Autism : Return to India Vs stay in the USA

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BeeGee 2022-05-19 14:18:15


Hi All, 

Can you guide me on what is the waiting period for autism diagnosis in New Jersey and from there on what is the waiting period to get an ABA therapist. 
Thank you for your help

Best Regards

BeeGee 2022-05-19 15:02:06


Hi All,

To add more color, I have been asked to travel to the US on a long term assignment and will be based out of New Jersey. I read through the thread that spans almost 5 years and understand that there is generally a waiting period of a few months to get an appointment for a diagnosis and then another few months to get an appointment for an ABA therapy. We€™re currently in India and my wife€™s a bit reluctant to come along given the significant waiting period flagged by many fellow parents in this thread. I must make a decision to accept or decline the assignment in a matter of days now. Except for this thread I haven€™t been able to tap any good resource on the Internet that can help me understand the actual situation on the ground regarding the appointment for a diagnosis & then assignment of an aba therapist. I called a few clinics but they said they cant help unless I am there in person. Please please help me understand how it actually works in New Jersey. 
Looking forward to your responses and thank you so much for taking the time out to help. 

16sanchu 2022-05-22 22:35:56


Do whatsapp to 9361171450

Yash2 2022-07-18 15:24:30


Hello can anyone add me to andrew cutler chelation group or desibiomed group? Thanks

Yash2 2022-07-18 15:25:13


My number is 9948865000

rajavont 2022-08-07 00:22:05


Hi Apporva

Today we are in same situation as you were 2 years ago. If you are willing to talking to us please reach out via

We would like to get information about facing these tough times.


Set4Success 2022-08-26 01:24:51


thepinkdad I am in BC too, i have my 2 year old daughter and had a second baby too, currently on leaves in india and planning on returning after leaves, i would like to connect with you, please let me know how.

thepinkdad 2022-08-26 02:43:01


Sure let€™s connect I will ping you

Set4Success 2022-08-26 09:08:21


Thank you thepinkdad looking forward to learn from your experience and suggestions. @9632595912

santhosh123 2022-08-31 03:04:34


Hi Pinkdad
I am in BC too. moved a year back.
Hope to get in touch. have sent you an invite. Please accept.

aardee500 2022-08-31 05:02:37



I was part of this group but stopped following 2 years back . My son is US citizen and I was looking for advice returning to India . We moved to India 2 years back . We stayed in Virginia and Bay Area but I was disappointed with the services of ABA . We found good support right from physical exercises, OT , speech and ABA in Mumbai . Happy to answer any questions.


dadboy 2022-08-31 19:35:54


hey BeeGee, did you get a response to this? I am in a similar situation, so any input would be helpful.


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