Autism : Return to India Vs stay in the USA

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sagar11 2021-07-13 19:12:32


Hi can anyone please share best autism center in hyderabad.. thanks

sagar11 2021-07-18 02:37:27


Hi Rami,

I stay in Fairfax and my 3-year-old son is diagnosed with moderate autism. He is still nonverbal; lacks focus. He already started special school and his ABA is approved but he is no consistent. Currently, I am not happy with the school and ABA services.Can you please what else I need to do? What schools are best in Fairfax and also, can you please guide a good ABA and speech service I can enroll with.  Thanks, sagar

Specialmom2021 2021-07-24 06:05:56


Hi Punjabi mom 
 did you moved to India or still in USA 


Specialmom2021 2021-07-24 06:07:25


Hi everyone does anyone moved completely to India from USA need some information 


Rami123 2021-07-24 10:36:58


Hi Sagar,

I was in Fairfax in 2015 and my son had ABA program in Continnum behaviour health in McLean and therapist came hone like 10-12 hours a week based on what my son needed. He also went to PAC program in Waple mill elementary. The general ratings of Waple mills has gone down now but back then it was 9 in greatschools. I used to take him to a lot of library kids activities in all the Fairfax county libraries. After one year of PAC and ABA he did well and from PAC he moved to non categorical classroom in preschool and in morning I put him in Pender hill church preschool where his ABA therapist used to go with him thrice a week to help him socialize and follow instruction at preschool and from morning church preschool he went to Waples mill elementary in afternoon for Noncat preschool. Other 2 days the ABA therapist came home and did table activities and individual activities. With my experience Fairfax is a awesome place for special Ed and the schools had a systematic approach and went above and beyond to help us. After I moved from there to Michigan I felt Fairfax was much better but luckily in Michigan  I changed his special Ed preschool to another elementary school after some bad experience in the teacher in the first school  that we joined after moving from Fairfax. Only thing that was difficult was finding friends in neighborhood and so I used to socialize in neighborhood next door and invite kids to my home to play and relied heavily on library activities for kids and taking him to frying pan, Cox and Ticonderoga farms to help him socialize. I also used to register for lot of kids activities  in parktakes website. Hope this information helps. I must say Continnum was also really good in helping my child. Both PAC , ABA , non cat went hand in hand to help him in the early stages. Let me know if you need more details. 

thepinkdad 2021-07-24 21:19:08


Random update -I started this thread many years ago. Eventually we got tired of the permanent residency wait times in the US and applied for PR in Canada and moved here after they relaxed the rules around immigrating with children with disabilities in 2019. It has been a pleasant surprise , society is a bit laid back compared to the US, slightly worse weather but manageable, the best part is there are no special needs classrooms here for autism kids. Inclusion is a big thing here in British Columbia so my kid goes to regular classroom with a school district appointed aide which is something not possible in the us at least for my daughter. And she and her sister get to go to the same
School and we have a sense of normalcy here. Living costs are are high but I will bear with anything for as close to a normal
life for my daughter. Not too sure about the future but we are in a good place now., for now. 

tsnap299 2021-07-24 22:47:41


Hi PinkDad!

I am still in the confusion of continuing in US or leaving back to India!We both have spoken before over a call.
My son is verbal, does things on his own, plays with his cousin, friends nearby but every now and then goes inactive during play. And over the coarse of day, becomes lethargic and lazy. He does go to a skating class and he has immediately / easily started skating but while skating in between he will stop and think a while and then resume. 
when there is a skate race, he will start well but in between he will slow down and not realize that its a race. we are praying and hoping that things would change. No sure if god even exists! my personal opinion.
Life is too hard man.


prouddaddy05 2021-07-25 01:17:37


Hi Pinkdad,

Could you please let me know the rules you are speaking about relaxation for disabled child?


thepinkdad 2021-07-25 09:53:05
This was announced in 2018 itself but they just made it permanent. What matters to us in this move is the special services cost in school cannot be included when the cost of the disability is calculated when evaluating your disability application.  Generally for kids with autism the support services are only through school so this was a relief. Also outside school the only money the govt spends for kids with autism is a 6500$ Fund each year which is below the new annual $21000 threshold.

thepinkdad 2021-07-25 09:56:54


Hi tsnap, a lot of ppl on this thread have spoken to me as well. I remember our conversation. Inspite of our difficulties all of our kids challenges are unique and it€™s difficult to find out any clear answers to our life€™s puzzles. All I have learnt is we will eventually find out what floats our boat and we can all support each other while we are all on this journey.

tsnap299 2021-07-25 11:13:46


You are absolutely right!


saiadi 2021-08-12 13:09:51


hi mam. sow113 

pls suggest that teacher. pls share that teacher contact no 

my mail 


123nitii 2021-08-13 01:42:06


Hi pls help to know the best aba center

JL34 2021-08-14 19:58:21


Please suggest best therapy centres for speech, OT,ABA  in hyd   My mailid 

saiadi 2021-08-17 15:13:49


Hai mathan1986

now your son cured need dr prakash mobile no pls help 

Sow113 2021-08-30 00:07:10


Hi saiadi I will give her contact number... sorry for the delay.. 9943646232

Shaaz2910 2021-08-30 21:11:37


Hello pinkdad can I please have your email id..I badly need your advice about canada or you can write to me at

krrao 2021-10-04 06:07:03


I€™m father of 3 years old boy living in CA, USA, my son recently diagnosed with autism, running around for evaluations at public schools , various ABA therapists with waiting time.
my parents , relatives suggesting to send mother and kid to India for few months and see he gets better among large combined families and kids surrounded , 

we are in dilemma wheather to send to India and see and then if he doesn€™t improve ,will try therapies in USA .
or will it be late , so we should start right now in USA ?

did any one try sending kids to India temporarily? And letting them live in free natural environment without therapies?

GreenleafJohn 2021-10-05 02:52:07


    I seen several parents are commenting about returning to India after having their child diagnosed with Autism. I am also in the same situation . I live in Los Angeles. My son is 5 years old and is having the special education at home. He is good everything except not talking properly and not interacting with others.
    I am planning to settle back in India  due to other reasons also. I also hear that in US institutionalized education is always for the group of same kids and they always see the similar kids. At the same time there are schools where we can put our child with regular students. I always think that special education is something that we can provide at home , if there is a person (one of the parent) dedicated for that . In that case if we move to India , it would be much better I think. what is your suggestions.
  I am in India now for a vacation. If there is any parents in this forum who returned to India from USA, or within India can you please message me .I would like to talk directly with parents to discuss more....

NaveenBalanagu 2021-10-05 17:44:41


I know this dilemma and I was in the same shoes few months back when my 3 year old son diagnosed with ASD.  This is more of an individual decision and depends on several factors (how severe is the ASD symptoms, care and support in India, special education and therapists availability and quality of service, acceptance in friends/family and more). Some kids may learn in natural/free environment but most of the kids in Spectrum might not learn/socialize at least until they reach certain age. Also you need a very strong support from family in India as parents are going to be busy with the job.

After going through my research/talked to some parents in India/US - have decided to stay in US simply because the services are far better than in India (I am sure even in India you will find some good services now a days in major cities but nothing that compares to here in US). These kids need special one-on-one attention and ABA does that. I know these therapies may seem to put some stress on kids but they get adapt to it. Also, here insurance covers most of the cost and your kid will get free ST/OT from School.

I am from Chicago area and luckily we have ABA services available with in a month of evaluation but it may vary based on where you are living in US.  We started with in -home ABA for my son 3 months ago but from last 2 months he is going to ABA school and there are some good improvements. Of course, we are also trying alternatives like Homeo/Ayurveda.


anooha 2021-10-05 19:37:03


Hello We were in the same situation a few years back. My son got his diagnosis in India at 18 months, right after we returned from US. We tried a lot of therapies in India since then and there were no good centers that could guide us and give intensive early intervention. Also could not find good centers closer to home and commute from center to center took a lot of time and money. In US therapy centers are easily accessible and better than India. We moved to another country for his therapy needs and did ABA and got good results. We again tried moving back to India for his schooling when he turned 4, but again schooling seemed so difficult in India. We were not satisfied with the school services especially shadow teacher to assist the kid. We did not enroll our son in the school as we were not satisfied. But from my other friends who enrolled their kids in school , I could know that, there is no much acceptance for kids in school and they told the parent that they cannot handle the kid and they had to terminate school in the mid of the year. Again this is a few experience that I am sharing, it may not be the same everywhere in India. I have heard there are very good schools as well. But unfortunately we couldn't find one in our place. So we moved back to US when he was 4 and now my son is in first grade, here in public school. Here support is much better than India. But wherever we are we should be a part of their therapy and school team. We should coordinate them all and work together as a team. We should always be the team leader. We should fight for what is best for our kids. We should work with them at home , involve in everything, every therapy they are doing. There is no better therapist than a parent itself. Wherever you are if you work with your child and do a great teamwork with his therapist and school, your child will get success. In my perspective and experience I felt for a teamwork, teachers and therapists are better cooperative in US. Accessibility to therapy and school is also better here.

krrao 2021-10-05 21:49:59


thanks for your responses, 
did you see improvements in him in India with family and kids without therapies? 

tsnap299 2021-10-06 01:57:17


Hi krrao
I have had similar experience.
My family back in India since Feb 2020. I am currently in US. 
I can share my experience over a call if needed. 
Please reach me at:


tsnap299 2021-10-06 01:58:10


Hi  GreenleafJohn
I have had similar experience.
My family back in India since Feb 2020. I am currently in US. 
I can share my experience over a call if needed. 
Please reach me at:


GreenleafJohn 2021-10-06 20:58:56


Hi TSNAP299, I send you a mail...

sonrise 2021-10-10 15:48:15


Which suburb is having best schools safe, better program therapies for autistic kids?
also with Indian community nearby to live in 
which therapies provided at elementary school? My kid received IEP in that only speech therapy mentioned in it.
also apart from school your kid is going to therapies at private therapy centers or where?
how you get help from school bus driver in transportation to school?
and other question to all parents do you openly say in society or to relatives that my kid is autistic in India?
same above question in USA 

because we hide it 



trucks 2021-10-12 22:29:28


Hi @thepinkdad,

Our kid is showing some symptoms and we are worried. We are in CA. Not sure where to start. Could you please let me know how to contact you? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

vivek7m 2021-10-17 12:43:37


Hi, we are in the same situation. We recently moved from México  to India and my 3.5yrs old daughter is autistic. Now we have a Canada opportunity in my firm but I don€™t know whether to accept it or not. 
Honestly all I want is the best for my kid and I don€™t mind staying in India or moving anywhere for her welfare.

krrao 2021-10-17 19:47:04


Isn€™t getting better in Indian environment without therapies?


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