Autism : Return to India Vs stay in the USA

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Moon14 2017-12-20 14:05:37


Hi Rkrishna, 

I am staying in Hyderabad and foreseeing some autism symptoms in my kid. 
Can I get your no. so that I can further get your guidance?

Many thanks,


Thuthisha 2017-12-21 16:30:02


Hi, I'm also have same confusion as staying in India r go back to USA. We have returned India,a month back only . Actually, for my son only he have returned here. After came here only we r diagnosed autism. So , we are thinking of to go back USA. As u said I don't have any relation there. More over, we asked our pediatrician in USA about his behaviors from 18months itself but she said nothing to wrong. India only, our pediatrician diagnosed as autism. I'm expecting ur valuable suggestions???

duggi 2017-12-28 02:48:20


hi priyanka 
after reading your post I feel this is story is so much like mine. Even I am in dilemma should I stay here in Bay Area or go back to mumbai or Bangalore. 


anooha 2017-12-28 17:12:46


We are planning to relocate back to US ( San Antonio TX) to take care of my 3 old Son's therapy needs. I will have to confirm the decision within few days and inform my employer to start the process.
One major thing which is still haunting me is the expenses for ABA. Right now he is given 10hrs/week and we would like to continue it in US as well. We are also looking forward to get an IEP worked out for him,
My employer provided insurance plan says  "Coverage is limited to 60 visits per calendar year for Autism Physical,OT & ST combined with habilation services". 60 visits, irrespective of hours/visit" will not be enough and I'm now looking for an additional children insurance.
But most of them have high premium and support up to 35 visits. Now I'm planning to contact an insurance broker  through my cousin in US.

Anybody faced similar problems and it would be great if experience can be shared on how insurance with adequate coverage was obtained.

12asj 2018-01-04 22:09:28


HI GilBaki, 

can an you please add my no on telegram and what€™s app group 9082363959

GilBaki 2018-01-10 05:06:20


anooha , 

 reg your insurance you said - My employer provided insurance plan says  "Coverage is limited to 60 visits per calendar year for Autism Physical,OT & ST combined with habilation services". 60 visits, irrespective of hours/visit" will not be enough and I'm now looking for an additional children insurance.

 How did you confirm this? Is it stated in the BOB in your insurance plan. May be you can call the insurance and confirm. 

 Here's is how it works : Most states i believe either cover or dont cover Autism (ABA ). This comes under rehabilitation ,  habilitation , behavioural health services seperately. But mostly if the insurance covers autism then they cover ABA, no limit on speech, no limit on OT. If they dont then comes the speech 30 hrs / year , OT xx hrs/yr like that. Some insurance clearly states this in their BOB. Some dont. Please take policy after researching all this. 

 Our case : We did this mistake without knowing and its a long battle. we waited for a complete year then took new insurance through market place ( Obama care) . The premium , out of pocket etc all together should come arround 9000 / 10,000 depending upon the policy.
You can choose a plan which covers ABA through market place - its called child only policy. You and your dependents may continue with your employer except this child since he has a seperate one. But there are many in texas taking ABA therapy. May be you can check with them to give better idea since i belong to a different state and each state is different.

Maggy2018 2018-01-10 05:25:39


Hi Gilbaki 

I always follow your posts and I know you have good knowledge about all the ASD groups and websites
I have a quick question I read a lot on "AutismWeb" regarding any information but from past 10 days the website is unavailable do you have any idea about this and could you please tell me is there any other websites and ASD groups I can follow to gain the knowledge 



GilBaki 2018-01-10 06:52:26


Thank you. Even we are not sure about it. You can check this is a good website for ASD. You can check my previous post that gives you groups about ASD in facebook. You can text your num to my inbox if you want to join wats app or telegram groups.

Maggy2018 2018-01-10 06:58:46


I sent you my number Could you please check and let me know 

Mn14 2018-01-28 16:52:29


Hi Carlo, could u pls share the doctor details whom u have consulted in Hyd and also abt the therapies. Thanks

rahi1212 2018-02-06 22:13:21


Hi Thuthisha and Anooha,
How have your experiences been in India? I am assuming that you are already in India and have tried a few places for your child. We are considering relocating from US to Hyd, since we did observe in US that special school facilities are good (with or without insurance), but developmental progress is not so great. We did have our kid in a special school for almost a year and it was one of the best in NJ.


abcd0 2018-02-07 08:17:53


Hi I need some advice. I have got an assignment in Chicago and need to move there next month. My son has shown good progress in Chennai through school and OT. His speech therapy was started 3 months back and he is now showing some 5 words.he is now 2.7yrs. I was planning to put him into an inclusive school in Chennai and secured admissions for prekg but yet to pay the fees which are due in next 2 days. Now I have my work assignment which has been confirmed. So I'm wondering with everything set in Chennai, should I still make the move to family along or leave behind family. If I take family, how long would it take to get my sons therapy started near Chicago? Will I be able to get admission in a good school there. How do I handle his commute to school and therapy. If my assignment turns out to be long term should I still keep him India. My fear is that social interaction for him will reduce in USA. His therapy will have a break due to the process of re diagnosis and then finding a therapist. His speech that he has gained will be lost and he may continue to struggle with speech if therapy is not there for sometime. Plz advise. Excuse the issue of line breaks as I'm typing from phone.

ihope 2018-02-07 09:22:09


Hello abcd0

for now stick with chennai. Though i have not lived in US , i can for sure say that settling up and then finding ur needs over there would take minimum 1-3 months. Then its insurance which might take few weeks and you should chk whther such therapies are covered by that.

rather stick with what you have found now and you go do the ground work and then think of moving your family.

i am a mom of a child who have left her in chennai for therapies. i live in a different country,

if you dont mind, may i ask the school name you have secured admission for ur child? 
i am looking for the schools info

Good luck!!

 Former member 2018-02-07 10:23:39


@ abcd0, Chicago weather is normally very bad. Also, getting into School IEP service and starting Other therapies will take minimum 4 months.  So my suggestion is, you first come and see the situation, then you can take ur family with you. 

GilBaki 2018-02-07 16:41:13



  some options are already suggested , i'd like to add few more . 
1. you have special education in school for kids age 21/2 to 5 where they take speech , OT twice a week for an hour like that. then special educators and assistant in the class help the child in class room. 
2. You have exclusive aba here (if you have the right insurance) , some prefer sending the kid to aba in the morning , then to school in the afternoon and some days day care. you can inform the school and that u 'll send him for 3 days then mix and match therapy and daycare. 
3. This is popular now a days , sending an aba therapist to child's day care and they work with the child inside her day care class room. Good results in this option too. 

Also here we need to educate ourself about shots /vaccines. we have flu shots every 6 months (which is optional) and some vaccines which are booster in India is mandatory here. Its parents duty to educate ourself and you can also go for vaccine exemption - pls chk chicago state policy for this. I know few parents in chicago who are having kids in the same age. You can talk to them for more info.

abcd0 2018-02-07 18:15:02


Thanks ihope, chialse, Gilbaki for your quick and insightful responses So I'm thinking I go in March and then think abt getting my son in May. Will I be able to enquire and setup diagnosis appointments with him being in India? I heard schools start in August there. So does it mean even therapy takes a break until Aug? Can ABA be done in school or home? Thinking that I don't want to do day care unless really required. Any advantage of day care if he can be taken care of at home?

GilBaki 2018-02-07 18:24:53


You can book an appointment with doctors , ABA therapist and school and there's lot of paperwork and process which normally take 2 - 4 months. You can inform and bring your son for appointment at the said date. Yes schools have summer break and reopen in August. So after accessing your child normally they take 30 days to intake your kid in school. But Aba therapy doesn't stop or no breaks other than public holidays. Again you need to find an Aba therapy centre which does not have a waiting list at the same time please enquire local about the results in the centre. Day care is the place where kids meet typical child. We can take care of our kid well but they need typical kids to follow and play thats how socializing develops at an early age. 
Being in foreign land socializing becomes and issue due to many reasons. Weather , commutation etc etc. but if you have a good environment in your apartment then its not a problem. 

qass 2018-02-08 00:49:20


All other aspects aside, if you have secured admission for your child in an inclusive school, pls stick to that. Its difficult to do that in the US and you might feel bad about the decision later if your child gets placed in a Special class and you wish he was in a regular school in chennai. Since you have a therapy track goign and seeing improvementm my personal recommendation is to stick to that. You can always get another oppurtunity to the US later if you want and you can revisit this decision.

ihope 2018-02-08 07:32:00


Hello abcd0

am not trying to be offensive.. would you point out the reason why you like to take the child with you?
1.Dont you have enough support here? like taking the kid for classes and school?
or enough ppl at home? like grand parents?
2. Do you think treatment in U.S would be better?

Reason why am asking is.. you have mentioned your child is responding well.
provide him that oppurtunity... do not break that ambience...once you are confident that he will pick from there, then you can take him wherever you want.

Because i also thought that with 3 months of therapy i brought my girl with me.. when she was 2 and half years old.
But now i regret, that it should have been a stretch of an year or so... 

Every month counts duing there 2-5 yrs . think and decide.... 

All the best. Which part of chennai are you in? 

abcd0 2018-02-08 12:13:29


@ ihope:
1) I have good support here. Stay with my parents (grand parents for my son) & they are active.
2) Expecting treatment (Therapy) to be better in US.

Can you detail out why you regret your decision. What impact did it have on your daughter?

1) Why do you say it is difficult to get admission in US? Arent all schools in USA inclusive? One of the reasons for considering move to USA is because I feel the school will be better for him there.
2) your question on getting another opportunity later on is so true. Makes me revisit my decision points. I have been earlier in USA (as a bachelor & not knowing anything abt ASD then) & reason for me coming back was being fed up of the monotonous life there. I need ppl around.

@GilBaki: thanks for inputs again.


Below is what I feel about my comparison. Plz tell me if I have understood the USA setup properly and if it will be better than in india.

My son is 2.7yrs old & eligible only for Pre-Kg this yr. Reason for trying to get him into Pre-KG is that I may not get addmission directly into LKG for this big city schools.

US (Expectation)                                                                 |          India (current)Play School                                                                                    Secured admission in Inclusive Playway method school PreKG                                                                                                         Popular Big Name School State board from higher; Chennai rank -19                                                                                                        Supposedly difficult to get admission
Expecting School with OT/Speech integrated                               Separate OT/Speech
OT - expecting 2 hrs /wk                                                                Current OT - 4 sessions of 45 mins/wk
Speech - expecting 2hrs/wk                                                           Current Speech                                                                                                         - going to 2 different places as I was desperate 3 months back when i couldnt get any place                                                                                                         - 2 sessions of 30 mins/wk - experianced therapist & showing results (Mom is inside with kid; this helps practice at home)                                                                                                        - 3 sessions of 45 mins/wk - newbie but highly active & showing some minor improvement
ABA - Expecting 2 sessions/wk                                                        No ABA (very far)
Travel - Planning on getting apt/house near school so that he can walk to school      Travel - Goes in car/auto, mostly his grand father drives him and his mother is always accompanying for therapy
not comfortable in sending him in school bus in USA
Work: expecting 1-1.5 hrs travel by train/bus                                  My Work: 2 hrs travel each way. commute for kid is handled by mom office is in heart of downtown(city)
planning to stay in suburb near Indian community & walk to school
Social Interaction:                                                                              Social Interaction:  Expecting this to be limited                                                                Staying with Grand Parents so high interaction with them.                                                                                                            Relatives visit often, good interaction with them                                                                                                           House Maids interaction at times                                                                                                           Watchmen interaction                                                                                                           Formed a few age group friends, so play dates 1-2 times a month

This is my comparison of how I see things panning out based on info from you all as a comparison of my setup in India. I hope the formatting turns out ok for reading.
I have been thinking the good part of last evening on why I want to make the move as I nearly have everything setup & going for him.Then I recived inputs that therapy of 1hr in USA is better than 2 hrs therapy in india.ABA which I can't get here (only 1 center very far). Though I'm not sure if my son needs ABA.
So based on all this I'm planning:- I go in March & try to find a house/apt near the school which is good.
- secure appointment (without insurance) for my son so that he can come in May.- Get things checked in May, June & get therapy setup from August.- From May to Aug, have him doing activities at home.- If things aren't working out then my son retunrs back to india to join a small school in Pre-kg- Try to get him into inclusive school next yr into Lkg.

Plz advice if you feel I'm heading in the right direction. Plz excuse the long read as it is difficult to explain this in short.

ihope 2018-02-08 13:20:24


hi abcd0
ur post got misaligned.... !!
Good you have made your points clear.
I have friends in U.S,especially chicago. But unfortunately none have experience in these area. So am actually not sure of the facts about therapies. 
i found that my daughter is unlike other kids as early as 1.4yrs old. I have been visiting doctors since then. but it was too early for them to diagonise anything as she looked more like a normal kid.
so i didnt regret my decsion of taking her back with me during 2015. It was me , her and my husband here. She had a very small circle. Didnt get exposed to lot many kids as we get in india.
Later when she was 2.5yrs old i went to india (2016) and started therapy based on my doctors really helped. She went for ST and OT. i was there for 3 months and brought her back to continue her school in pre-kg. As she moved to LKG i started getting complaints thatshe is not in par with her peers. doesnt want to sit and do any activity, play with others...and so on.So since oct 2017 i have left her in india with my family and making her go for therapies.
Now contemplating whether to bring or put her in school over there..
Here she lacked ppl and even wehn she had she doesnt want to mingle so easliy.
I am not generalizing. Your kid may be good with just you 3. What am saying is in better environment in terms of ppl surrounding them, they have higher chances of catching up.Unlike india u dont get to see people, birds, pets on a daily basis overseas. you will have things to show, places to take them & talk about more. 

Thsts the reason why i asked you to re-think.
you know ur kid better,,,so go with ur instincts and wish it turns out to be good for him.

abcd0 2018-02-08 15:25:53


Listing down comparison again as it is misaligned. 

Bold is USA expectation/plan. Italics is India current setup. Would have been better to read it as a table comparison, but unable to put it out that way.

USA: Expecting Regular Play School
India: Secured admission in Inclusive Playway method school PreKG  Popular Big Name School State board from higher; Chennai rank -19 Supposedly difficult to get admissionExpecting School with OT/Speech integrated
India: Separate OT/Speech classesOT - expecting 2 hrs/wk
India: Current OT - 4 sessions of 45 mins/wk
Speech - expecting 2hrs/wk
India: Current Speech - going to 2 different places as I was desperate 3 months back when i couldnt get any place - 2 sessions of 30 mins/wk - experianced therapist & showing results  (Mom is inside with kid; this helps practice at home) - 3 sessions of 45 mins/wk - newbie but highly active & showing some minor improvementABA - Expecting 2 sessions/wk
India: No ABA
Travel - Planning on getting apt/house near school so that he can walk to school. not comfortable in sending him in bus
India: Travel - Goes in car/auto, mostly his grand father drives him and his mother is always accompanying for therapy
Work: expecting 1-1.5 hrs travel by train/bus as office is in heart of downtown(city). planning to stay in suburb near indian community & walk to school
India: My Work: 2 hrs travel each way. commute for kid is handled by mom
Social Interaction: Expecting this to be limited
India: Social Interaction:  Expecting this to be limited Staying with Grand Parents so high interaction with them. Relatives visit often, good interaction with them Maids interaction at times Watchmen interaction Formed a few age group friends, so play dates 1-2 times a month
This is my comparison of how I see things panning out based on info from you all as a comparison of my setup in India.
Plz tell me if my expectations of how USA will be setup is correct. 


Rami123 2018-02-08 21:27:37


Hi abcd0

My experience in USA is so far good but of course it lags in social interaction but it is what you build over a period of time like a year or so and specially summer is when you can see people outside from May to September and try play dates and build relationships. 

About schools i lived in virginia in fairfax county and just now moved to Michigan as my husbands job was too hectic in Virginia. Fairfax schools were too good my son always made progress in his quarterly progress  report and teachers were great and he has mild autism disorder and initially  in 2.5 years was placed in preschool autism classroom which is little restrictive Class and not a inclusive one where there are typically developed kids but he didn€™t even know to talk sentences so they worked on it and after 1 year I felt he was ready to move to another class where there are 1-2 typically developed Kids and others have very minimum speech delay and can talk sentences and that classroom was called non categorical or preschool class based program. Initially his teacher didn€™t get convinced I kept ion talking to her that he is more social and will be right fit in non cat since in play dates at home he was socializing much better and then after 3 months she agreed and the school had a trial for him in non cat Class and he did well and they placed him there. 

So the inclusive and exclusive setting deoends on what the child needs in USA. 
If the child is not too social and needs more of one on one therapy they might recommend that but for my son even though he was in preschool autism Class initially it did help him to learn sentences greeting and behaviors. If you feel even if your child is not too social but should be with kids who talk well and social then in public school you have to fight it out and may not get seat with Kids who talk and are peer models or you wait for your child to improve in restrictive environment like me and then convince them or have to put in private preschool some private part time church preschool are not too expensive so I do like morning he goes in church preschool with regular kids and afternoon to special education non categorical where kids talk and socialize with simple sentences but don€™t do full fledged conversations for their age. 

Regarding ABA it€™s usually a huge waiting list I waited 9 months in Virginia to get it and literally called them every week left voice message to get services but one of the best decisions in my life ,he got one year ABA in Virginia and now my life has got much better as they teach parent strategies tips etc and his behaviors has become much better and I had a very effective and understanding BCBA supervisor and therapists and now  here in Michigan he is waitlisted for ABA therapy but I practice a little bit of those techniques myself at home. 

My  suggestion would be you come first settle down here  do school research here and take a House in good school district as it really matters and figure out car insurance and apply for school and enroll in ABA by getting contact details from a pediatrician or developmental pediatrician and even for school initially it€™s just parent meeting where they ask question on what the child does and does not and only nearing admission time they will have home observation and one observation in school premises so until then you can have your child stay in chennai. Parallel to this you can try ABA too keep calling them setup appointment for intake session which only parents are needed and then there will again be a gap for home observation of child and when you get home observation appointment you can get your wife and child here and also try to plan everything in summer time so you can make friends easily in your apartment where the school bus comes if you wait you can see people with kids and parks and libraries. 

Social interaction and play play date is something you have to try hard keep sending messages and building relationship by inviting people for lunch or dinner and going to their house or initially try meeting somewhere common in park or libraries etc for which summer time works best. Once you made friends in summer and have a regular play date set up it€™s easy to maintain it in winter too.

I have my friend living in Chicago and her daughter is 4 years has speech delay so know about special ed school system there so if you have specific questions about Chicago I can ask her but she does not know about ABA as her kid does not need that.

Let me know if you have more questions.


abcd0 2018-02-08 22:52:22


Hi Rami123 Thanks for the detailed answer. Yes that's how I want to do it Can I do all this in 2 months? Plan is to bring them over in may-june and I'll come by March. I will message you and if you can share your contact as I feel you seem to have understood my plan. I want to understand how to put this plan into action. Plz share Chicago contact as well

ananth123 2018-02-08 23:23:52


Hi Friends,
Am new to both autism & parent tree...
Before anything else, i am happy to see a very well informed group here.

From what i have understood so far,
  • The montessori systems works great for these amazing god sent children.
A child could continue in montessori system easily, till the age of 12. And even after that, solutions exist (Erdkinder schools, friends from Ohio are probably lucky, they could see a schools of this type)

In the meantime, let me go through the other postings one by one for my education.


Rami123 2018-02-08 23:35:25



First job is to zero down on the suburb or school district and then find a house only if you have a house and with lease agreement  you can try for enrollment in the school and generally school enrollment alone  will take 3 months easily   and ABA generally any company the wait time is 6 to 9 months and before you contact a ABA group you have get the contact details of a good ABA group  only through a pediatrician or a developmental pediatrician. Not sure if ABA company  will consider India medical report. 

In general getting developmental pediatricians appointment was very difficult for me sometimes expert doctors even have 6-9 months waiting time or initially try asking some general pediatrician around you if they can forward ABA group contact details or you can see what ABA companies that  fall under your insurance and call them depending on online reviews and say you want ABA services and add your kids name to waiting list and whichever companies proceeds with the intake process you can go ahead and later change companies rather than waiting for services from just one company.. But ABA therapy is expensive and depends on your medical insurance like how much your insurance will cover and how much you have to pay.

Also weather is a problem specially Chicago is a Windy City winter is kind of bad which prevents kids from taking outside and meeting friends and people and have to plan  for activities at home and try finding people in your apartment where you need not walk out much to socialize. That way I like high raise houses rather than usual apartments with different blocks as high raise is like in one building in different floors you have houses that way if you make friends in the apartment you need not get out in winter. 

For my son in Virginia my ABA therapist went with him to church preschool in morning and it really helped him to socialize as he also got peer model kids to play with and if he tries to play with his own toy the therapist will also be behind him to stop him and make him socialize. 

Regarding contact of my friend I will have to check with her before giving and if you have any particular questions I can ask her and reply to you. 

As as of now I can ask her which school district is best for special education and that way you need not spend too much time to do that research and if you are comfortable with the rent and houses in that area as soon as you come you can rent a house there. 

Also what is the age of your kid and what does your kid have like speech delay or what exactly ? 

Let me know so I can tell you my experience. 



Maggy2018 2018-02-08 23:37:15


Hi Rami,
such a great post by you,I have 3 yr old who recently started ABA therapy (3 Days ABA and 2 days regular daycare(ABA therapist will come to daycare for 3 hrs on those 2 days)
could you please explain how ABA therapy will improve in speech,the main issue with my son is speech he has echolia he repeats everything but he doesn't want to start the conversation,could you please inbox me your contact information would like know how ABA therapy works 



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