mother. As far as ABA in Bangalore is concerned you can also try Daksk as well.


mitaali 2014-05-16 17:50:27


Dear parents ,

My son (2.5 yrs) has been recently being diagnosed into ASD , he responds to us , expresses himselves , loves playing with us , understand simple instructions , however his speech is limited to babbling with no meaningful words
Am currently visiting various centers , Five, Com deall,Octave , Hope for Autism (Suruchi Sancheti) , Dewdrops , but am totally confused  which one should I opt for , can anyone plz help me with their feedback ?
Also is there any Institute where I as a parent can get training on how and what should I do at home to help my child ?
Also , if am not asking too much for  , but if any of you can suggest names of  home based speech therapist in bangalore ..?


abhisheksy 2014-05-16 22:36:49


Would you please tell me the name of the doctor who has diagnosed him autism at the age of 2.5 despite showing the habits you have mentioned? Or he has been earlier diagnosed with autism& then improved. My should go to nimhans Bangalore for expert opinions.

mitaali 2014-05-17 14:32:42


Thanks abhisheksy  ....We started with my son's diagnosis , while he was 1 yr 11 month , our primary concern was on communication/speech . However the child psychologist said he might be into spectrum though too early to say ,primarily 'coz
1) He was not pointing
2) Making eye contacts but not for long and not consistently.
3) Speech delay
4) Not much of social interaction.
5) Hyperactive
6) Would play with door knobs , wheels of his tricycle , light switches , etc
Both of us are working and though I took career break till he turned 1yr , however I do admit over the course of time , I dint realized I havn't been able to give him the time which he deserves  ( and I would ever be able to forgive myself for that) .During weekend and after office hours we used to spend time together . But I think i was missing on techniques to make him learn new things ....

Child phsychologist suggested us to visit her after 3-4 months . However after this diagnosis , we did make it a point to limit his TV exposure, spend more time, make him learn new things (which he used to do , but on his own) .
His eye contacts improved , as well as his sitting tolerance , we are now able to play things like catch/throw balls , hide and seek , peek a boo, run/catch , bubbles play etc.
His social interaction also improved  , but since his communication is still a problem hence with kids he is not able to play , though he would approach them  , smile at them .
He also developed  pointing skills but not to the extent his doctor's would have expected . His obsession for doorknobs , etc also reduced as he became more interactive with us.

When we went to Child physchologist again , and mentioned abt these improvement points , she almost negated them and said he should have been marked as ASD 3 months back only. At the time of his 2nd evaluation i.e. while he was 2 years 3 months, he still lacked in
1) Expressive/receptive speech/communication, though he expresses thro' smiles , gestures ,
2) Pointing skills are not up to the mark
3) Still hyperactive
Though it was not a detailed assessment , but 15-20 mins discussion and though I was mentally prepared to accept reality , but the way we were told about the diagnosis , I felt she herself needs some  lessons to communicate with parents, esp when such difficult news are to be delivered ...
She suggested for ABA/ Speech Therapy at her center . But somehow am not comfortable to go to her again either for evaluation or therapies.

We also went to Nimhans for second opinion, however looking at the reports/diagnosis  what the earlier doctor suggested , they too suggested the same , however mentioned that its a mild to moderate case , and we should help the child  to improve his communication which in turn will help him on Socia interaction (however though a gov hospital where they have to deal with loads of patients , doctor listened to us very patiently , observed the child , and the way she spoke , gave us a lot of hope and optimism....)

So now here we are ...moving from one therapy center to other , still to finalize which one to choose ...


playdoh 2014-05-19 17:04:06


Hi Mitaali,
I am from Bangalore too and your state is just tha same like mine few years back. There were over- diagnosis, mis-diagnosis and many things but as you mention about your son, it was same with my son too. He was doing it all but the speech was lagging behind and one therapist told us not to go for speech therapy as he would parrot talk and we have been to many speech therapist since then who have not been able to treat and make him talk though verbal Imitation has come.
If Nimhans has made the diagnosis and its Mild ASD I think speech therapy ( 5 days a week) and ABA/ VBA( 3-5 days a week) sessions with Suruchi would be the best start. Make sure you are there with the kid in every session and follow it closely as the kid is too small. Follow up at home is very important what ever goes in session. Dewdrops in Bangalore is a complete bluff, they don't teach pECs nor sign and I have seen kids coming there for 3+years and still have behavior and tantrums believe me.
I have learned one thing so far and that is, Speech therapy for a normal child and for ASD kids need different approach. If speech therapy sessions are not motivating enough and the therapist goes on drilling without knowing what the child is able to, it is of no use. Go to those who have experience with ASD kids.

mitaali 2014-05-20 11:12:34


Thanks a lot playdoh ..for your response and feedback ..

mizzs 2014-05-20 22:43:04


Sorry, had to respond. 
Speech therapy is a MUST for children with autism. Remember speech therapy is not only about speech-it  is about receptive language and communication. Whoever said the going to speech therapy will make the child parrot talk is misinformed or lacks proper knowledge.  Find a speech therapist who went to a school with a good program and they should be able to guid you. Half baked programs address speech therapy as being about 'speech' alone.

playdoh 2014-05-21 16:02:50


I didn't mean speech therapy is not important but what I meant is I was guided by such therapist who told my son would parrot talk if given to speech therapy sessions and we lost the time henceforth. There are many therapist who claim to have worked with ASD kids but actually have little knowledge to bring about a change.

 Former member 2014-06-13 12:11:21


Hi , My son ,2.4 yrs has bèen diagonised with ASD last week. Desparately seeking for help. Already met Dr.Chitra Sankar - she didn't give us any clue of any good centre. Met Dr Yashashini Kamaraju also. Also visited couple of centres eg - COMM DEALL and Samvaad Institute.. just getting lost by seeing people's money making nature . Can anyone suggest us a particular centre which can help in all programs like - Speech , ABA, OT n etc. Can't able to decide. We live in Whitefield. So checking out options like - COMM DEALL , HOpe for autism ( suruchi sancheti ) , Fiveindia , Samvaad , winds o change etc. Or if anyone can give me a better option which is not listed here also would be of great help. Please friends suggest us some good option with ur honest feedback. Just feeling helpless.

mizzs 2014-06-13 13:20:10


the Hanen Program is presenting two parenting workshops in Mumbai this year.

Check if you are able to attend. Last year in November there was a workshop in. Bangalore as well. Do email the trainer on the Hanen page and ask for Hanen certified providers in Bangalore...

All the best.


 Former member 2014-06-13 15:06:44


Hi Creative Smile , Can u plz give me the details of these. Does Only ABA is enough ? Plz get in touch with me or share ir details. My email id - or u can call me also at 9739281353. Please share the information at the earliest. Many many thanks for ur reply. Titas

mizzs 2014-06-13 15:19:22


Titas, Here you go...list of certified ABA professionals in from the ABA site...

 Former member 2014-06-13 15:21:44


Mizzas , Would love to attend any and every program for my son. If he gets a new nd fresh life I can dp anything. But at present no interventions has started yet. Time is flying. Every 1 is saying if we start early can get atleast some results. But at the same time its a racket and people wants to make money by playing wid our emotions .so at this stage station leave is not at all possible. Would be great if any of our friends can help us for a new start. Friends please help us. Can't see my child in this vegetative stage. Please provide honest feedback.

 Former member 2014-06-13 15:37:18


Thanks Mizzas once again. It's really helpful. But my query was different. As we r very new tto this domain and have very limited knowledge - so hardlt have knowledge on wot exactly helps the kids with Autism spectrum disorder - to overcome or narrow down the symptoms. Also trying to gather information from therapist or from known circle ( friends or friends of friend ) . But I guess wotever knowledge is getting is colored. So need a course or therapy or intervention which will cover all the aspects . Not only speech or OT or ABA. Will actually help my small prince to live a new life. Need a overall Developmental System . Please help me .

mitaali 2014-06-13 18:19:07


HI Creativesmile , can you plz give the reference/details  of ABA therapist  you mentioned  to my email id ?


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