Autism : Return to India Vs stay in the USA

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ayush17 2015-01-13 13:41:00


Hi raunak , Please tell me where r u going nowadays for speech therapy . I m in hyd and searching a good speech therapist thanx

Ansri1 2015-09-01 14:44:15


Hello rkrishna, I have recently seen ur reply of the post 1 year ago. Do you still feel going back to India is right decision. Because we are in same situation now and preparing to go back to India. Got frustrated with the weather, behaviour of Indian neighbours and kids in US who don't behave as humans. Howmuch ever effective therapy may be in US no more positives adding to it. Not able to provide social interaction to the kid.ur reply will be most helpful as we are not sure about therapies in India.

radis 2015-09-02 00:26:34


Hi rkrishna,I saw your reply for the post..I have niece who is diagnosed as ADHD.We are planning to move back to India as we are not able to provide minimum social life for the kid due to the behaviour of neighbouring kids and weather.Could you please tell how is your experience with ur kid ?It would help us a lot

Trup80 2015-09-02 22:09:09


Hi thepinkdad,
Does your insurance cover ABA, we are in Ohio but our insurance doesnt cover ABA , my child is 30months and us diagnised with autism and needs intensive behaviour programme.
Can you help me on how can we gwr that coverd from insurance, I meant wanted to know if ur employer insurance is covering or u took private insurance.
If private do they give u insurance after ur child is diagnosed with autism.
We are realy confused on this.
Our school district doesnt provide aba do u have an idea on autism scholarship.
Pls help


thepinkdad 2015-09-02 23:56:18


 Truup80.. In CA insurance is required to cover ABA so yes, our insurance provides home based ABA for our kid. sorry about your situation.. but Ohio is one of those few states in the US which havent enacted Autism insuracne. So you might find ti hard to get any insurance to pay for ABA. Even if you get private insurance most providers might not pay for ABA since they are not required by law to do so. But your child is in the right age group when ABA could be most effective (imho). Its a rather drastic suggestion, but if paying for aba out of pocket is too expensive maybe you consider moving to a state that has autism reform??   I also have read that Ohio has enabled tax free acounts where you can save funds for ABA. maybe that would ease your situation a little bit/ I am sorry but I dont have any other ideas. 


Trup80 2015-09-03 02:19:50


Thamks your ur inputs , yes I will have to consider the move but we canot until 2016 but by then we have somethink called autism scholardhip where we can use around 25k gor a year for ABA. 
Coul you throw some light on how much expenses u have to incur in a year on speech and OT here in US if tht is out of pocket. 


thepinkdad 2015-09-03 04:04:06


The copay for each day of therapy is the same as a visit to dr.  Co pays can vary between 10-100$ depending on your plan. Most IT companies have decent plans that have the lowest co pays possible. The total copay you can pay in a year is limited by the Annual Individual MAximum which can be 1000-5000$ again depending on the plan.   So you are looking at 1k-5k per yr depending on the plan. 


zumbaleena 2015-09-03 09:02:58


West is more accepting and convenient for sn kids. I am aware of the financial and lonely part but in the long run.... West is more beneficial.

aayudad 2015-10-16 16:05:06


Hi Zumbaleen,

I am in same boat as were 2 year ago. need your help to fight with autism.

I read most your forums, its has lot of information and very inspiring.

I am mother of 2.5 year old happy boy. I can see most of autism red flags in my boy yet to be diagnosed as you might know it take long time in UK for diagnosis. Currently we are based in UK- Stirling and Planning to move back to India.

Can I have your contact number to discuss about Dr Gupta's treatment and other facility India i.e. (OT,ABA, Speech)  and would like to hear your views on moving back to India.

You can also reply me on :-

My cell no :- 07405696135 

Awaiting for your response.



vaagmi 2015-10-16 20:46:48


I have a 3 year old niece recently diagnosed to have ASD. we stay in hyderabad. please can anyone help on good therapist for her?

qass 2015-12-12 04:16:52


Katya, sorry about the situation you are in. But what is the reason why the speech therapist has given up? Is your niece able to speak any words? 3  yrs is too young to jump to any conclusion about any kid. Maybe just give a break of few months and try again?

SpecialMom 2015-12-12 05:33:42


Hi Katyas,

I've been through the same situation as yours.I have tried therapies in europe and india, but did not find any difference until my son is 2.5yr old.He started speaking words ,when I tried Bumble Bee Dvd's .Within one week of starting Bumble bee therapy he started saying words,recognizing as well.There he started saying known things and repeating unknown things.In that way i expanded his words and language using books later on.
My son is 6yr old now attending regular school 50% and 50% special ed.He is good with academics ,but still not up to the mark with communication.
Personally I feel therapies and services in USA are better than India.Here they concentrate more on kid to become independent and genaralized,which is going to be a biggest problem in future.Even I was fluctuating with the decision of (India vs USA),after observing for 1.5 yr i feel that USA is good.
So,dont worry you will see results down the line.I suggest to give a try with Bumble Bee dvd's and also Homeopathy and the services by school district.


Rocksolidleo 2015-12-12 06:28:47


Hi all,

i am mother to almost 4.5 year old son diagnosed with ASD.
he was diagnosed few days before...and the situation is quite overwhelming for us. 
I stay in bay area and would like to connect with you on how to proceed and with wide range of therapies available which one are the best to go for.
he can speak in sentences. But gets distracted easily and also social skills are lacking
doctor says he is high functioning but in school the placement given to him is for moderate to severe.
coold any one please let me know about biomedical treatments and homeopathy as well??



Hema123 2015-12-12 14:35:13


Hi Rocksolidleo

i just want to know what ur dr say high functioning what that mean as I haven't done any assessment for my son yet 


Rocksolidleo 2015-12-12 14:58:22


Hi hema

the doc considers him to be high functioning because he is able to communicate his needs, has no major Behavioral issue, with us he makes proper eye contact and shares joint attention too... But the back n forth communication is missing and social skills are one of the major concernd as he does not want to mingle with strangers..he kind of ignores them :(
are you in US?


Rocksolidleo 2015-12-12 15:04:42



all the parents who are in US and have kids with ASD please tell me what all you are doing...this is something we have never planned and I know you all are doing great job and providing best support for your kids.please guide me on therapies and any other kind of interventions you have done for the positive outcome.
i would appreciate your suggestions and advise.


Hema123 2015-12-12 15:34:00


Hi Rocksolidleo

No I am in Australia as I haven't done any asesment for my son but he also has major issues with social skills does not want to get along with the other 

rad2013 2015-12-12 16:09:18


I came from US to India 2 months back and my 2.3 old is diagnosed with Autism (no speech, no eye contact other than me, not responding to name other than me, not interested in other kids, repetitive behaviour, not pointing to ask for things, hyperactive with running). I have just started OT for 1 hr a day and he is going to play school for 3 hrs a day. My husband is insisting to take him back to US for his benefit considering the fact that there are no good special care schools in my place though therapies are kind of decent. I am so confused to make a decision at this point to make my husband quit his job in US and come back to support us or to take my son to US (Austin, Texas). I am so worried about social skills as its hard to find understanding Indian families with kids to let them play with my son. My family is against going to US as they thought he got Autism problem since he was in US earlier.(my kid was completely normal till 15 months, social, good eye contact, spoke few unclear words)
I read this whole thread. If someone who has been giving therapies for a while can give suggestions on how good therapies are in US and to manage training kid at home without family support.


Rocksolidleo 2015-12-12 23:27:15


Hi rad2013,

i would suggest you to go back to US and stay with your husband so that your kids not only gets his dad's love and attention but also appropriate therapies with school support. Moreover he is very small and his brain is still malleable...don't worry!! 
Even I was in a dilemma few months back aswhere to India all doctors told me he has very mild symptoms and he will I dinld not go for any therapy and gave him my full 1 on 1. But that is not sufficient.
as far as family support is my case I would rule out as I have to do whatever I have to..nobody is there to support..once you cone here you will get support from parents facing similar situation!!
hope this makes some sense..just my perception it is.


hublihudga 2016-12-01 23:36:54


I am a parent of a 5-yr old boy who was diagnosed with symptoms of being in the Autism spectrum around 5 months ago. Me and my wife have been struggling to come to terms with it ever since. He does things like most kids but there are signs --- not socializing with other kids, writing/reading in school, not paying attention to the teacher and not following directions in the class. We are getting him evaluated with an expert on Dec 20 in the Bay Area ( with PAMF). Often, me and my wife talk about moving to India. We really struggle with it. Many pros and cons have been listed but we have no clue what to do. Our kid is a hyper one ( most boys are). But he has an extra gear which I have not seen in many boys ( relatives back home, neighbors and friends included). Me and my wife are willing to move for our kid but really not sure about the best move going forward. We want to make sure he gets the best help --- Is it here or India ? Does he need best facilities or is it the people ?


qass 2016-12-02 11:56:58


hublihudga I understand the confusion you might be having. The reality is that irrespective of how much advise people around will give you, it is a very very difficult decision. And it will be grey, meaning it will not be clear if we made the right decision or not. After I decided to stay I had to do a lot of self coaching for myself to come to terms with the decision.  Only you know your life's situation so you and your wife will have to decide.   The pros and cons are kind of clear, atleast to me as in my original post above. YOu should prepare your list and decide.

ganedad 2017-01-07 21:36:48


I am also in a same boat with my 2 year daughter and same dilemma to stay in USA or go back to india. any one from Nashville? Can someone please explain what activities do you do at home? My kid often go to her world.

ganedad 2017-01-07 22:00:14


Any one has what's app group in USA to discuss about autism problem and overcome ?

123saj 2017-01-13 08:50:13


Hello, I would also like to join the what's app group, if anyone has one:

123saj 2017-01-13 08:52:30


Does anyone know about Theraphy or school in Mumbai for autisc kids. Would really appreciate.

GilBaki 2017-03-01 12:19:30


very good post... i'm sailing in the same boat - US/India dilema... after reading this i feel i shd stay in US and try more therapies... but as u said weather is the problem since i stay in detroit mostly its cold and kids are at home and they dont c anyone other than therapist , teachers and parents... thinking to move to southern states for better weather...


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