Autism : Return to India Vs stay in the USA

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3hvm 2020-08-18 08:55:34


I suggest you stay in US ... in India, you feel that the social life will help your child in communication definitely but, is your family ready to fight the social sigma? Over time comments from people can be very depressing and can elevate angry within you, which is not healthy for your family. Your child might not learn to socialise much is US but the therapy there will prepare her well for her Adl which will benefit her in the long run, all the best..

Punjabimom 2020-11-12 12:08:07


Hi Thepinkdad, Are you in US or India? I'm in similar situation, where we are juggling between moving back or staying here in States for our autistic son. Would be helpful if you can provide some feedback. Also, I'm thankful to you for starting this blog for Desi parents like us, where we can connect and speak our children's concern without being judged!!

milpitasdad 2020-12-11 06:29:49


Hi folks, 
I am in the bay area and starting the process for ASD diagnosis and therapies after observing several red flags in our toddler's development. I read about a Telegram group -- can someone please point me to it, or suggest how to join? In addition, can you please suggest any parent support groups for ASD? We are very new to this, and navigating this space can be daunting. We want to start early intervention but it will be at least two months before we can get the diagnosis and therapy appointments.

anooha 2020-12-12 21:32:52


Hi This is the link to join one of the telegram group.

Mohankrishna2502 2020-12-13 00:46:09



I am in Bay area (Fremont). You can reach me on watsapp +14692745677
We have had similar situation for my boy kid

tsnap299 2021-01-08 09:07:21


Hi qass,
Is there a number to reach you?Can you please reach me at? I am at Texas now.



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